Media KEEPS pushing direct combat with Russia. Marco Rubio spells it out: THAT MEANS WORLD WAR THREE.

The bloodthirsty press cannot stop pushing for more direct conflict in Ukraine, especially the no-fly zone that Zelenksy keeps demanding we enforce. The other day Gayle King asked Kamala if Biden’s plan is just to sit back and watch people die – as if anything short of shooting down Russian planes is somehow morally decrepit.

On Sunday, George Stephanopoulos kept asking every guest “hey why not do that no-fly zone? Sounds awesome to me.”

That’s a paraphrase.

Marco Rubio explained why pretty frankly.

“So, basically, a no-fly zone, if people understood what it means, it means World War Three. It means starting World War Three.”

That’s exactly it. It would mean starting World War Three. If we haven’t already.

Guess even Lil’ Marco can get one right now and then. Discuss that and whatever else below.

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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