McConnell “sabotages” Republicans, claims government shutdown is always a loser [VIDEO]

Mitch McConnell came out against government shutdowns yesterday during a Senate press conference, claiming they are always a loser for Republicans politically.

Here’s what he said:

Stephen Miller responded to this, saying what McConnell is doing here is sabotaging Republicans:

“I believe the technical term for what McConnell is doing here is “sabotage.” Also, Republicans aren’t shutting anything down by choosing to only spend your money on LAWFUL and not UAWFUL government activities (eg deportations, not mass releases). It’s called fulfilling one’s constitutional oath. If the Senate chooses to filibuster whatever funds the House ultimately approves, according to its solemn duty, then that’s a conversation to have with Chuck Schumer.”

Miller is absolutely right. The reason Republicans always lose at government shutdowns is that they always believe they are going to lose. Take, for instance, the time when Ted Cruz rallied the American people and pushed for a government shutdown during Boehner’s time as House Speaker. Boehner only allowed a government shutdown to prove Ted Cruz was wrong about them. He didn’t do it because he believed in doing it.

The House needs to pass a good government spending bill for the American people and if Schumer refuses to accept it, then let him shut down the government. House Republicans need to fight for what is right, however that would require strong leadership in the House and I’m just not sure we have that now.

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