Michele Bachmann is not a ‘phony’

To all of you who are criticizing Michele Bachmann for being a ‘phony’ or a ‘fake’, let me disagree with you. I read her Redstate article from yesterday and never got the impression, as did Allahpundit at Hotair, that she was suggesting we should cut our losses and move on.

What she was criticizing was the leadership for making this the battle when in reality it is nothing but pennies:

Don’t get me wrong, cuts in spending are a move in the right direction. House Republicans have brought about a change from the spending binge of the last two years. But it’s time to face the facts. This is the “small ball” battle that House leadership has chosen to engage. The current battle has devolved to an agenda that is almost too limited to warrant the kind of fighting that we’re now seeing in Washington.

Nowhere in that article did she ever say we should ‘move on’, but rather that the leadership should make the fight about much more, even trillions of dollars. Read it for yourself.

In the video from this morning where she criticizes the leadership for not fighting enough, it is entirely consistent with her message. The leadership made a promise to cut 100 Billion or even 61 Billion (if you accept their adjustments), and they couldn’t even keep their promises. They just folded like a wet paper bag and that reflects on her and all other Republicans in Congress. That is why she is voting no.

In other words, if they can’t fight and win over pennies, how will they fight and win over trillions? I think she makes a great point that is neither fake, phony, nor hypocritical.

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116 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann is not a ‘phony’

  1. I think it’s pretty clear why allahpundit and his minions are trying to destroy Bachmann–it’s the same reason that ap’s buddy Andrew Sullivan hates her: gay marriage. ap’s attempt to help GOProud sabotage the conservative movement, through CPAC, fell flat on its face, and now he has moved on to destroying any presidential candidates who might bring opposition to gay marriage into the debates for the GOP nomination. Don’t believe me? Just research ap’s contributions, in the Hotair archives.

  2. Michelle stands for what she believes.
    She is a strong lady and much appreciated and admired.
    Let her say her piece.
    We must, however, move on to the next step.
    America is ready for it.

  3. Michelle Backmann is a true patriot so the leftists fools is doing their best to bring her down…

  4. There must be something more whacked than some of these comments about Bachmann, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is. Hokey Pokey people! Talk about eating your own. Being a little cannibalistic aren’t we? I’sn’t there something about her hair, smile or accessories you’d like to pillory too?

    I’ve seen Namby and I’ve seen Pamby but this page and the other Bachmann page is full of the nambiest, pambiest, pile of of pshaw I have ever seen. Let it go! Sarah wouldn’t be for Michele bashing I don’t think and Michele wouldn’t be for Palin bashing. Both of these ladies are locked and loaded six-shooters for our side. How’s about you kookey bookeys getting a hobby and stop trying to muddy one of our stars. Michele Bachmann is great. You ankle-biters, not so much. Try a sandwich or maybe, a bagel.

    1. It is a case of “eating your own” a circular firing squad” and the natives cannibalizing each other.

      Each potential candidate has their supporters; nothing wrong with that, that’s what being part of a democracy is all about. Express your opinions yes, but don’t start going nuts on each other because Candidate “A” said this while “Candidate B” didn’t say it, or say it in the proper forum.

      I’ve held back making comments on these threads because it’s become a shouting match – Palin supporters vs. Bachman supporters and it’s not necessarily who shouts the loudest that wins, IMHO, it’s the actions and words of the people in question (the potential candidates) that speak the loudest.

      Both women are principled and outspoken in their opposition to Obama’s policies but it seems to me that every time they do this, they are over analyzed by the media and in turn, their supporters.

      It’s a house divided here and the leftards capitalize on this with glee; they see the conservative movement, the Tea Party movement divided and in the long run (not so long, as 2010 is not all that far away). Division won’t win this time, there is a huge machine of Chicago thugs and their hangers on to contend with and it is going to take a joint effort by all of us to destroy that socialist behemoth.

  5. Scoop, try not to fall for this tactic. Pitting Michele against Sarah is so transparent it’s laughable. The people ragging on Bachmann are not credible. You can tell by the tone of their comments.

    This is just another attack on Palin supporters. That’s all it is.

