Mayorkas gets TESTY after Sen Kennedy presses him on banning ‘assault weapons’ [VIDEO]

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas got testy today after Senator Kennedy pressed him again on his desire to ban so-called ‘assault weapons’.

Specifically, Kennedy wanted to know what it is about an AK-47 that Mayorkas finds objectionable, that he wbelieves it should be banned.

Mayorkas coudln’t answer, but made clear he ddidn’t like a second day of questioning on this:

Slimy little Mayorkas refused to answer because he knew he would say something that’s just plain wrong. He probably thinks the AK-47 is automatic or something.

All he would say was that he belives it’s self-evident as to why an AK-47 should be banned, but he wouldn’t clarify any further about it. Because it’s clear he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

What I find interesting is that people like Mayorkas love to talk about gun control, especially after a mass shooting. Kennedy was giving him the chance to explain why these guns are so objectionable and so dangerous that they should be banned. But Mayorkas refused to talk about it in any detail at all. What a pretender.

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