Michelle Malkin hammers Cuomo for wanting to confiscate guns and the Left’s hypocrisy on gun control

While thanking Cuomo for at least being honest, Malkin points out that what Cuomo wants to do in confiscating guns is exactly what many 2nd amendment-supporting Americans have feared and thus have been belittled for by the élite leftist press. She also points to the hypocrisy of what she calls the “concealed weapon for me but not for thee” crowd, like Diane Feinstein and Harry Reid who have both had concealed firearms for protection at some point in their lives.

But more than anything she blasts these cynical attempts at gun control as doing nothing to solve the problem they are purported to solve, pointing out that this is more an agenda of gun control than of protecting our children in schools.

She also slams Sam Donaldson for his condescending comments aimed at the Tea Party this past weekend, saying that he’s probably been ‘hitting the sauce too much’.


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53 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin hammers Cuomo for wanting to confiscate guns and the Left’s hypocrisy on gun control

  1. Does Cuomo or the NY Times have any common sense advice ? Obviously not. Parents do not want ‘problem children’ playing with weapons any more than they want babies getting into bleach or running with a fork. Furthermore, the same was true 200 years ago. Technology creates these problems for humans to navigate, Some people can chitchat on the phone and drive and they have no problem. Others find that a tree leaped out and attacked their car while they were blabbering on their cell fone.
    American parents had already solved this with regard to guns – some kids should go learn to play an instrument, or play football or whatever, rather than play with guns, or violent video games for that matter. If they did not, there would be no peace at all. And MOST of this country is so peaceful it is almost boring. Mothers all say “you will poke your eye out”. The problem is that there are lots of nitwits who fall thru the cracks and do not hear the useful rules of thumb. Such as in gangs. My dream is that Cuomo will put his attention on dealing with those dudes. You see – as long as the latest outrage is from some suburban school, he thinks this is just a bunch of milktoast, but dealing with Bloods and Crips would be another story.
    The number of people in gangs is a barometer of the extent we fail to assimilate people into the culture, which means those common sense rules of thumb go missing. Why doesn’t Cuomo address that problem.
    But does Cuomo read english ? What part of “shall not be infringed” does he have a problem with ? Maybe he does not understand that the Bill of Rights is considered a tripwire that detects tyrants. I automatically assume that encroachment is a hostile act. Only the naive assume otherwise.

  2. When Andrew Cuomo was thinking about running for governor, one or two of his ideas seemed good, but now he is showing his true colors inherited from his Daddy. And, NY City is still a sanctuary city. When in the name of God will this world straighten out?

  3. Several reasons for commenting here this evening. For one, our business is entering its busiest season here in Arizona, so I have less time at the computer. I read everything all of you write, but commenting takes longer, as all of you know. I can barely keep up, but still, I try not to miss anything.

    Another reason for commenting, involves Scoop. When I wake up the Mac each evening, I see more and more people, whose names are new to me. Clockwindingdown, PatrickHenrysBody, Donna Blickenstoff. The family is growing, and these new people make a great contribution, sometimes a different perspective that was missing.

    Michelle Malkin? Well, what can I say? An incredibly intelligent woman, who also happens to be absolutely gorgeous. My wife is Chinese/Indonesian. So now you know my weakness for all these beautiful Asian girls. But this one comes with an attitude. This one speaks the truth. She is one of the best spokespersons for the Conservative Cause out there.

    This is something that has bothered me for some time. The Liberals own the media. That is a given. We lost that one a long time ago. The Liberals own our educational system, from kindergarten all the way up to graduate school. We lost that one a long time ago, too.

    The only things we own anymore, are talk radio, and the visuals and stories provided by Glenn Beck, and Hannity, and Rush, and Michelle Malkin.

    I have often wondered why these great people only exist in talk radio and other conservative media, but not in the political arena, itself? We need these types in Washington, not on the radio.

    Half this country follows Rush. If he ran for office, it would be a landslide. Michelle Malkin would easily be elected. Same for Sean Hannity. Are we going about this all wrong?

    The very people among us who could blister the backsides of the Liberal idiots, are not even in the game.

    1. I think Rush was asked why he didn’t want to run for President or become President and he said he didn’t want to take a pay cut. LOL. He serves the country much better where he’s at right now. I believe he has known that for quite some time now.

  4. Let them come. Egypt’s government learned, Syria’s government is currently learning. Let them come and learn the lesson my forefathers taught oppressors. Let them come while doubting our sincerity. Let them try to take a right that they can not.

