Michelle Malkin debates Juan ‘Hack’ Williams on whether or not Eric Holder lied

Michelle Malkin and Juan Williams went head to head tonight on Hannity, except that Juan is so bent out of shape due to how much he is twisting himself to find no fault with Holder that Malkin says she just can’t get angry at him anymore. Its more like pity at this point she tells him.


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80 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin debates Juan ‘Hack’ Williams on whether or not Eric Holder lied

  1. Juan has turned into Combes on sedatives….or would that be vice versa.  In any case, he is out of his league.  He needs to go back to NPR.  Think they will take him as a consultant????  Hmmmm?

  2. Is the race card this important to Juan? Please.  If this were any R AG, Williams would be all over this.

  3. Can’t listen to it.
    Juan has pooped all over himself and he can’t even smell it.
    He’s a disgrace.

    1. The Sentinel   At the most it’s a criminal mindset to lie and subvert and deflect.  At the least it’s a spiritual phenomenon of good versus evil where evil presently has the upper hand.

    2. Same here….watched Hannity last night….Michelle is too much for Juan, especially after his take-downs from Brit Hume and Bill O’Reilly.

    3. The Sentinel  Actually, you should.  It’s kind of “sad” to watch him twist in the wind.  That’s what happens when you are an appartchik for the cause.

  4. American   left: people, who had read writings of Lenin, Mao, Marx.
    American Right: people, who understand writings of Lenin, Mao, Marx.
    Williams is a mental prostitute.

  5. I was one of the people defending Juan back when he was fired by NPR unjustly. I was happy Fox News gave him a job and every conservative defended him. But honestly, ever since he joined Fox he has been unreasonable. It’s one thing to be a liberal commentator and always give your side the benefit of the doubt, its a whole other thing if you become a shrill of the Obama Administration which Juan became. 
    Compare Juan with Kristen Powers or Bob Beckel who at least use their common sense.

    1. jcrichichi I defended Juan during that debacle of being fired from NPR for not being liberal enough.  I guess the fact that liberalism is a progressive mental disorder is still true. It only becomes more severe with the passage of time.  If you look around there is proof at every turn.  Bloomberg, the lunatic mayor of New York City, begun his term with signs of mental illness and is now undoubtedly one step from being a babbling fool.  Reid, Pelosi, Biden, the list goes on and on as the disease progresses.  The possibilty of Antony Weiner being mayor of New York City removes all doubt of that truth.

  6. Unfortunately, Juan is just parroting the talking points of the bulk of the mainstream media. Until the three networks actually think there is something wrong with this (since still roughly 20 million people get their news from the networks), not much is going to happen. Outlets like FOX News, talk radio, and maybe even CNN may keep the story alive, but until there is direct proof that Holder went out of his way to target people like Rosen, then I don’t think a villain like Holder is going anywhere. Which just shows you how corrupt the mainstream media really is.

  7. I especially like the fact that it was Eric Holder, then Deputy-Dog Attorney General who engineered the Marc Rich pardon, you know, the one Clinton meted out from the goodness of his heart on his very last day in orifice.
    I do have an idea that could bring further “success” to Holder, if he survives the upcoming head-on collision:
    Write a tell-all book about “the most transparent administration evah(!)”. He could include a heavy duty, highly-concentrated bottle of Windex with each copy.
    Uh huh, cha-ching!

  8. Juan is a hack plain and simple. His argument doesn’t hold up at all and its obvious. He should be happy that he is only debating Malkin. If it were Krauthammer or someone like him he would’ve been crushed in this conversation.

    1. ryanomaniac correct. Like talking to the left about climate:
      “it is so cold this spring!”….”you know, it is global warming”…”so, what would be a sign of global cooling? “hm, you know, it would be the same…”. 
      Verbal, but no logic.  
      Nonsense upon nonsense.  And another idiotic lie.

    2. ryanomaniac Actually he’s crushedby Michelle every time.  He would be crushed as well by CK. But Juan Williams is one of two things…either a useful idiot, or complicit in his position as media hack to shield the Ozero regime.  If he’s complicit (which I think he is) he’s a few pieces of evidence short of being exposed.  
      If he’s a useful idiot, then he proves the rule that liberals can be presented with bonafide evidence that they are wrong, yet they will still peddle their fantasy as fact.  Yuri Bezmenov lays this truth out quite well in his interviews and lectures.  He says you can show them the gulags in the former Soviet Union yet they will simply ignore it.

