MATTHEWS compares Levin, Beck to Kim Jong-Un; MARK LEVIN responds that Kim Jong-Un would fit in well at MSNBC

Tonight on his show Chris Matthews compared Mark Levin and Glenn Beck to Kim Jong-Un, suggesting that Republicans like Boehner and McConnell are worried about Levin and Beck (and the crazy right-wing) fingering them for destruction like Kim Jong-Un did when he had his uncle executed:

Mark Levin heard about it and responded on his show by saying that Kim Jong-Un could take Chris Matthews’ job and would fit in well over at MSNBC, even boosting their ratings:

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52 thoughts on “MATTHEWS compares Levin, Beck to Kim Jong-Un; MARK LEVIN responds that Kim Jong-Un would fit in well at MSNBC

  1. Matthews needs to stop going on the air while intoxicated!! Weird things come out of his mouth along with the spittle!

  2. Democrats / Obama fascists, are no different than Nazi fascists, as they all use Projectionism and Propaganda lies in the media to incite hatred against
    innocent people. They are truly the slime on the bottom of humanity’s shoe, for which they could care less about being, let alone see what they really are all about. That’s the power of indoctrination.

    Did you get that Mathews.. I didn’t think so.. As always, he’s Deaf, Dumb, and Blindly obedient to a false ideology that promulgates the equal sharing of misery and despair- ie; anti-American Liberal Obamacrat fascist media operative.

  3. I suspect, Mathews hasn’t been “fingered” in a while; what with Obama taking selfies in South Africa, and all.

  4. I The only thing I’ve ever disagreed with “the Great One” on is his responding to this azzwipe. It makes me cringe when any conservative media outlet/spokesman acknowledges any thing msnbc has to say. ANYTHING. To give them any more publicity beyond they’re own sorry ratings is grant them attention while losing mine. If I gave a crap about them, their opinions or their desires, I’d have a lobotomy, get a phone which would enable me to sext selfies of myself to my fellow degenerates and find a petition to sign about having something being given to me by the gov’t..

  5. Being a substitute teacher I am often sent to fill in for teachers of classrooms for the….well intelligently challenged, temperamentally difficult, living in an alternate universe where only their needs and wants are of any importance, kids. These classrooms are equipped with all the tools to deal with delusional behavior often exhibited by these challenged children. The lock down room, or time out room is often the best available method of dealing with kids that are throwing a temper tantrum because the world isn’t going how they feel it should. The behavior of these kids having a BAD day, and Mr. Mathews’ average day is way to similar. At least these kids have a medical cause for their behavior; well documented and prepared for in every possible manner. Wonder
    what Mr. Mathews excuse could be? Dropped on his head…too much indulgence of hallucinating drugs…torture by the liberal/progressive society until he broke mentally…or perhaps he is just plain old crazy? Regardless of what excuse is given, Mathews will never seek help because in his world he, Mr. Mathews is never wrong. Unfortunately,
    in the real world, he is never right.

  6. I believe sissy Chrissy needs to go to a rest home….it’s time. When a person is disheveled, incoherent, hysterical, drooling and on the brink of insanity….I think it’s time to make the move. Before he hurts himself. I know it’s hard, when the time comes. No one is ever ready, but I believe it’s time for a “Come to Jesus” meeting with him, poor thing. Anyone want to join me in the meeting? It’s sad, but this is just part of life;)

  7. Have another drink Chrissy Boy, you’re fixing to make some sense. NO, your not but have another drink anyway it is what you do best.

  8. Please excuse me but you’ve lost your freaking last little bit of brain cells you might have had left you stupid, moronic hypocritical jackass!
    What the He!!?
    You compare people who are frustrated with a political party you don’t like, because they ran campaigns on things they promised and have caved on and you dare YOU DARE to compare them to a vile evil godless little spawn who had his own uncle murdered and who continues his vile evil godless dear leader dad’s barbaric sadistic practices of holding most of their citizens in labor camps, starving to the point they eat dirt?!
    You people are pathetic, you are a freaking disgrace to your so called profession, a disgrace to this country!
    You fawn, drool and tingle to the dear leader in this country, you act all tough by calling your show “Hard ball” and then giggle like a school girl when your messiah comes and grants you with his presence for an interview, even though less than a month before you wondered why Benghazi hasn’t been discussed. Tell me tingles did you discuss with your dear messiah the deaths of 4 Americans who called for help and never got it? NO. SO shut the he!! up so stupid ass.

    Ok. I need to listen to Levin now. Sorry.

        1. I say reams of “stuff” in my head constantly! Someday it may just blow…! Tee hee!
          Keep up with the rants! Love ’em!

              1. I don’t know if you’ll get to see this at all, but just in case, I read that a certain website is having some major issues, and have been for months- a lot of people are not getting to access their mail. This stinks. A lot of people are complaining, on their facebook page, The latest Mail update:

                “IMAP access is restored & we’re making progress on access for affected users.” this was 10 hrs ago. I pray it will work for you soon. dang it.
                xoxo duckie

    1. I’m gonna sprout a fourth eye soon if you keep that up. Excellent rant. I’m with you. I was just telling my wonderful wife this morning that I don’t even recognize our culture any more. But she reminded me that there are still many good people left who agree with us. And we agree with you ABiC. For that slightly colourful yet honourable rant you can expect my cheque in the mail. : )

      P.S. It’s minus 22 Celsius here(that’s minus 7 or 8 in American). Do you still miss Canada? Can you prepare the back shed with a couple of cots. We’ll be arriving soon on WestJet.

      1. I needed the smile you just gave me. 🙂
        Thank you.
        Come down any time, but I have to warn you, we’re all more than a bit looney in our neck of the woods!
        -22 huh. I guess I shouldn’t complain about the cool front we got. Yikes.

  9. There once was a guy named Dingle who bet the wrong way on every game week after week…year after year. The smart money always bet the winners. How did they find the winners? by asking dingle who he liked and going the opposite way.
    It’s hard to pick a winner –unless you know a guy like Dingle.
    Now there’s a guy named Tingles. Tingles, like Dingles, has the uncanny knack of never picking a winner.
    If you ever want to know whom to trust in politics…just find out whom Tingles dislikes.

  10. Good Lord how can anyone that has an iota of a brain.. listen to an idiot like Chris Matthews.. Granted he is paid to exaggerate the extreme.. But this is completely off the deep end..

  11. Sorta like jiu jitsu…

    Control the language to control the conversation to control the debate.

    Mark Levin’s ‘back-at-you’ response to the idiocy of Chris Matthews is the verbal equivalent of the martial art of jiu jitsu where the weight of the opponent, for example, is used against the opponent to control the opponent.

    Control the language…


  12. Matthews is a complete and utter idiot! MSNBC is the bottom of the heap of c r a p that call themselves a “news” station! Nothing out of Matthews mouth is the truth, but then he gets his “tingles” from the liar in chief!

  13. As if Levin and Beck have one ounce of power within the government. m atthews is delusional, it’s obvious he has lost what little he had left of his brain.
    The real problem begins in the WH and slithers….er, works it’s way down thru congress.

  14. Matthews will always let the viewer know who is being effective in politics.
    The more scorn that he heaps on a conservative, the better. One should conclude that the object(s) of that loathing (Beck, Levin) have been really getting under the collective skins of Boehner, McConnell, Obama and Matthews.

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