Michael Knowles: “Since replacement theory is the slogan du jour, let’s define it…”

Michael Knowles, who hosts Ted Cruz’s podcast as well as his own show on Daily Wire, took to Twitter last night to talk about ‘replacement theory’ since it is now the ‘slogan du jour’ and Democrats like Chuck Schumer are trying to use it to cancel Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

Here’s what Knowles had to say…

He is exactly right and this is similar to what I said yesterday about their primary motivation being ideological. Democrats know they can’t ultimately win because their policies are horrible as we’ve all seen under the Biden administration, so they have to cheat to win. And I don’t just mean election fraud, obviously.

Democrats love to replace things in order to get their way. Ever since Trump nominated new justices to the Supreme Court, they suddenly want to replace them by expanding the court. This is just what they do.

Knowles continues…

This last image Knowles tweeted above was from Salon with a headline that said “R.I.P., GOP: Party of old, disillusioned white people is dying a slow death”, and a subheadline that said “Changing demographics will be a death knell for the Republican Party”

Knowles even posted this video Biden talking about it in this clip from CSPAN:

And lastly, Knowles retweeted Joe Scarborough talking about it:

Not only this, but here is a montage from our friend Tom Elliott yesterday showing essentially the same thing, that Democrats love to talk about replacement theory because they see it as their future:

These people are so full of shite…

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