  5. I say, since politicians are basically in it for the cronyism, they should pay for their seats in Washington if they want to keep their right to even run? But, of course, as Americans, we really would prefer real citizen-statesmen that would be true to our constitutional Republic’s ‘original intent’.

  6. About the jerks at the Journal News: I’ve been in Rockland since
    1950. After I heard that their list of gun permits included about
    8000 cops, I remembered a retired cop who lived next door when
    I was a kid. He and his wife invited me over to watch Victory at
    Sea, since they had a TV. We also went fishing for yellow perch in
    Rockland lake, before the polio scare.
    How the clowns at the Journal News can insinuate that such
    decent people have any sort of connection with anything doing
    with Adam Lanza is so over the top, and so wrong, that I must
    say something against this smear. A newspaper deals with cops
    every day, and you would figure there is some communication,
    rather than a total disconnect. Are they insinuating there is moral
    equivalence with Lanza ? Did these clowns grow up in this country
    ? I find it really hard to buy the notion that this is some little
    slip-up. And they are not just thoughtlessly slandering retired
    cops . Such a disconnect really needs explaining, and I am not
    hearing anything remotely like an explanation. Something smells
    fishy. They are not that naive.

  7. I live in NY, and have witnessed the seemingly never-ending diminishment of many of the rights that others take for granted.

    In a 70/30 D to C ratio my vote counts for nothing. We are taxed exorbitantly, overcharged for every item and service you can name. We are regulated out of every activity that would be considered a norm in most of the country. I am sitting on natural gas that they will not allow me to drill. Overtaxed and overcharged for the gas I must purchase. The list goes on and on.

    The large liberal-saturated urban areas that leech everything they need from the rural areas with no regard for the concerns of those that keep them watered/fed and generally living high on the hog, are running the state.

    Taxpayers/producers/farmers and small-businesses are jumping like rats off a sinking ship……and as soon as my wife retires we want to jump too.

  8. With the bill that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has said she’s going to introduce on January 3, it’s time for all patriots to start calling, writing and emailing their congress-critters. I don’t believe the bill has a snowball’s chance, but we have to let them know we are SERIOUS! Here’s the letter I wrote to my elected reps:
    Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has stated that on January 3, 2013 she will introduce a new federal “assault weapon” and “large” ammunition magazine ban.

    This ban should be opposed, if for no other reason than it is a ridiculously egregious violation of the 2nd Amendment.

    The list of guns and magazines she is proposing to ban is totally ludicrous. Virtually every weapon known to man other than a .22 rifle will be banned.

    This bill, if passed, will accomplish nothing other than preventing law-abiding Americans from defending themselves. The ‘bad guys’ will still have guns and will still kill people.

    As you are aware, the intent of the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting, but rather the ability of the citizenry to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.

    It states, “…being necessary to the security of a free State”. There’s nothing there about hunting or providing food for your family or any other contrived idea such as those that have been put forth by the anti-gun lobby. It is obvious that the intent of our Founding Fathers was to give Americans the wherewithal to defend themselves against a government gone bad – kind of like the current administration.

    I strongly urge you to oppose this legislation and furthermore to rally support among your colleagues for this purpose. Americans don’t need more restrictive guns laws, we need our elected representatives to FINALLY stand up for the Constitution.

    1. Great letter. The problem is the left sticks to the meme that the 2nd Amendment was put into place for hunting purposes. You will get the occasional nod to self defense. None of them recognize the fact that the true purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to ‘refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants’*, or in other words to take down a tyrannical government.

      *paraphrased from Thomas Jefferson

      It seems you and I see much of the same things.

      1. You’re right, and the reason he stated it “patriots and tyrants” rather than the other way around is because patriots will not fire the first shot. That is a last resort.

    2. for a year i was sending emails to congress critters, and it seems they get lost in some bitbucket. Better luck with letters to editors and blog posts. At least somebody reads them.

      1. I usually get the typical form letter followed up by a personal letter from everyone except Tammy Baldwin. She doesn’t respond to me any more. I’ve been such a pain in her arse that I think she’s finally written me off as some kind of radical right-wing veteran or something.

