Michelle Malkin: Egyptian Islamists are playing America’s leaders for fools

Michelle Malkin says that you can’t even give Obama and his administration the benefit of the doubt of ignorance on the Muslim Brotherhood and the danger they pose to the whole world. She says “of course they see” the danger these radical Islamists pose and they are allowing themselves to be played for fools by them.

When asked why the State Department is defending Morsi by saying he isn’t a dictator and why the United States is backing the wrong side, a question being asked in Tahrir Square by pro-democracy demonstrators, Malkin says it’s Dhimmitude:

Dhimmitude on the part of the State Dept, and it’s a virus that’s infected our State Dept. officials for years now whether it’s a Democrat administration or a Republican administration unfortunately. Foggy Bottom is called Foggy Bottom for a reason and it’s the fog of moral equivalence with which they’ve dealt with these barbaric Islamic Jihadists.

There’s a lot more. Watch below:

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