Math-challenged Democrats pass House bill to force 1-3 MILLION people to LOSE their JOBS

Democrats in the House successfully passed a bill that would force 1 to 3 million people to lose their jobs because liberals can’t do math.

Watch below:

Even by their own estimates, up to 3.7 million people would lose their jobs.

Look, this isn’t tough. Labor has a value. It is not artificial. If an employer can make a profit off of your labor, you get a job. If the government artificially forces the employer to pay you more than you’re worth, then he fires you. It’s that easy.

Thankfully, the Republicans will slap down this democratic idiocy in the Senate:

There are all sorts of studies on the effect of raising minimum wage, but there’s no one better to read on this than Thomas Sowell, who goes through the history of minimum wage and shows how it was first used in order to keep blacks in poverty. Amazing isn’t it?

Here’s a video of the audio reading from his book where he explains why minimum wage actually makes the worker more miserable:

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55 thoughts on “Math-challenged Democrats pass House bill to force 1-3 MILLION people to LOSE their JOBS

  1. This vote is nothing but pandering and posturing for the “gimme free stuff vote. The dems know full well this will never get out of the senate and are probably glad it won’t.

  2. The Dems would do this just to make Trump look bad when the jobs are lost because of what THEY want to do. The Senate will never pass this. If they do, you can bet they won’t have seats after the next midterms.

  3. So my question is do the people making minimum wage comprehend the consequence of a $15 minimum wage, and would they even bother to take the time to try to understand it in any meaningful way? Another question I have is when the Republicans in the Senate strike this effort down, would the media accurately describe the reason the bill was killed, or will they just portray them as heartless and only caring for the rich? My answer to both of these questions is that there won’t be any honest effort to seek the truth. This is the game we play. Libs force the stupidest of policies and for conservatives, it’s heads you lose and tails you lose. If Republicans implement the policy and 3 + million people lose their jobs, it’s their fault. If they don’t implement the policy, they are heartless a holes and again they lose. Not sure what the winning strategy is here or even if there is one. I just think that our loss of the educational system is only making it harder to combat these stupid policies from the left because nobody ever explains things from a logical standpoint anymore. Everything is based in feelings and in terms of victimization. If you failed at life, it was because somebody didn’t give you something. We really need to go on offense and explain the disaster associated with this mentality.

  4. Sowell & his buddy Walter Williams are two of the most common sense economic thinkers around…..I always catch William’s weekly columns and anything by Sowell.

  5. They know exactly what it will do and hence why they did it. Nothing is working so now they will start tanking the economy…Hopefully the voters will be smart…

  6. Here in Seattle the people cried for 15. They got it and then they cried for less hours. Why? Because they then made too much for any assistance. Now everything is being automated and hours and people are being cut like there is no tomorrow.

    1. Yup. But for some odd reason, these idiots dont understand that. Theyll probably blame it all on Trump and say he cut the wages himself, especially to anybody who is a shade darker than printer paper, a woman, lgtbwtfxyz, etc. Theyll say he personally made it so minorities lost their jobs

    2. A Democrat shooting themselves in the face with their own bad policies is still better than voting for a Republican, inside their feeble, closed minds.

  7. Not only that, but for most people the minimal increase puts them in a higher tax bracket and then the government takes most of the increase.

  8. This is what happens when you have a bunch of elite jack holes who have never had a real job make up salaries for the private sector. The minimum wage is based on the price of goods and services period. To pay someone to flip burger for $15/hr would require that a burger cost $20-25. This is basic economics 101 and they all fail.

    1. And the msm will come out and say the GOP didnt pass it because they wanna keep minorities poor and whatnot. Theyll say Trump told them to not vote on this because he hates anybody darker than printer paper

  9. The only way Dems win in 2020 is to tank the economy… and what better way to do that than increasing the minimum wage?

  10. It’s not so much the math that bothers me, it’s the pandering to the dumb voting base.

    Sure, some people in Congress are too dumb to realize how illogical this is, but I think most of them realize how dumb this is. They just want to drum up support of their idiotic base.

  11. The stupidity of these pandering hacks is astounding. So if the minimum wage jumps to $ 15.00, the price of everything jumps to absorb it, so you are back to where you started. The poor and unskilled do not get entry level jobs. Employers will want experience for a $ 15. 00 minimum. These idiots in congress do not deserve even. $15.00 per year. It is embarrassing that this is what serves us.

    1. OMG, it angers me how people do not grasp these basic economic facts.

      It’s not hard. The logic is so simple . Basic HS economics, really.

      It’s even worse than the “just print more money” logic.

