McConnell challenger gives ’embarrassing’ excuse for comparing Trump victory to 9/11

This morning we posted a video from Team Mitch that included these ridiculous remarks from McConnell’s new challenger, Amy McGrath, comparing Trump’s victory in 2016 to 9/11:

McGrath says she felt like someone sucker punched her when she woke up after Trump won and said the only feeling like it was how she felt after 9/11. Despicable.

So fast forward to today when Jake Tapper asks her about it. Here’s what she says:

She claims she was just talking about the fact that no one expected Trump to win and how the 2016 election cycle was about labeling Democrats as communists. And how much fake news there was and decisiveness.

Talk about spin!

We all know exactly what she meant by those comments. She thought Trump was going to destroy America like the Muslim jihadis destroyed the twin towers, etc. Her comments were patently absurd then and they are even more so now because the liberal delusion of Trump destroying the country never came true. The country is far, far better off than it was and what upsets me most about her spin today is that she’s not apologizing and owning her mistake.

Team Mitch is gonna make mincemeat out of McGrath in 2020.

Speaking of…

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