Maxine Waters DENIES reports her staffer DOXXED Republicans during Kavanaugh hearings…

So this is very interesting – there were reports that Republicans were being doxxed (which means their personal private information was being published online for harassment purposes) during the Kavanaugh hearings.

Someone was publishing their information on their Wikipedia pages.

When the coding was investigated by online sleuths, they said that it appeared to come from the offices of Maxine Waters.

We didn’t report this because we didn’t see much corroboration for the report. And the sources are kinda shady, to be honest.

So if someone else wants to sift through this information, be our guest.

But what we DO KNOW is that Maxine Waters has denied any involvement in a statement published on her twitter:

AND that means that she’s CONFIRMING that they *were* doxxed.

I would caution anyone against taking this report to be 100% factual. It is much too easy to publish falsified reports on Twitter that people *really want* to be true, and get retweets.

It became newsworthy when Waters denied it, and confirmed that indeed SOMEONE had doxxed Republican lawmakers. After that, we’re just not sure yet…

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