Maxine Waters: Tea Party protesters are outrageous because they shout!

Maxine Waters is trying hard, desperately hard, to brand the tea parties as harmful to our republic. And her analysis is, well, as good as it gets coming from her side of the isle. Of all of her analysis, I’d say the ‘shouting’ part was spot on and I think we can all agree that shouting is definitely outrageous for protesters. Don’t they know that whispering is more civil?

This campaign to silence and demonize the Right is quite outrageous and I fear they won’t stop until they succeed in their mission. I mean, how will Maxine ‘take over’ if the American people keep shouting and protesting? After all, most of us have seen ‘A Bug’s Life’ and they don’t want that to happen.

UPDATE: I swaped out Fox’s smaller chunk of the interview for MSNBC’s version and WOW it got worse. For those of you who are returning skip to the 5 min mark to hear Maxine contend that if there are people in the tea parties that are angry because of actual policy issues like spending and such, that she can’t hear them because they are overrun by the fringe element! How outrageous!

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