Michelle Malkin: Egyptian Islamists are playing America’s leaders for fools

Michelle Malkin says that you can’t even give Obama and his administration the benefit of the doubt of ignorance on the Muslim Brotherhood and the danger they pose to the whole world. She says “of course they see” the danger these radical Islamists pose and they are allowing themselves to be played for fools by them.

When asked why the State Department is defending Morsi by saying he isn’t a dictator and why the United States is backing the wrong side, a question being asked in Tahrir Square by pro-democracy demonstrators, Malkin says it’s Dhimmitude:

Dhimmitude on the part of the State Dept, and it’s a virus that’s infected our State Dept. officials for years now whether it’s a Democrat administration or a Republican administration unfortunately. Foggy Bottom is called Foggy Bottom for a reason and it’s the fog of moral equivalence with which they’ve dealt with these barbaric Islamic Jihadists.

There’s a lot more. Watch below:

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47 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin: Egyptian Islamists are playing America’s leaders for fools

  1. It began with the Clinton Administration and is continuing under Obama. Coincidentally, Susan Rice was involved during the Clinton years also. Mrs. Clinton is also perpetuating the problem. I predict that the GOP will take over as the Senate Majority in 2014. Obama will be successfully impeached for both crimes and incompetence.

  2. Michelle Malkin: “Egyptian Islamists are playing America’s leaders for fools.”

    Here is a news flash Michelle. American leaders are fools. If this country doesn’t support Israel we are in doomed as a nation.

  3. Are they being played for fools or are the Dems intentionally allowing this to go in a direction they want but deceive us about? You can’t tell me that Obama didn’t know that uprooting Mubarak would lead to the country being taken over by radical muslims…..AKA the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Obama said that the United States has too much power and the musims don’t have enough. It’s self explanatory. Obama is intentionally clearing the way for Radical muslims to get into power.

  4. I watched that last night and my spine chilled. She is exactly right.
    Obama is leading us down the path to servitude.

  5. If anyone is being played the fool, it is the American sheepeople that allow this Administration to pull the wool over their eyes.

    The American Leaders know exactly what is going on in Egypt and are being complicit.

  6. Excellent points Michelle! Thanks Scoop!

    Every single day, it becomes more and more clear that Obama is at best, a Muslim sympathizer. However, leaving God out of prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance, his ring, his complete diregard for the U.S. Constitution, who he allows in the WH (known terrorists), the snubs to Bibi and Israel, letting Muslim criminals out of Guantamo, his upbringing, his funding of known terrorist states, his Justice Dept.’s treatment of terrorists (Ft. Hood, TX), bowing to the Saudi’s, the handling of Benghazi and his regime’s support of Gaza and so on and so on… all of these things prove that there’s more than what meets the eye going on in his heart and plans. Something much darker.

    There is little doubt that Obama hates America and loves Islam. And the freaking ignorant moochers and imbeciles of America voted this obvious criminal back into office. Forget the fiscal cliff, America has long gone over the moral cliff.

  7. The NObama regime aren’t just fools… They are willing dupes! Useful idiots! Giving aid and comfort to our enemies and trashing our alliances with REAL friendly National Leaders.

  8. What is it with the State Department? Rather it’s Hitlery, Albright, Powell, Condi, anti-Semite James Baker, deceptive Alexander Haig, or globalist Henry Kissinger they don’t understand our interests.

  9. We put a radical islamist in the Oval Office, why is anyone surprised that Obama sides with the radical islamist Morsi?

    The fools are those who believe Obama when he says he is a Christian. Obama is complicit, as Morsi is Obama’s puppet, and Obama is muhammad’s puppet.

  10. US and UN leadership are purposely ignoring the systematic slaughter of Christians and all who oppose ruthless, barbaric, human-rights violating Islamic aggressors all over the world because this Islamofascist administration and UN leadership are in cahoots with them.

    There, that’s even better.

    1. You nailed it not once but twice Conniption Fitz. Hopefully soon something constructive can be built out of the growing heap of ashes that are our present America Cultural Decay.

  11. WRONG.

    America’s leaders are playing along with Egypt and the rest of the Islamist aggressors and playing all the naive, trusting US electorate for fools.

    There, that fixed it.

  12. Hannity was the guy who exposed us to Reverend Wright, and the great Jerome Corsi 5 years ago, now he acts perpetually surprised by the communist in the White House’s actions? Hannity is too superficial, he hurts the Republican brand more than he helps it…

  13. They have eyes, but they do not see.
    They have ears, but they do not hear.

    …They can only read the teleprompter, which tells the truth as promulgated by the regime of the obamessiah

  14. Someone on here recently encouraged me to read a book called The Harbinger and post my thoughts. This segment with Hannity and Malkin shows a connection w what is in the book. America has been getting warning signs for many years that if we do not make God part of our lives and our communities, God will and at times has, removed his wall of protection for this country. Think 9/11/2001.

    In 2008 I was completely perplexed why God would let someone like obama win election to lead this country. After studying on it for a while I realized that God was attempting to give us warning signs to turn back to Him and his teachings. I have posted it many times since obama’s first term.

    We had 9/11 which brought a brief period of people turning back to God before they went back to putting Him on the back burner. Then we had the financial collapse and still have not recovered. Why? God is trying to tell us something but leaders are not listening and quite frankly, many Christians are not either.