      It’s worth the hour plus to listen to Yuri Bezmenov regarding liberal self-delusion being useful to Soviet subversion in America.  To update it… liberal self-delusion and criminal complicity is useful for Islamic subversion as practiced by the Obama criminals in the White House.


  9. Holder signed a document that says X.  He testified to not X.  You don’t get caught any more red-handed than that.

    1. CalCoolidge You are right on.  However, we are talking about people who question of the defintion of “is.”  They are a master of twisting and convoluting words and meanings for the Leftist causes.

  10. Juan is weak…….  Clearly he’s obama’s excuse-maker at Fox News and he’s not going to EVER change no matter the circumstances or the facts.

  11. If we has members of Congress with half the guts Michelle Malkin has, we might actually get somewhere. 🙁

    1. tinlizzieowner 
      I agree.  And not even that each of them had half her guts.  If half her guts were equally distributed over all 250 of them.
      I have been saying for a long time, the only ones with balls in the Republican Party are Palin, Bachmann, and even though she isn’t in the party, Malkin.   And then, there was Ted Cruz.

    2. tinlizzieowner Well Michelle Bachmann could only take the heat for a few years.  She is now retiring but really dropped out for the most part after four years of pounding on her.
      The pressure is unbelievable.

  12. I think those that are attempting to defend Holder should be ashamed. Holder has been stone walling and using his power and Obama’s power to lie and hide the facts. I believe Holder was involved in the Oklahoma bombing he supplied the bomber with the materials he needed and then claimed to lose track of them. Doesn’t that sound all to familiar? Same thing in the Fast and Furious gun running scam. He gives them the Guns and then claims to of lost track. It’s more than apparent to me that Holder is a liar and all around bad guy. I believe Holder has been harassing and abusing his power for a very long time. He just got caught. Holder and Obama are like opposite sides to an A-frame house of cards. one goes it wont belong before the other falls..

  13. Juan looks drugged. Hannity’s hair looks dumb. Why I don’t watch FOX or have a cable subscription.

    1. fireme  Or any grey matter upstairs. Ya’ gotta watch out for those upstairs maids “fireme”. They’ve been known to steal stuff. In your case, the theft was  minor loss.
      Ok, you’re fired.

  14. First & foremost, Juan is a racist and will always back his bros – no matter how dispacable they are.

    1. freeperjim  It certainly looks that way don’t it.  Identity politics all they way… truth and principles… notsomuch.

    2. freeperjim  It certainly looks that way don’t it.  Identity politics all they way… truth and principles… notsomuch.

    3. freeperjim You would think Juan learned something when he was a victim of the very group think he is employing here.

  15. Bucket carrier, yes man, hack.  Even Bob Beckel can’t defend all this stuff and he doesn’t even try.  Even Beckel thinks Holder should resign.  I don’t mind you having a left wing view, but at least be intellectually honest.  Oh, I forgot.  Most liberals don’t have a clue what that means.

    1. kong1967  Left wing.  And intellectually honest.  How is it even possible that you were able to put the two together in the same sentence.  I just couldn’t do it.  My computer automatically made two complete and separate statements out of the construct.  You have a special gift there kong, either that or a state-of-the-art advanced computing system.

  16. I think they keep Juan around just for the laughs. How boring would it be if there wasn’t a stooge of his calibre around to remind you that “you ain;t no democrap”. As for Juan’s blinders, “Dem black folk show do stick up for da brudders”. Yes, they do seem to stick up for their race & that’s OK except when will they realize this isn’t a “black & white” issue and it involves this country,our country & affects ALL people,black & white.

    1. mcgurn  They need to demote Juan to just an everyday pundit, because that’s all he is.  It really annoys me that he is a “political analyst”.  That’s laughable on it’s face.

  17. Roger ailes is a great CEO, but why the hell is this hack Williams still employed at Fox, yes its funny to hear him make a fool of himself, but after a while it becomes annoying.

  18. I’m disappointed that Michelle didn’t try to counter Juan’s argument. She was too busy recounting Holder’s past misdeeds to even talk about the current scandal. Holder said he had never been involved in the “potential prosecution” of a journalist. Juan claimed Holder was telling the truth because there was no “prosecution.” But he ignored the word “potential,” which makes a huge difference. Holder signed the affidavit that the search warrant was based on. Either Holder was considering the potential prosecution of Rosen when he named him a co-conspirator, or he lied to the judge to get the warrant. Either way, Holder lied.