  6. Also, I’m honestly questioning the conservatism of you C4P people who are against Bachmann running. What conservative wants less conservatives running for President? How in the hell does that make sense?

    It doesn’t…unless you have motives that don’t involve getting a conservative elected President.

    1. I’m a dedicated Palin supporter and I almost never comment at C4P.

      Don’t judge a blog by it’s commenters.

  7. I’m going to be completely honest. Sarah Palin, fair or not, is becoming damaged in my eyes and it is SOLELY because of the C4P brigade here. All, and I mean ALL of the pointless hate-Bachmann stuff is coming completely from C4P people. It isn’t fair to Palin, but I now have to question her candidacy with supporters like you people. You’re here knee-capping solid conservatives for no apparent reason w/o any proof to substantiate any of your claims. Gratz on getting someone who genuinely likes Palin to re-think his position on the woman for no other reason than the craziness of you c4p people.

    1. Maybe I shouldn’t go that far. Maybe I should at least look at these people’s post history to see how many of them are legit Palin supporters and how many are lefty plants. The problem is ALL of you (anti-Bachmann people) have a history of posting at c4p, although that doesn’t mean you actually support Palin. You’ve still made me warry….

      1. No true Palin supporter would write the kinds of stupid things these idiots write about Bachmann. And I’ve never seen a derogatory blog post about Bachmann at C4P.

        C4P uses Disqus, too, but you don’t see my comments there when you hit my profile. I’ve only left a couple, so maybe there is a threshold you have to reach before they show up in your profile. I don’t comment there much because each post gets too many comments and I don’t have the patience to read them.

        Also, never assume these people always post under the same name all over the internet. I’d be willing to bet most of the Bachmann haters are Kos Kids and HuffPo denizens.

    2. Rich –
      I am at C4P a lot, support Palin, and have defended Bachmann here a dozen times. She is my second favorite politician. So don’t group us all together.

    3. Rich, I strongly supported Bachmann along with other conservatives who are serious about confronting the debt issue. That includes Palin and yes, Cain. I have not made up my mind who I will give my vote to in the primary yet. Politicians have to EARN my vote. However, Bachmann has proven NOW to be all talk and no action. She caved. As someone who has contributed to Bachmann since Chris Matthews went after her several elections ago, I have the right to be totally po’d about her flip flop and political theater BS. We can no longer give any politician a second chance. We have run out of time. If Palin should decide to run and she caves, she is toast also. I have no blind allegiance to anyone only to the United States of America, ya got that? The fact is Bachmann is full of BS. She is a self serving politician telling us to move on. Well Michele honey, I have moved on from considering you for the nomination, ya sellout! Oh and Rich, I reside in Fl-22 and if Allen West caves he’s toast too. So stop accusing me of having any blind allegiance to Palin because I’m not married to anyone but my husband, got that? I am fighting just as hard as the far left. Allen West has educated us in the “ART OF WAR.” No retreat, no surrender! And we in Florida are personally fighting every day to get in the face of Wasserman-Ditz and Bachmann can’t even fight the republican elites. Give me a break. Bachmann has lost my respect. I don’t need her telling me to move along now there is nothing to see here. There is something to see Michele, you caved.

      1. JD: You could have made this a one-line narrative. ” I don’t want to vote for Michele Bachmann”.See, that was easy. Your career as political prognosticator, however, looks quite DIM. Everybody is “toast” in your angry world. Where were you, and your ilk, when these pol’s were getting re-elected for decades. My guess is b*tching at the bar; screaming into the wind about burnt toast. Michele Bachmann HAS made a difference and contribution. She has effectuated REAL CHANGE by forming the House TEA Party Caucus ( 51 members… and counting). Where are the other “tea Party darlings” ? Like Allen West, Paul Ryan, Hensarling,Jeff Flake in the House; Rubio & Toomey in the Senate. They rode the conservative wave, yet will not caucus with Bachmann. WHY ? Simply put, ENVY of her newfound power & national exposure. Michele Bachmann has got the RIGHT stuff; maybe enough to become our next POTUS….

