Megyn Kelly scorches NBC over blackface episodes…

NBC has had to remove episodes from three different of their shows because of ‘blackface’. The latest one is Scrubs:

The popular comedy Scrubs is the latest show to be haunted by its racially insensitive episodes from the past. Deadline has confirmed that Hulu has removed episodes from the series featuring characters in blackface.

The three episodes in question include the episode titled “My Fifteen Seconds” from season 3 as well as “My Jiggly Ball” and “My Chopped Liver” from season 5. The episodes feature Zach Braff’s character J.D. and Sarah Chalke’s character Elliot in blackface. Scrubs debuted in 2001 and ran for nine seasons, first on NBC and then moving to ABC for seasons eight and nine.

Bill Lawrence, who created the series, responded to a tweet that called for the streamer to remove the blackface episodes after NBCUniversal did the same with episodes of 30 Rock. A Twitter user said the same needed to be done with Scrubs and Lawrence replied, “Agreed. Already in the works.”

The removal of the blackface episodes of 30 Rock and Scrubs comes at a time of reckoning for TV’s embarrassing past with the portrayal and mocking of race. HBO Max removed Gone With the Wind from its newly launched streaming platform but is set to bring back the film with a disclaimer about historical context. Jimmy Kimmel also recently apologized for his blackface impersonation of NBA star Karl Malone on Comedy Central’s The Man Show.

The other two shows were NBC’s 30 Rock and SNL.

Megyn Kelly responded to the news of so many NBC blackface issues like this:

BOOM! Talk about hypocrisy on steroids.

Remember, Kelly’s comment about blackface was in relation to halloween, where she noted that when she was a kid it was okay as long as kids were dressing up as a popular character. For that she was shredded and fired.

If it isn’t hypocrisy over blackface, it’s hypocrisy over the #metoo movement by trying to protect Harvey Weinstein. It’s a wonder that anyone on the left gives NBC the time of day anymore.

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