McCotter: Obama and radical Democrats are the real speculators

Thaddeus McCotter gave a great interview on Lou Dobbs yesterday on what is causing high gas prices and really got down to the meat of it.

Here are a few quotes that I thought were excellently put:

But what I’d like to point out is that we hear much talk about speculation. The real speculators in this country are the President and the radical Democrats that have continually for decades opposed extracting more American domestic energy as we responsibly try to transition to green energy.

When asked about what could be done to dampen the influence of speculation, McCotter responded that this isn’t a market problem, but a government problem and is cautious about the government trying to step in and fix the problem:

My concern Lou is that when government policies don’t work and the markets react to them in a way that the government doesn’t like, is they’ll use their powers to try to intervene. And that’s what we’re seeing. Again, much of the problem we’re having comes from decades of opposition from the ideological Left, the radical environmentalists from America producing it’s own energy – much as other countries do – much as we continue to need to do to reduce our dependence and again, foster a responsible free market transition to green energy.

So I would be very chary about what the government does to mask the problems that the government has caused in the market.

He ends with this little funny:

I’d also like to point out that one of the things that we have to remember about the anti-drilling stance, to be fair, is that President Obama and the Democrats do support drilling but it’s into your wallet for more money.


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