        1. coffee4closers, Michele Bachmann has made a difference but when her moment came to step up to the plate she struck out. Maybe you haven’t been fighting in the trenches against the progressives as I have for the past 2 years. Progressives never retreat. Pelosi and Wasserman-Ditz never retreat. When we got our turn at bat they laughed at us and said, “Is that all you’ve got?” Don’t give me the BS that I don’t want to vote for Bachmann because that is not true. Someone doesn’t open their checkbook and donate to her campaign when Chris Matthews trashes her who doesn’t want to vote for her. Did you open your checkbook? I have no envy for Michele Bachmann. I applaud her for everything she has done. I even praise her for the children she has taken in. That all has nothing to do with the fact that this is the big leagues. She folded. We need real warriors. She will fold as president too. Quit the bull. These are facts. She folded.

          1. First, I really do not care who you vote for JD. You make it sound like this narrative is about YOU. Like your some Mr Big Time Fundraiser; posting on The Right Scoop with the rest of us. My contributions stay local; I’m more interested in effectuating change at county and state elections. When posting on national issues, it’s more about formulating a consensus with other like-minded lovers of the Constitution/Bill of Rights, The Founding Fathers & their express thoughts enumerated in the Federalist Papers. Funny, all WE get from you is shuck-n-jive, unsubstantiated cancelled checks to political heavyweights. Got a real easy proposition for ya: come back to The Right Scoop when the GOP national convention is happenin; WE’LL see who’s called this narrative right. Bachmann will be there; GUARANTEED….

    4. I am a Palin supporter and it makes me cringe when I see other Palin supporters knee capping solid conservatives.

  8. Sorry but I respectfully disagree. She lost all her credibility as far as I am concerned. She caved like the rest of them. She’s T.O.A.S.T. Another one bites the dust.

  9. Your enemies will always show you what they FEAR MOST. In this matter, Bachmann just set off a tsunami in the Republican Primary Pond…..

    1. Not really, in fact most people are building up MB even the NYt is writing good things about her. They do not fear her, they welcome her. the question is why is the left being supportive of a MB run. Answer that question and you will understand what is going on here.

  10. You rock scoop…Mark Lavin just shared you on facebook….

    I like Bachmann…but the other day I read an article about her wanting to cut back on funding for our Vets…..I wasn’t real impressed with that. But, I’m not sure it was accurate either, have you heard anything on that?

      1. That’s a CYA move for flip flopping. Introducing legislation to remove the military is political theater. When her moment came, she caved. That’s what she’ll do when she’s president, cave. Did ya see Nancy Pelosi cave? We have to fight back just as hard as they do. She doesn’t deserve to be the head of the Tea Party caucus. She is a sell out. She proved that she is nothing more than a self serving politician who has already been in congress too long. I am over her and extremely disappointed.

        1. I know saying you’re going to do anything about something after it has been in play long enough to know it’s there is classic CYA. – whether this was or not IDK. I haven’t been following MB closely enough to get an opinion for or against her – yet.

          Since texasgirl46 was asking if anybody could give her some info, I thought she might be interested in this clip.

        2. if you’ve been to the VA,you know there is tons of waste,fraud and abuse, inefficiency in the VA structure…the whole thing needs to be privatized – look at the salaries of the needle pushers in the VA…they all are driving lexus and mercedes bub.

  11. Can’t wait to see Michele on the campaign trail on her way to the white house. She’s got more balls than brains, but that’s what we expect in a true conservative president. Go for it, Michele!

  12. With the greatest of respect, you are not correct. In her blog post over at RedState, she wrote:

    “Don’t get me wrong, cuts in spending are a move in the right direction. House Republicans have brought about a change from the spending binge of the last two years. But it’s time to face the facts. This is the “small ball” battle that House leadership has chosen to engage. The current battle has devolved to an agenda that is almost too limited to warrant the kind of fighting that we’re now seeing in Washington.”


    So defend her if you will, but she was clearly saying it was time to move on.

    Then she turns around and votes no on the continuing resolution and subsequently goes on TV to say the cuts were not big enough.

    She tries to explain herself in this interview with Neil Cavuto:

    However, the only thing one can conclude is that she was talking out of both sides of her mouth.