    1. PapaLouie She had to recount all of Holder’s misdeeds because it’s the only time the LIVs who might tune into Hannity will get the full scale of the DOJ corruption.  It would be nice if Hannity did a special on the corruption of the DOJ featuring Malkin that way she could be free to counter Lyin’ Juan’s nonsense.

  19. “The stench from the top of of the heap of the White House and the justice department….. should qualify it for a Super fund clean up site, and the fact that you cannot smell it Juan indicates you need an Olfactory Specialist” Sounds like she has been hanging with Dennis Miller!  Sounds just like his type of comedy.

      1. AmericanborninCanada BS61 And now that your eyes are open and not a Dem, you should take the “BS” out of your moniker.

  20. Michelle more than holds her own with Hole in Juan, but I wish she would have said what all of us know, and that is the fact that Williams supports Obama for the same reason that 95% of the black people in America support him and that’s because of the color of his skin. If it was Alberto Gonzales they were debating, Hole in Juan would have had him before the firing squad yesterday…

  21. I cancelled my cable subscription so I would not be supporting the lies that come from Juan Wiiliams, among others. I have no intention of listening to anything he has to say. And as much as I admire Michele Malkin, I have not the slightest inclination of watching her and Juan go head to head.
    I won’t be lied to — and pay to hear the lies.

  22. Always entertaining to see Michelle go after Juan Williams.  It is not an equal match, I know.  But even us dull Conservatives deserve a little entertainment on occasion, don’t you think?
    Watch her eyes.  Watch her mouth.  No one does what she does with expressions.  But  that’s just the visual stuff.  When she actually starts talking, there isn’t a Liberal alive who wants to hear what she has to say, least of all, Juan Williams.
    Juan Williams.  I’m sorry, but I have to ask you this question.  If we were to have an Idiot contest here  this evening, who do you think would win?  Take Obama out of the competition.  That’s a no-brainer.  I’m talking about the ones that are left.
    There are so many candidates, its really hard to choose.  Holder?  Holder is appealing on many levels.  He has earned his fame.  He has lied to Congress.  He has used his office to run illegal operations that have resulted in a lot of people killed.  He still refuses to admit he has done anything wrong.  You have to admit, for a  person of such low intelligence, Erich Holder has come a long way.  
     Lerner? Yeah, I guess.   If the contest was strictly about lying, then she would win hands down.  She pretty much has lying, down pat.
    But they all lie.  It is the signature of this corrupt Obama administration.  How can you really believe anything they say? The answer to that is simple.  You can’t.
    In the end, there is no single idiot.  Because they are all complicit in the destruction of this nation.

  23. Why in God’s name would you EVER debate a matter involving TRUTH vs LYING with a liberal?? 
    Liberals are liars by mature and are unfamiliar with the concept of truth!

    1. Seems like there’s a scripture that says something like that about their father the Devil in the Bible…very fitting words to be sure…

      1. doofuschmartz 
        I’m not too ‘schmarz’ when it comes to scripture but Paul Harvey pretty much nailed it back in the 60’s. ;-)http://stg.do/9LDc

      2. doofuschmartz Yes, I quoted that in reference to liberals last week. You’re are absolutely right, there is no better description of liberalism:
        “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” — Jesus Christ, John 8:44

    2. stage9 Good point.  However, if one has to weigh in, you should not take the lib at face value.  Argue that everyone, even Williams, knows: 1) that Holder is lying and 2) that everyone knows is means is.

  24. Williams is a shameless hack fraud. He’s been doing damage control for this administration all the while pushing himself off as some kind of centrist.  I’m glad when he was going through getting fired from NPR that I was not one of those on the right defending him.  Let this and other examples of his partisan hackery be a lesson to conservatives who did defend him then.

  25. when ever a liberal says  “LET ME BE CLEAR” you can bet your bottom dollar the spew that comes out of their mouth is anything but clear

    1. davienne That’s Team Obama’s favorite phrase. Every time someone tells me, “Let me be clear,” I interrupt and ask, “Who’s stopping you?”

  26. “I don’t like your facts. It’s conspiracy theory. Also, you’re a racist.” ~ Every Progressive

    1. Judges718 
      You have no idea.  My wife is Asian.  They have zero tolerance for stupidity.

      1. drphibes toongoon  
        Oh thanks a lot man! You had to go and ruin a perfectly good fantasy. I’m not going to get any sleep tonight now.

  27. Everyone thought they had Holder and Obama dead to rights with the fast and furious debacle and then Obama pulled out his executive priveledges.  I am sure they are working very hoard to find another get out of jail free card for this one.  The big question is if the Republicans plan on rolling over on this one as well.

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