Media and libs in LUNATIC FRENZY over nonsensical NYT story smearing Justice Alito as Dobbs leaker

Go figure MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is right out in front on this totally ridiculous story from the New York Times using a second-hand rumor of a rumor from a complete joke of a “source” that smears a Supreme Court Justice as doing what everyone everywhere knows was done by a liberal activist piece of crap clerk too cowardly to own up.

I’m going to give you the briefest, most accurate summary of the long New York Times smoke and mirrors article: Some guy who now hates Justice Alito wanted to get his name back in the news and is claiming the Justice told him at dinner one time in advance about a previous decision some years ago, and therefore probably he took the decision he was writing on Dobbs and gave it to the press for motives unknown but truuuust him it’s a super solid rumor.

Liberal Twitter, of course, went apecrap over it. I don’t have the stomach to put too many of these in here.

This Democrat representative who serves in Congress just outright buys it and spreads it.

These people are disgusting. The fantastical story with no basis in fact nor any evidence denied by all parties but one is on its face a smear and a maybe defamation.

To then take that, and the implication that New York Times embeds without the guts to spell it out, and run with it as proof of guilt?

That’s un-American. Which these people never stop proving they are.

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