Michael Moore: UC Davis Pepper Spray incident resonates like Tiananmen Square

This is eye-bleed material here from Mediaite. Michael Moore had the audacity to suggest that the protesters who refused to move the other day after being told by police, and then were summarily pepper-sprayed, is resonating with the world like Tiananmen Square. Are you kidding me? It’s clear the protesters expected to be pepper sprayed because of the way they were dressed and last time I checked, Pepper Spray isn’t life threatening. But the way the left is acting about this, you’d thing the kids were each shot in the foot or something.

And further, to compare these selfish and greedy protesters to the protesters in China who stood up against a Communist regime that oppressed its people in the vilest of ways is so absurd that it should qualify Michael Moore to spend a few nights in a psychiatric hospital. America has been and still is the bastion of freedom in the world that believes it’s a man’s right to control his own destiny and that the government shouldn’t forcibly remove that opportunity, which is exactly what happens in China – that is if you live long enough to find out.

I don’t expect you to watch much of this clip, but you need to watch the first minute or so to hear the stupid:


Mark Levin weighed in a little on this issue last night, suggesting that this OWS movement isn’t just an anti-capitalism movement, but an anti-police movement:

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