  9. I’ll try to make this story short. Two friends from NYC of a friend of mine that visited them on St Patty’s Day each year decided to come down to Gulf Coast LA on Thanksgiving one year. Thanksgiving in LA is Deer Season; most everyone has a rifle in their truck rear windows. We met at a local bar and a pleasent day the bar door was open. One of the NY’ers posed the question to me: Aren’t you scared with all these guns (he called the rifles guns) in these people’s vehicles? My reply was: no, what would be really scary for me would be if all these people were not alowed to have their rifles in their truck windows. I got a confused blank stare and conversation end. North Easterners, for whatever reason, just don’t get it.

    1. there are lots of jerks up here in the NorthEast but you could check out some sections of Vermont – the rest has been infested by liberal idiots.

  10. Cuomo’s comments just feeds into the fears most Americans have (especially those living outside of major cities) that the goal of the people in Washington is to disarm the American public. Ironically, that’s exactly what the Second Amendment was trying to protect against, an over-reaching all-powerful central government trying to impose its tyranny on the public by disarming them so that they can’t do anything about it. We may be rapidly approaching that point and the major question will be, if it does happen, how will the American public react to that? If we willingly give up our rights under the Second Amendment, or if we give up any rights listed by the Constitution, then we really will become that European-style social-welfare state that Obama wants us to be, with no rights, no hope, and no money. I don’t know if Americans will submit to this final abdication of rights, but I certainly hope they do not.

  11. I really like Michelle Malkin…she’s not afraid to say what she believes.
    As for confiscation of weapons in America, I wouldn’t want to be the one who tries that in places like Appalachia or the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas. If they’re going to try it they better bring well-armed Marines with them.

  12. What part of “shall not be infinged” do these leftists not understand?
    One of the chief guarantees of freedom under any government, no matter how popular and respected, is the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms…. the right of citizens to bear arms is just one more safeguard against a tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be possible. Vice President Hubert Humphrey

    If Diane Feinstein wants to change the Second Amendment to the Constitution she will need a two-thirds majority of each house of Congress followed by ratification of three-forths of the states. Lots of luck, leftist Diane!

    1. If the 2nd amendment is to be changed then I humbly suggest the wording be altered to read: It is the responsibility of every citizens to keep and bear arms.

      Further I humbly suggest wording to be added making the point that: Any attempts to alter, negate, circumvent, undermined, or undue, the 2nd amendment is treason, and shall under law, call for immediate arrest and trial for high treason. The trial shall take place in public, for all citizens to witness, and for those accused to be publicly and duly noted by the citizenry.

  13. Well, the Tea Party is dead and every thing that it stood for is gone. Hmm. Guess I’ve got the summer open after all. Nothing to see here folks. Somebody better tell that to the crowd that is going to show up come inauguration day in mid January.

    Oh, yeah. I forgot. That doesn’t matter either. The inauguration is going to be secret, on private prayer rugs, facing East.

  14. Don’t let a good crisis go to waste. People like Cuomo ignore the Constitution on a regular basis, person in point…Zero. Something smells sickeningly fishy in ole Denmark. It is such a huge coincidence that all these shootings have occurred and are being publicized, especially before Zero’s inauguration to a second term. All of these virtual “unknowns” suddenly snapping and coming out of the woodwork, killing a number people, even innocent children. Again, this happened right before Zero’s election and inauguration to a second term. All meant to get an emotional anti-gun response from people who would normally be pro-Second Amendment. If there is another gun-related incident equal to or worse than Sandy Hook that “suddenly” erupts within the next couple of months, that would be the equivalent to the “perfect storm”…the final nail in the gun control coffin. They wouldn’t be talking about just controlling guns then, but outright confiscating guns and trashing the Second Amendment altogether. Gun control or outright abolition has been in the works for decades. During Clinton’s presidency, the so-called “assault weapons” ban was just a foretaste of what leftists wanted to do to the American citizenry. Now they have the perfect opportunity to effect their downright authoritarian policies. They are emboldened, especially after the re-election of Zero. These gun-grabbing politicians are either super cocky or know that they will be able to get away with what they’re doing…or both.

    1. “If there is another gun-related incident “. I rather would say, “When” not “If”.

      At a certain point one has to ponder, is this by chance or by plan, these things that have happened. If planned then surely more will soon follow, an attempt to solidify the plan…

      If this happens then they are the guilty, and they are the ones we must focus blame. At that time we must shout the truth and uncover the lies. We must be the loudest voices. We must not give them voice, rather we must shout them down before their lies can take root.