    1. I have listen to MB plenty of times and in that interview she kept talking in circles and really made no sense. That was a person doing some backtracking because something did not go right. Like I said, I have not problem with her siding with the Speaker but hold to your guns and don’t freak out when a little disagreement may have come your way. Be strong. Stand on your prinicples.

    2. John_Frank..you are off base…the first thing that Boehner said was he “was not going to shut down the government”. That means he is not going to fight to repeal Obamacare. It’s just like Obama saying about Libya, “we’re not sending ground troops”. Obama already caved to Qadafi by saying you’re off the hook. Boehner did the same thing.

      Bachmann is completely correct in her analysis,the House GOP surrendered before the budget/CR even came up. disaster.

  13. Bachmann is Karl Rove’s Tool for Blocking Palin. Bachmann flip flopped in the same day because Palin was where the Conservatives and the Tea Party. Bachmann tried to Commandeer the Tea Party in Washington for herself. She is serving the Establishment. There is one Real Tea Party Candidate and that is Solid Sarah Palin. Palin is the Real Deal and doing the work of Karl Rove.

    1. There are a couple of glaring issues with your statement;First, Sarah Palin has not declared herself a candidate of any registered party. Second the Tea Party is not a registered political party. Clear those up and we will have something to discuss.

      1. As of now no person besides Obama has declared themselves as a candidate of any reistered party. doesn’t seem to stop people from saying Mitt is running or Tpaw or Newt…..But of course Palin is held to a double standard even here on this issue. Name any Gop person that has declared to be a candidate and you might have a point. So far none have so you don’t.

        1. I am aware that no one has declared at this point, however Gingrich stepped down from his contributor position at Fox (as required of anyone seeking nomination) and has started an exploratory committee (as has Bachmann) Palin has yet to do any of this. So to my mind she is not seriously considering candidacy. If she does,well then we will have something to discuss, won’t we?

    2. Why would Karl Rove be blocking Palin, what would be the point? She has very little support and very high unfavorables it seems she’s doing a good job of blocking herself.

        1. How much support a person has isn’t determined by commenter’s on a blog such as yourself. There are actual polls that are taken. If you want to ignore those polls in favor of what you wish for; then that’s totally up to you.

          1. Early polls are worthless. Most potentials haven’t even announced. Trump wins some polls, which right there should call their accuracy into questions. The Left and GOP establishment still behave as if Palin is their biggest threat. I’ll trust their behavior before I trust their words or their biased polls.

            1. So you dismiss the polls and you then claim that Palin is a threat to the GOP and Liberals (without substantiation) after having tossed out the evidence (polls) to the contrary. But anyway … sticking to the comment I originally replied … There is no evidence or logical foundation to claim that Rove is trying to torpedo Palin and that he has enlisted a member of Congress to assist him.

              1. There are actual polls that are taken. If you want to ignore those polls in favor of what you wish for; then that’s totally up to you

                Palin has about as much support as anyone else. In most national polls, she’s within the margin of error of first. She’d probably be doing even better, but the media and the Rino class has done a good job of convincing people she’s not running.

                I don’t know if she’s running or not, but if she were to announce, I can assure you her numbers would rise.

                1. Having said that, It’s probably a waste of time to point this out to you. I just browsed your comment history, and noticed that you spend a lot of time bashing Palin.

                  If she’s not a threat, and doesn’t have the support…why bother?

                2. Fox News Poll:4/7/2011

                  Here are the results among Tea Partiers:

                  Palin 16%
                  Trump 14%
                  Huckabee 12%
                  Gingrich 11%
                  Romney 9%
                  Paul 5%
                  Pawlenty 5%
                  Bachmann 4%
                  Daniels 3%
                  Cain 3%
                  Santorum 2%
                  Johnson 1%
                  Huntsman 0%

                  Here are the results overall among 344 Republicans:

                  Huckabee 15%
                  Romney 14%
                  Palin 12%
                  Trump 11%
                  Giuliani 9%
                  Gingrich 7%
                  Pawlenty 4%
                  Daniels 3%
                  Paul 3%
                  Bachmann 2%
                  Santorum 2%
                  Cain 2%
                  Barbour 1%
                  Johnson 1%
                  Huntsman 1%

              2. Yes there is a lot of evidence Rove is trying to sink Palin. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention. Rove is establishment RINO all the way. His comments always serve to diminish Sarah Palin. Most political pundits agree that polls this far out are near worthless. Palin has been relatively quiet recently, and still she is attacked more than anyone else. They and you can say she is irrelevant, day after day, for over two years, but I’ll believe your behavior, as in – your persistence in attacking her, more than I’ll believe your mere words. There would be no attacks from the left or establishment GOP if she was truly irrelevant.

