Master level orthography: Just TRY and spell what Joe Biden just spakattalacktacked

Presdilededentalent Joe Biden “spoke” today on passage of what we assume was meant to be pronouned “the PACT Act” – the veteran healthcare bill – on the occasion of the program reaching 1 million veterans applied.

But what came out of his mouth was not that. What instead came out was this.

The media, who never stop pointing out Trump spelling errors or a million other nothingburger complaints or errors on the part of Republicans of high and mid elected office as well as any individual person who seems to be of the non-woke persuasion, will of course pay this no nevermind ah’t’all.

So that’s why it’s up to use, the friendly folks at Scoop, to come up with the correct Covefefe Award winning spelling for this novel word.

Packannalapackatalackack? Packandle-at-packatalackack?

Here’s how the RNC spelled it:

Greg Price’s entry:

Ben Shapiro’s:

I’m still trying to figure out whi… wait, is it Packandahlapacadillacack?????


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