McAuliffe staffer’s errant ‘KILL THIS’ Fox email is LOL; But Levin is RIGHT about Dems intent: A STEAL. (Listen)

When Fox News asked Terry McAuliffe’s campaign why they hired sleazy election hit man Marc Elias, one of his spokespeople accidentally copied the reporter on her panic email to the rest of the campaign staff wondering how to “kill” the story.

It was inconvenient for them, you see, because they are more used to being able to just ask their friends in the press not to say anything bad about them, and the press cooperating. So they had no experience to fall back on.

It’s pretty funny though. I keep picturing the panic when she realized she’d copied the reporter on the email like this was 20 years ago and everyone was still getting used to group replies.

But even though it is dang funny that spokeslady messed up her email that bad, it would also be a huge red flag and a days-long story if it were a Republican’s office. It shows that they know they’ve been caught.

Mark Levin has it right on the money why McAuliffe hired this scummy lawyer, and it’s blatantly obvious. The guy says Bush stole the election from Gore. He says Abrams had Georgia stolen from her. He’s hiring Marc Elias because he thinks he’s gonna lose and he wants to steal the election through the court.


“Why else would McAuliffe hire this hit man, this legal hit man who has been sanctioned?”

Why else is right. Ain’t no other reason.

Levin is right on the money. But already the idiots are somehow making this a story about Levin being the bad guy with stupid headlines like “here we go again.”

Here we go again what? With Democrats stealing elections? With Democrats lying about it with the media’s help? With Democrats using the courts to win what they can’t get from voters?

Yeah, here we go again is right, jackasses.

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