          2. for one thing RB, ya gotta distinguish between ‘push polls’ and other polls ….

            for another point – one can get a *feel* for the broad base of support by looking at factors like money raising ability, FB and Twitter follower numbers, the number of individual blogs set up purely to support Gov Palin is huge also, PLUS the O4P activities under the radar

            then there is the recent WI SC election result – the Unions put in at least 1M$ worth of ads attacking Prosser, and Gov Palin (knowing that Gov Walker’s reforms could be put at risk by a lefty ousting Prosser on the SC of WI) merely twittered her support of Prosser on the friday before the tuesday election, and money poured in to the Tea Party group who ran counter ads …… the turnout for what would usually be an obscure under the radar election was huge compared to normal, and we all know what happened eventually there ….. the lefty temper tantrums were like a ‘balm’ to America’s conservative soul *__* …. and as for poor Mikey Moore, well he lost it completely on his Twitter feed …. LOL

            Tokyo Rove will have seen all that.

            Tokyo Rove will continue to talk up a MB candidacy …… how ironic that he is now working with The Left on that goal ….

            Meanwhile Palin’s Army is training, and waiting, and sitting around, and training some more …… waiting for the command to ‘activate’, just like all those GIs did in the south of England during 1943-44 waiting for Gen DDE to give the order to activate Operation Overlord.

      1. Have you been asleep since Nov? Rove is blocking Palin because the results of the 2010 Mid terms showed him the power and threat of Gov Palin. Rove has been in stop Palin mode since the day of the 2010 election possibly as early as the DE primary, where Palin’s power made his Castle fall down into dust.

        1. yes, and also Gov Palin does not ‘seek his advice’ …… remember when she called him out by name at that speech she gave in IOWA? …. her tone was …. kinda ‘amused’ ….. definitely NOT deferential to the ‘great Karl Rove’

          Tokyo Rove has ZERO influence over Gov Palin …. he knows he could never control her

      2. Palin is going to steam roll Rove…Nothing that Rove does will affect Palin. Palin is the 800 pd gorrilla

    3. yes, the play was made by Bachmann early in the afternoon to give the GOp cover with the TEA Party. Gov Palin was having none of it and responded and said to hold firm. MB painted into a corner, seeing the way the winds were blowing flipped into not supporting the “deal” hours after she did support moving on.

      I guess how you view MB actions is a function of if you were aware of the byplay going on with the other characters on the stage. In a vacuuum MB actions apeear unrelated and quasi-explainable. Taking with Palin’s words MB ‘s actions paint her as trying to get back to the right of Palin on an important issue for conservatives. In other words, Palin outflanked her and the only way for MB to save face as a fiscal conservative was to backtrack and agree with what Palin said and hope her supporters didn’t see her flipflop.

      Sadly Scoop appears to not have seen the play by play.

  14. Hey rightscoop ….. how come you wouldn’t post my comment about ‘Inside Stop Palin HQ’?

    1. I read that before it disappeared. You must be taking a creative writing class but why are you posting your homework here?

      1. I like to write stuff from time to time, but ain’t takin a C W class RB.

        Looks to me like RS objected to the allusion I made to ‘MB being The Patsy for Tokyo Rove’ in the piece ……. I didn’t even mention her name explicitly, but RS musta quickly discerned the message conveyed in my little role play.

        As to why I was posting it here? ….. to give some further perspective on what MB is doing and why ….. I don’t think RS likes to think of MB possibly collaborating with the likes of Tokyo Rove.