    My interpretation in regards to this book is that we reap what we sow. Our government, financial systems and many businesses has been more corrupt with every passing day. This corrupt behavior has brought evil to our doorstep. It has opened the door to Satan. While we cannot always avoid difficult situations, putting our faith in God and trusting Him does help us get through it. Asking for God’s help, His protection, His guidance through prayer and a sincere heart versus thinking we will do it on our own is like night and day. It’s arrogance vs humility. It’s about power and greed vs generosity and compassion. Sadly, America is a long way from that right now.

    1. I have read the book “The Harbinger” and thought it was excellent. And accurate.

      I heard a sermon recently on TBN that stated that G-d allowed obama to get back into office as obama will be the catalyst in America falling.

      If America were still faithful to G-d and under G-d’s blessing the events that are unfolding so quickly would not be able to happen. See Revelation and signs of End Times.

      Even though we are in for some horrible times ahead, we know that, when it’s all over, the G-d of the bible, will prevail. I agree with you, W, we must turn to G-d and trust in HIM with all of our might.

      For starters:
      See Irvin Baxter on You tube and look up the Real ID ( making the way for 666) and his other programs.

      See John Hagee ( America and Israel)

      1. I agree. The Bible says that at some point God will turn his face from the rest of the world and focus His attention once again on the apple of His eye, Israel. I sincerely believe that this is what we’re seeing happen right now.

        The prophetic future of Israel will never occur so long as the US still stands over her shoulder demanding she comply with the will of her enemies.

        I know folks may not want to hear this, I love my country too, but the world does not exist for the glory of America, the world exists for the glory of God, and He will have His way no matter what. We can either get on board with His plan or fall with the rest of the secular world. One way or another Israel will prevail. Great travail will precede her victory, but she will prevail. God has declared it.

        1. Thank you for your comments,state9.
          You might find this interesting, s.

          End Times Research Ministry

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          Prophecy Sign: Zechariah 12:2-3 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be […]

          End Times Research Ministry

          2. Thief In The Night Study – 2012-11-29 11:41:24-05
          Frank has written a 10 page study called “The Thief in the Night”. This quick read is a powerful discourse on the coming rapture of the church. Many have opened their heart to Jesus Christ from reading this quick read alone! Currently it has been translated into 10 languages for our readers that they may […]

    2. NAILED IT!

      There is only ONE CIVILIZATION in the history of the world that has ever repented in the face of impending judgment and that was the Ninevites. God was about to wipe them out for their evil, but He sent the Prophet Jonah to warn them. They heeded the warning and repented and God stayed His judgment.

      National Repentance, along THESE LINES ( http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/ugandan-president-repents-of-personal-national-sins/ ) is the only way to stave off what’s coming to America.

  15. Michelle is spot on, but as far as ‘Foggy Bottom’ is concerned, she’s only ‘a blogger’, and a female one at that, so what does she know …

  16. Love Michelle.

    She is what? 90 lbs? Yet, she hits the corrupt Obama regime like a blitzing NFL linebacker.

  17. Amen Michelle. They don’t have to fool any of our politicians, most of them are well aware of what’s going on in the middle east and are more than happy to ignore it. Luckily we do have guys like Louie Gohmert in there putting up a good fight and bringing this to light. Doesn’t help that the Muslim Brotherhood is deep, deep in all branches of government.

  18. She is absolutely positively correct but it isn’t just the Egyptian leaders that are doing this. The ME has been doing this since Mohammed and Ishmael.

  19. This is the government Obama and Clinton wanted in Egypt and now they have it. I hope they choke on it. This is what you get when you have a bunch of children making foreign policy decisions for the United States. Egypt is now firmly under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and the only hope there is will be if the Army stands up to them. I don’t really think they will, but you never know. It all comes down to money. If the Army doesn’t think it’s getting the funds it wants, especially for its generals, they will replace Morsi. So if Morsi wants to stay in power, he had better make sure the Army is well paid for keeping him in power. Of course, Obama and Clinton would never admit that but, hey, these are the same people who allowed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to take over in Egypt in the first place!

    1. The US pays the Egyptian Army and have for a long time now. That’s why the Egyptian Army sat on the sidelines gaving in to Islamic Jihadi Morsi’s takeover of power in Egypt…its what the Obuma Admin. wanted.

  20. Hamas, Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood – Israel is doomed.

    Only solution – turn Iran into glass and the triple threat on Israel’s doorstep disappears.

    It’s now or never…….

    1. Israel is not doomed!

      The Bible tells us that an army of 200 million soldiers comprised of it’s neighbors will come against Israel, and GOD will be Israel’s “Iron Dome” defence.

  21. The left isn’t opposing Morsi because they support what he is doing. It was never about freeing Egypt from a dictator. It was about installing a dictator more to their liking. The left loves dictators.

    1. Complicity yes…fools only to the extent of their involvement in a means to an end that guarantees disaster for all.

    2. Aww, dang, I just said the exact same thing before reading any comments. I should go remove mine since I’m not as funny as I thought I was a second ago.

  22. Thanks RS. Michelle is doing great work as always exposing the stunning betrayal of American security and values by the White House, The State Department and apparently the Military top brass. Yes the new media must be relentless in bring this all to light.

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