Media rushes to scandalize claim about missing Trump records during Jan 6th “insurrection” but it turns out to be a BIG FLOP!

Earlier this week Pelosi’s hack January 6th committee had thought they’d found proof of Trump’s guilt in leading the so-called “insurrection” on January 6th, 2021. They released news that Trump’s phone records had a glaring gap in it of about 8 hours during the time in which the Capitol riot was happening and the media quickly picked it up and ran with it:

As you can see here, the garbage media thought they had the scandal of a lifetime. You can see how quickly they moved in to promote this story.

And by the way, when I saw the garbage media ran with it, I mean they ALL ran with it. I saw way more articles and tweets on this than I’m posting here because there’s just too many.

Not only did they run with it, some started digging into the story and found new details that made it all the more SCANDALOUS:

The typical Trump haters were all over breathlessly promoting this story:

Again, there are too many tweets to do it justice, but you get the idea.

After all of this breathless and scandalous media reporting spawned by Pelosi’s hack January 6th Committee, it turns out that there was nothing missing from the records. CNN said an official review was done and the records are complete:

CNN explains…

The mystery of the seven-hour gap has fueled furious speculation as to why calls are missing. That includes allegations that Trump was using “burner phones” (which he has denied) or that the logs were purposely suppressed.

But the gap might have a less mysterious explanation.

According to multiple sources familiar with Trump’s phone behavior and the White House switchboard records, the January 6 log reflects Trump’s typical phone habits. He mainly placed calls through the switchboard when he was in the residence but rarely used it when he was in the Oval Office. The fact the log does not show calls on January 6, 2021, from the Oval Office is not unusual, said the sources, because Trump typically had staff either place calls directly for him on landlines or cell phones. Those calls would not be noted on the switchboard log.

The six pages of White House switchboard logs for January 6, 2021, are complete based on an official review of White House records, according to a source familiar with the matter. There are no missing pages and the seven-hour gap is likely explained by use of White House landlines, White House cell phones and personal cell phones that do not go through the switchboard.

The missing calls also underscore something more endemic: the imperfect and antiquated system of tracking a president’s communications.

The White House call log is generated by a switchboard system that dates back to the 1960s, according to the National Archives. The version installed in 1963 was already considered “somewhat outdated” just two decades later.

And it’s certainly not one suited for the era of cell phones and text messages or to a President well known for his efforts to circumvent official channels of communications.

CNN gets a nice pot shot at Trump there at the end, but still points out that there was nothing to see here because the logs are complete. There was never any scandal here despite how quickly the garbage media jumped in to make one.

As an aside, you saw above that NPR rushed to pick up this story too. Just to remind you….

They couldn’t be bothered to cover a real story because it was not really a story. It was just a distraction. But they were quick to jump on this Trump story, which turned out be everything they claimed Hunter Biden’s laptop story was in 2020.

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