      1. Oh, thanks for replying RS. There must have been some mistake then – maybe your ‘filter’ excluded my post for some reason? (although I don’t know what it could have been) …. Anyway – with your permission I’ll try and post my little ‘role play’ again …. maybe it will show up, and then stay … permanently …. we shall see ….

      2. ok, I tried again RS – the comment did post temporarily, but disappeared after the page was refreshed.

        Must have been blocked by your filtering system I suppose

  15. bauchmann is a gaffmachine mitt romney carl rove stalking horse !do your job congresswoman and cut spending !she is a great voting congresswoman and a disastrous presidential canidate!her facebook townhall should be all you need to see in ineptism!

    1. IMO, Bachmann may be being used by the GOP establishment, but her fighting attitude and her values/principle have not changed over the last few years. I don’t believe she is a phony, nor purposely being a ‘stalking horse’ to benefit Mitt or whomever. The GOP may be attempting to use her as one, but I don’t believe that is her personal intention.

      My hope is that when Sarah Palin announces her candidacy, Michelle supports her. In the battle for presidency, Michelle can be one of Sarah’s best ‘generals’. My other hope is that Michelle either becomes Speaker of the House, or a senator. Her choice.

      1. Ya that is my opinion on MB right now as well. But make no mistake she IS being used right now to try and hurt Palin.

        1. Why? Palin is clearly unelectable. I lover her. Would love to see her as President. But She is damaged goods.

          1. no more damaged tha tMitt I love a mandate romney, or Trump i had three wives and filed banruptcy numerous times or Newt i only cheated for the good of the country….

          2. Chuck123
            Remember after 2008 we conservatives were not going to ever again let the Left pick our presidential candidate?

            Don’t let them take out the candidate they most fear. Their extreme relentless attacks are strong evidence that she is the Right choice to beat them and their billion dollar man.

  16. Backmann is no “phony”. I don’t know what spurred this response, but she is one (of the very few) genuine good guys in politics. Unfortunately see seems to stand alone far too often. speaks volumes about the others i think.

    1. If Karl Rove and the left is praising Michele Bachmann then you know she isn’t the answer we have been looking for.

      Why is the Left Promoting Michele Bachmann?
      The left don’t promote people who have the capacity to damage them in either arena.

      1. They are hoping that Palin won’t run that’s why. She will run and she will annihilate all of the competition.

    2. Everybody can lose their soul in politics. You have so many people coming at your saying you can be this or that or you should to this or that.

      It is so easy.

  17. Here is MB spinning. Once she found out the Tea Party leaders were no happy she went into damage control. If you listen she is all over the place. Somewhere she was lefted out of the loop.


    Like I said. I have no problem with her siding with the Speaker but stick with your guns and don’t jump ship when the emails and the the phone starts ringing off the hook.

  18. I love Michelle Bachmann. I am sure she is a warrior on our side, and she still is my second favorite politician. Sarah Palin has more executive experience and therefore has more proven executive ability. Both are courageous, tenacious warriors on our side. IMO, Sarah Palin is the one who should be president.

  19. They/she new this deal two days ago, all kabuki, whatever money you give to her she will give to Romney.

  20. No RightScoop- Bachmann is a phony. Somebody is pulling her strings which is why she is making no sense right now. She was for the bill and then she voted against it last night.
    She is a Romney plant. She is just there to pull votes and media attention from Sarah Palin when she declares. Mark it down-you heard it here.

    1. BACHMANN speaks like a 2nd grade teacher.
      PALIN acts like she is teaching 5th grade.
      they both showboat like TRUMP, but they are not as good at it.
      maturity, knowledge and experience put PAUL in the white house
      but CORRUPTION will likely win the day in todays America

    2. BACHMANN speaks like a 2nd grade teacher.
      PALIN acts like she is teaching 5th grade.
      they both showboat like TRUMP, but they are not as good at it.
      maturity, knowledge and experience put PAUL in the white house
      but CORRUPTION will likely win the day in todays America

  21. Huck: Ignorant or Liar
    “Nobody’s more pro-life than me, . . .” How about all those people who don’t want their money paying for abortions? They are all obviously more pro-life than he is. This is a WTF? (Win The Future) moment. Can he be this ignorant, or is he a liar?