      1. I honestly don’t think they care because it does two things for the left, it makes them look good to the people that think they’re fighting for a higher wage, and it puts more people out of jobs and on government assistance which makes them dependent and more likely to vote for them. It’s pretty evil.

    1. I went into a Walmart yesterday (it’s been a really long time), and all the checkout stands were closed, but one. (The line went to the back of the store) An employee told me they were going to all-self-checkout end of the month. those prior checkers are going to be stocking shelves, or what?

  12. Labor has a value.

    That is the very principle right there that the leftists want to dispute. They fail to realize labor has a value and insist insist that the person has a value.

    Which, from an employer/employee standpoint, is false. The only thing that matters is what you can bring to the table. Not who you are, not who your friends are, not what your lifestyle situation is like, not what your needs are.

    And determining that value comes down to a few simple questions:

    Can you do the job?
    Can anyone else do the job?
    Will anyone else do the job cheaper?
    Will anyone else do the job as well?

    These form the bases of your bargaining power. And THAT’S what determines value.

  13. I remain of two minds about this…..As a conservative and a member of management, I am opposed to a higher minimum wage.

    Yet, as an hourly paid employee……if the government says that the minimum wage is 15…. I will take the extra 7.75 and hour.

    My mamma, she did not raise a fool that turns down more money.

    1. At $15/hour fast food joints aren’t going to be interested in hiring high school/college kids anymore when they can attract a much more experience and reliable workforce.

      1. Hey, I know some high school and college kids that I would pay 15 an hour.

        I also know a lot of adults I would not pay the current minimum wage.

        But as a general rule, it would very effectively eliminate minors and newer workers from the workforce.

    2. And you will spend that money on the higher cost of things you need, but I already know you know that.

    3. Wait til they want you to do the same amount of work, but in half the time, because your HOURS were cut. Now you’ll have to go get a second job to make up for hours you’ve lost, and you have to hope that you’ll be able to juggle the hours w/ your 1st job, and make it fit w/ your hours for your 2nd job. Don’t forget to include time in transit…and you don’t mind losing a little time from sleep, do you 😉 ?

      1. Who says I sleep now??? Lol

        I am already expected to do twice the work… management at a fast food place.

        Like I said, I get why raising the minimum wage is a bad idea. I understand the economics of it, but I also recognize.

        I am not in a position to change that. Neither am I likely going to be. Americans today, are looking for a saviour, they are searching so hard in all the wrong places and missing the totally adequate people who can do the job and leave the results to God.

        God is the only one who can save us, what we need are people willing to admit that in places of power, and people willing to put them there.

        Right now we have neither.

  14. To Democrats this makes perfect cents. People lose their job and rely on government assistance. The perfect scheme to get more loyal voters.

  15. $15 an hour actually costs the employer $20 an hour (because the employer also has to pay Workmens Comp Iinsurance, Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Insurance, Social Security Insurance and Medicare insurance.

    So you own a barbershop and you want to pay a 16 year old kid to keep the place clean, (mind you the 16 year old kid lives for free at home).

    That’s going to cost you the owner $20 an hour.

    $20 an hour for a kid to sweep up and clean the counters, etc. .

    These Democrats are unbelievably stupid!!.

  16. So all those people who had their hours cut in half w/ the last min. wage hike will now get their hours quartered, or severed all together. Gotta love the progressive think tank. I heard on Fox that an entire restaurant corp. along the west coast will go under, calling it quits. Nicely done, donkeys!!

  17. Who here believes that Democrats don’t want as many people as possible dependent on the government? We can say they can’t math, but they’re virtue signaling with this bill and would love to see more people needing the government’s help. In Democrat world, this is a win-win.

    1. Your post reminds me of how diligently the Obama Admin worked to get people signed up for food stamps, as well as on disability. Putting unemployed people on disability had the added benefit of lowering unemployment figures artificially.

  18. The left does not care that small businesses, such as restaurants, are going out of business because they cannot pay waitresses/waiters $15. per hour without raising their prices which most are not willing to pay.

  19. many, many union contracts have riders that are based upon minimum wage law. It goes up, they go up in the existing contract. no negotiation. SO, even more job loss. more cannon fodder for the democrat Socialist’s to rally.

  20. The minimum wage should be totally abolished. The government has no right to dictate what an employer should pay his employees and never has. People have gotten so used to this unconstitutional idea that they no longer even question it.

  21. The minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage, it was meant for you and some buddies to rent an apartment together a pool your resources, then you’ll learn a trade or get an education and get a better job, if you’re 40 years old flipping burgers at Jack-in-the-Box making minimum-wage that is your fault you’ve wasted your life don’t blame me.

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