Megyn Kelly exposes ‘swatting’ against conservative bloggers and commentators

Megyn Kelly ran a short segment on ‘swatting’ today, noting it had been done to conservative blogger Erick Erickson and Patrick Frey ‘Patterico’, and while they didn’t mention Brett Kimberlin by name they did show Patterico’s blog post with Brett Kimberlin in the title. Here’s the segment:

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29 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly exposes ‘swatting’ against conservative bloggers and commentators

  1. I sympathize with Frey and McCain on this. Ericson, however, I believe his case was exaggerated — to the point of being a publicity stunt.

  2. Fraud and criminal activity….the favorite practice of marxist radicals.

    liberalism = criminalism

    liberalism poses a clear and present danger to the security of the United States of America.

    1. There are many, even amoung conservatives who would say your comment is too strident.

      They are wrong. If anything your concise and simple statement of what should be obvious to anyone of minimal intelligence constitutes a perfect definition of liberalism.

  3. TY to Megyn We need to get things like this more & more coverage. Maybe even start a #brettkimberlin watch posting pics & his location 24/7 wont take long and he will be back in the pokey where he belongs…

  4. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ― Abraham Lincoln

  5. Well this former unknown sure has emerged hasn’t he. Evil is indeed on the march.

  6. FINALLY! It only took a week to finally have this hit the cable airwaves! Should have been sooner and it definitely needs to have greater exposure. This nonsense is evil…it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with what someone says…you do not have the right to take away their freedom of speech by gumming up the legal system with false suits, and most importantly…you have zero right to abuse the help of law enforcement! I hope the exposure of this abuse shines a light on the stupidity of the judges who are backing the actions of Kimberlin and his minions. The next thing I want to see is an interview with Theresa Heinz Kerry and Babs Streisand explaining their actions in financing this monster!

  7. No worries people, AG Eric Holder is right on this! He always makes sure justice is served without care to partisanship

    1. Sure, and we’ll hold our breaths until we all turn blue as well! Maybe hell will be frozen over by then?

    1. Whoever is doing this won’t last long. Technology will find him or them. It is, however, of the utmost importance that the perps be found quickly and receive swift justice, before someone really does get hurt. It is not in anybody’s interest to have this kind of activity persist, even the chump in charge and Panthermeister Holder know this.

  8. Good heavens !!

    The Sociopathy is contagious

    Let’s see if this is covered anywhere else ?

    I will hold my breath now!

  9. Told ya. Its political war against conservatives. We need to adopt a “scorched earth” policy with these oxygen thieves.

      1. Hit em high hit em low. Apply the 13 rules for radicals in reverse. Lets see how they like being held to their own standards for a change. They’re real lucky that the sons of liberty haven’t been called out yet. They’ll rue the day when that happens.

  10. Good grief, they’re really off their nut. Phony arrest reports-that might be why I haven’t been able to get a job for 27 months…makes ya wonder.

    1. They will stop at nothing. Who is next? The people here at this site?

      I hate pesky little cockroaches like this punk.I “Swat” them with a flyswatter or get out a can of Raid. It shows the level of desperation and childish behavior when they can’t defend the left’s side.

      1. I really don’t understand their point either. They sit and laugh and say ha ha ha the cops came to your house. And the guys…yes and??? They were here all of 15 min. Really ruined my day. Guess I’ll stop bloggin so this never happens again.

        Liberals are so weak. Both physically and mentally. One might even say retarded.

        1. The maggots think it’s a joke but at some point someone will get hurt.If your asleep and your door get’s kicked in the natural instincts are going to kick in to defend yourself & family.I would assume a home invasion was going down and reach for a weapon.The cops might mow you down.The libs are low down dirty dogs.(some of them even eat dogs) Hope you & yours had a good Memorial Day.

          1. this.
            remember the marine (iirc marine) who was shot when being woken up during a raid?
            I forget the name/details right now but it was a drug raid on the wrong house iirc.

  11. Major internet companies had better wake up to what is going on or they lose credibility which translates into a loss of money.

    Here’s pointing the finger straight at Google and Wikipedia.

  12. Phony 911 calls get you prosecuted, how much more so this? Someone has to pay taxpayer dollars for the helicopters and swat team call out?

    1. From what I’ve read, the phone calls (they believe) are being placed through Skype, meaning the authorities have no way to trace them.

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