Maskless freshman Republican speaks TRUTH about COVID and phony bill

A maskless freshman Republican spoke the truth on Saturday about both COVID and the phony COVID bill they were about to vote on:

It wasn’t that Florida Republican Byron Donalds was intentionally maskless, as he’d mistakenly left his mask in his office. But he explained to reporters, who were probably scared out of their minds, that he’d had COVID in the past and had recently been given the antibody test and that he’s not spreading anything.

He then went on to deride the President, Vice President, and House Speaker for wearing their masks even though they’ve been inoculated with the vaccine, saying “the reason they do this is because Washington is accustomed to fan dances; Washington is accustomed to doing fake things that don’t matter”.

This is a Congressman to watch in the future.

He also spoke the truth about the phony COVID rescue bill they were voting on, saying that the media isn’t telling people that a trillion dollars from the 4 trillion dollar COVID bill passed last year hasn’t even been spent yet, and that only a small percentage of this bill was even COVID related. The rest, 1.5 trillion dollars worth, is waste.

Watch the video of Donalds for more…

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