Michael Moore tells Democrats they need to lurch FARTHER LEFT!!

Rotund left-wing propaganda-maker Michael Moore went on MSNBC with Chris Hayes to explain what Democrats need to do in order to respond to the yuge Trump swing in the election.

Not surprisingly, he wants them to go even farther left (watch from about the 6:30 minute mark):

He cites the Tea Party reaction to Obama’s election as an example of what the left needs to do, and primarying the “non-fighting” Democrats is one of the first things.

Here’s his “to-do” list:


It’s kinda funny how Republicans are told to moderate when they lose, but when Democrats lose they tell themselves to go farther left!! Unfortunately, Moore might be right given that people didn’t seem to vote against ideology at all in this election – they voted for a liberal who was pretending to be a Republican. So it’s not as if their ideology lost, it’s just that their crappy candidate lost…

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