    1. You only get to choose what kind of murder your money is spent for in a free country. We don’t live in one, so why are you complaining?

  22. Well folks, we can scratch this web site off this list of reliable sites. Seem someone has blinders and will latch on and defend whoever….
    It is what it is,,,MB flipped and she flopped.
    She should stop running around the country trying to pretend she’s something she’s not, then maybe she could keep her ideas straight…
    Oh, and has anyone found the accomplishments of MB? Like her record as a Governor, a balanced budget, you know, the things that matter when you want someone to take you seriously as a contender for the POTUS….Oh,,,I’m sorry she has none…
    I sure would like so see pictures of her 23 foster kids and pictures of her biological kids,,,,you know family photos… Hmmmm.. who is she really????

    BTW!!! Sarah Palin 2012!!! except no substitutes!!! Palin/West would rock!

    1. A couple of months ago the troll and leftist bloggers were all buzz about Sarah being unelectable so they were mobilizing to hit all the right blogs posing as Palin supporters to get her the nomination. It is easy to spot the “community agitator” techniques.

    2. Nice job, Moby. If you are a Palin supporter, I’m Barak Obama’s birth certificate.

      Palin supporters think of Bachmann as Sara’s equal at this perilous time in our history. Your BS is a backhanded way of trying to damage Palin and Bachmann simultaneously. You failed, of course.

    3. Why would palin supporters cross this blog off our list? So Scoop doesn’t agree 100% big deal. i enjoy this site. I don’t need someone to agree with me 100% .

      People can support Palin and not think MB is a stalking horse. They are wrong IMO but I don’t think it stops them from being a Palin supporter. people can have two dogs in the race.

  23. Sarah Palin tweeted:

    “If we can’t fight to defund this nonsense now when we have the chance, do you think we’ll win the big fight on entitlement reform later on?”

    “GOP: don’t retreat! The country is going broke. We can’t AFFORD cowboy
    poetry & subsidizing abortion.”

    Bachmann tweeted: “I am ready for a big fight that will change the arc of history,” Rep. “The current fight in Washington is not that fight.”

    From ABC:

    Sarah Palin Tells GOP ‘Don’t Retreat’, Other Potential 2012 Presidential Candidates Disagree

    “Notably, some of Palin’s fellow possible 2012 presidential contenders appeared to be
    at odds with her Friday evening tweet, counseling GOP leaders on Capitol Hill that it’s time to cut a deal”

    “I am ready for a big fight that will change the arc of history,” Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., wrote on Twitter this afternoon. “The current fight in Washington is not that fight.”


    Article hotair:

    “And second, he’s not the only prominent Republican who’s suddenly okay with
    making a deal. In a post late this afternoon at Red State, Michele Bachmann says it’s time to move on”


    Cavuto called her out on her flip flopping!

    1. There’s no flip flop here. She was criticizing the leadership for setting their standards too low. She was saying the fight should be about more money.

      It was about context. And it turns out she was right. The leadership folded closer to the sum that the Dems wanted.

      1. “The current fight in Washington is not that fight” means lets move on and this fight is not worth fighting or shutting the government down for.

        That is what she was staying and that is why she went into damage control.

        No biggie but it is what it is.

  24. Thanks RS…for the clarification.

    ::sigh::..this is going to get bloody isn’t it.

    *grabs popcorn*

    *waves to the MM/Soros trolls*

  25. Michele Bachmann is a charmer, sweet talker, hypocrite, and a pretender.

    She slipped up and is in damage control.

    Tell her to stay away from Rove.

    I have no problem with that fact that she sided with the Speaker at first. I have a problem how she flip flopped after the fact. Huck kept to his guns.

    If you stick to your principles you can go wrong.

    MB didn’t.

        1. NICELY DONE! You must be the king of putting words in her mouth that she didn’t say!

          Seriously though, she was arguing about the sum of money, not abortion.

          Geez Dan, if you are going to criticize her please do it based on what she said and not what she didn’t say.

          1. Your playing games now. It is the same issue. They are both linked. You either pay for it with MONEY or you don’t. She said the money was small ball. Well, the money was going to kill the babies. That is reality. GEEZ!

