Mask up peasants! Biden caught ON VIDEO violating mask mandates AGAIN. Jake Tapper heartbroken?

He keeps doing it. Joe Biden keeps getting filmed violating mask requirements, out and about breathing his old man germs wherever he wants, doing what’s convenient. You know, the way that a person SHOULD be allowed to act, but which he is against letting the REST of us do.

You remember last time, he was at a restaurant walking around flaunting it while CNN mostly ignored it, or when they talked about it, did it from the “conservatives pounce” perspective.

This time he was in a store that requires masks and didn’t mask up and was caught on camera again.

In fact, it’s not just store policy but the whole island where he is taking yet another vacation while the economy collapses.

Jake Tapper and CNN have spent INSANE amounts of time on air trashing people over not wearing masks, from Trump to sports fans to beachgoers to you name it. But will they take Biden to task?


If Fake Tapper has ANYTHING to say about it at all, it will be something like “this sends a bad message” or “it’s not a good example” while also offering whatever comment they get from the White House propaganda wing as PROOF that in this case it was perfectly allowable and understandable. That’s their game.

But people have eyesight. I think maybe y’all don’t get that in the elite media. WE CAN SEE YOU. We know what you’ve said in the past, Joe and Jake.

Seriously, how many times? I’ll never forget this “how refreshing” moment from Jakey.

Give me a break.

We know how it works. How many Democrats have been caught red-handed not following mandates? Traveling when they aren’t supposed to. Taking off masks in crowds. Being in crowds in the first place? Private Obama parties, wedding receptions, getting their hair done, eating out at restaurants? It happens CONTSTANTLY and we all know why.


Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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