Megyn Kelly Rumor: Trump won’t run in 2024

Megyn Kelly said on her podcast yesterday that she’s spoken with a former RNC official who claims Trump isn’t going to run in 2024.


Kelly says her source claims that if Trump were to announce he’s running that the RNC could no longer pay his legal bills because they have to stay neutral. Also that Trump is too worried about losing:

Talked to a guy who used to be high up in the RNC and he said Trump’s not going to run again. Trump just can’t say that he’s not going to run again. He said [Trump] would never declare anyway because as soon as he declares – like if he were to declare tomorrow on the chance that he is going to run again, the RNC could no longer pay his legal bills. They couldn’t support him with his legal bills because the RNC has to stay neutral. So they can’t be funding one guy’s legal bills.

I thought that was kind of interesting, that Trump will have to delay if he’s going to announce that he’s running for as long as humanly possible because he’s got a lot of legal bills. But it was this guy’s strong belief that he will not run again, that he’s too worried about losing.

I’ve always believed that Trump is going to run because he feels he was slighted in the last election with Democrat election fraud. I think he wants to undo all that and get the last four years of his presidency back.

So yes, I believe he’s going to run. But honestly, I’d love it if Trump passed the torch onto DeSantis in 2024. But that seems more like a dream than a reality at this point.

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