            Even if you remove the abortion element, BILLIONS OF DOLLARS is not small ball. What is with these people who think billions is small ball? So I assume then if Bachmann is being honest she will lead the charge to shut down the government when the 2012 budget fails to remove planned parenthood funding and fails to cut in any serious way right? I HOPE SO! Because that must be considered BIG BALL in her eyes.

            I am still not understanding why she did not want to fight the small ball? If we can’t do it now, we wont do it on the big stuff and everyone knows it.

            1. So sad that small balls to politicions is billions, big balls is trillions. So many need to be removed in our next election. We Seniors need to educate each other so AARP, and others don’t scare us into elelcting Obama and his cronies. Have talked to many, and they really believe the mail they have received that they will lose everything unless they back the liberals. They are so scared that they will leave a huge debt on their children. Education is so important, so votes aren’t wasted due to fear.

              1. They are going to lose it anyway. Both parties have destroyed our currency. You can send checks for worthless currency, but it still buys little or nothing..

          2. By the way, I like your site alot. We just see this issue a little differently. We will see what they do in the 2012 budget.

          3. Hey scoop. I agree with what you are saying about the current Michelle Bachmann, but she apparently hasn’t always sung this tune. I have heard that she voted to extend the Patriot Act. That tells me that she has changed her tune in the last year or two. Possibly riding the tea party momentum. She is considering a run for Pres, therefor she has to be in the current political jet stream to have a chance.

            I have to wonder why the media has chosen to giver her so much attention. I don’t trust the media, so when they are selling someone, I instantly question their sincerity and look for a track record that proves who they were when they didn’t have all the attention.

            The Patriot act is the antithesis of constitutional law. When did Michelle Bachmann “get it” concerning our liberties? Just recently?

            All I’m saying is that we should be very careful to support people who just recently started getting it.

          4. Hey Right Scoop have you every Defended Sarah Palin ?

            Can you Please let me know if there is any Policy that Michelle Bachmann had pass that was her own ?

        2. Sad to say – If you think the abortion mills were going to shut down or deny services to Medicaid patients if the govt shut down, you’re smoking something. Medicaid has at least 12 months to pay for patient’s services.

          That said, I think all abortions should be illegal. I agree with my grandfather (a GP) on that. He says that there is no medical reason for 99.9% of them.

      1. To you have the tape this morning with her on Foxnews???

        Ok! I will remove the word pretender. That was a bit to much. She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes.

        Nobody sends out that many tweets and hits the airways like she did last night if something was not up.

      2. OK, she didn’t slip up. She sided with the Speaker and then changed her mind. I am sure the Tea Party leaders had something to do with that.

        1. You know this, you know that, you know… NUFFIN, tweety bird. If you are representative of the cadre of pro-Palin support; Bachmann’s got nary a worry….

          1. Palin is the one that I really want as our next POTUS but I don’t feel the need to disrespect MB just because I prefer Palin. Everybody has their role to play. Let Michelle speak out about important issues.

    1. Better yet, just prove to me where she slipped up. Prove to me where she said she didn’t want Boehner to fight. Prove to me where she said we should ‘move on’.

      Go ahead, I’ll be waiting.

    2. I can’t understand what you are saying. I understand that Bachmann said the agreement was too small, that we should make the argument a big ball: spending cuts and riders, e.g. no abortion spending, no Obama care spending, etc. Where am I wrong? I am teachable.

  26. The Fog of News. Thanks, RS, for the clarification.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how the lawyers…I mean…GOP Reps handle the debt ceiling fight. BTW, Ed Morrissey thinks it was a win for the GOP and a big loss for Reid who could have avoided this beef if they had just passed a budget like they were supposed to in the first place.

    1. You’re right about the Debt Ceiling fight.

      That’s the big one.
      Or at least it…should be.

  27. Thanks for that Scoop, pretty much summed up my entire argument right there. I too disagree with Allahpundit’s take on her RedState post. I’m sure Allah reads this site. I’d like to see im comment on why it is he took her post to mean the Republicans should cut a deal, because I don’t see it.

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