Media LOVES anti-Trump LeBron petition, IGNORES Chick-Fil-A petition with MORE signatures

There’s a lot of comparisons out there that try to theorize the bias of the media, but here’s a pretty direct apples and apples comparison.

Someone started a snarky petition to replace Betsy Devos with Lebron James, because OMG that’s hilarious right?

Now, it’s only got 20k signatures, but the media loves it:

It’s so great! BWAAHHH!!

The losers at Al Jazeera covered it when it only had 7k signatures. LOL!

Now check out this petition – it has TWICE as many signatures, but it’s about military people wanting Chick-Fil-A on the bases. But who gives a damn about that right?

Only right-leaning venues.

Why would the media give a damn about what the military wants? Nah, they’re too busy covering stupid snarky petitions that will never happen.

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