McConnell makes BIG announcement on Kavanaugh nomination vote!

Mitch McConnell just spoke on the Senate floor where he derided Democrats for their improper handling of these sexual assault allegations and for their moving of the goal posts since the FBI investigation commenced on Friday.

But he also said the time for endless delays and obstruction is over and that a vote on Kavanaugh will happen THIS WEEK:

McConnell didn’t say which day the vote would occur. But I’m guessing that since three full days of this FBI background investigation have already passed, it could be any day this week. Probably Friday, but who knows, it could be even sooner.

I’m glad he is being resolute about this despite the committee having to fold last week after the Great Flake Out of 2018. Let’s hope he stays that way and Kavanaugh gets voted in sooner than later. It’s the least the Senate can do for a man who was put through this completely unnecessary bruising.

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