McConnell says he’ll absolutely support Trump if he’s the nominee in 2024, but there’s more…

Mitch McConnell was asked by Bret Baier tonight if he would support Trump if he won the Republican nomination in 2024.

(cued up to 9:30)

Even after McConnell ripped Trump a couple weeks ago after the phony impeachment failed, he said he would absolutely support him if he won the nomination.

But if you listened to he video where I cued it up, you also heard McConnell asked whether he believes Trump will win the nomination in 2024, as Romney suggested would happen. On this question McConnell demurred, saying a lot can happen between now and then and some Republican Senators are already talking about a run for the White House. He didn’t say who.

What I took from that is that McConnell definitely won’t be supporting Trump in the primary.

If you watch the full interview, you’ll year Bret Baier pepper McConnell with questions about Trump, referencing McConnell’s speech against Trump 12 days ago and Trump’s response statement attacking McConnell, as well as asking him of Trump should speak at CPAC. But he wouldn’t give Bret a soundbite on any of it, refusing to relitigate what’s already been said and suggesting that the past is the past. Smart move on his part, but a lot of the damage has already been done.

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