      1. They would be culpable and they would be showing how purely evil they are. To purposely set in motion events to bring about their brand of change is more than evil, it’s diabolical. I wouldn’t put it past a great number of them. I just wonder how many they have to do their bidding because they will have to “change” the country by force or dare I say, at the point of a gun. That’s the only way totalitarian regimes gain and retain power. I hope I’m wrong in my thinking. I would like to believe that people are above such treachery, but looking at the present state of affairs, I am beginning to doubt the intentions of all in public office, especially Zero and his administration. To grab as much power and control as they have in the past almost four years is beyond alarming, it’s downright scary.

        1. Absolutely, for nay sayers just look at Ocare. Still unpopular by the masses and yet being forced upon us. This is what our founding fathers warned us about. This is the type of things they had seen their fellow man do. Human nature has not changed, there is always people that think they no more and better then others and there only purpose for being is to control others. Ocare isn’t about health care for those that don’t have it, rather it is about control!

          1. Agreed! Isn’t there a gun registration section in the bill or something like that? What the he|| does that have to do with receiving health care? I guess it needed to get passed before we knew about all of the good things that were in it, eh?

        2. That is what is amazing to me, Patrick. Obama and his followers have changed the political landscape of America. They really have. Washington is now Chicago.

          It is now Politics by hook or by crook. Everything goes. Lie, cheat and steal. Makes me sick.

          1. They have to do it the “Chicago way”. If they did it any other way, Zero would have already been out of office and quite possibly charged with several crimes, some of which are punishable by life terms in prison. The same would go with members of his cabinet and several of his “czars”.

      2. Haven’t you heard about the Libor Scandal and how the Batman shooter and the Ct shooter father’s are scheduled to testify against one of the biggest Banksters money scandal’s? Look at the connection the Batman killer and the Ct shooter’s FATHER’S to testify AGAINST THE BANKSTERS, do you see the connection, also the NSNBC’s executive who’s children was killed by the nanny and then she killed herself? yea right? they aired the scandal on tv and within a few hours his children were dead by the nanny but she slit her throat and died, hummmmm….what about how it was first reported that their were mulitiple shooters at the school and the police said they had 3 in custody with rifles but now the news only reports that their was one? and NO One saw Adam kill them kids, No One alive, they just found him dead… convenient uhhh, the batman shooting they all said someone opened an exit door and let the killer in but they NEVER saw his face that shot them and then they both ran out but then the police found this kid in his car with the gun and the mask and he was soooo messed up the didnt know if he was coming or going and he supposely did this…. I see the links and then I question these connections……

      3. I believe it is by plan. The father of the theater shooter and the father of the CT shooter were both to testify in the LIBOR fraud scandal. The shootings happened and the LIBOR case settled. The father of the CT shooter works for GE in the tax dept (GE paid ZERO fed taxes) and the CEO Jeffrey Immelt is on Barky Boy’s economic council. No coincidence

    2. You are correct, Patrick. Your comment is dead on accurate. Welcome to the Scoop family, of which you are now a part. We’re glad to have you here.

  15. What do you mean by “No longer ‘your’ country”?

    I can tell you this, it’s not because of the Tea Party. It’s because of lily livered, weak knee jerks like Boehener and McConnell. The Tea Party needs to drive these guys out and put in real conservatives.

  16. Andy, can I call you Andy? No, okay!

    So Andy, can you point out to me were law abiding citizens in this shooting did something illegal? Can you explain through no fault of their own why they should be penalized?

    This was a gun free zone. That didn’t prevent the shootings did it?
    The shooter did not own a weapon. That didn’t prevent the shootings did it?
    The school had security doors locked, unlocked by buzzer. That didn’t prevent the shooting did it?
    The Police were called. They didn’t prevent the shootings did they?

    You see Andy, the system you and your crowd push, worked exactly as designed. Its design was to fail and it worked perfectly! Its text book perfect, couldn’t have succeeded better.

    No guns allowed to law abiding citizens on premisses. So law abiding citizens complied and look what happened. The criminal prevailed, and did so with your stamp of approval. So well in fact it might as well have been you doing the shooting. After all this is the system you, and people like you designed.

    This is the outcome you Andy brought about, due to your failed design. At what point will you admit you are responsible for failure and fix it. You do understand that criminals don’t care about laws. Well, of course you do. I’m sure you break laws yourself, don’t you? Just between you and me you do don’t you? Well, then you know better then anybody.

    Andy it is time to admit you wanted this. You have always wanted this. This and tragedies like this, its what you live for. What other conclusion can we come to, as you keep promising through your actions more of the same…

    Good day Andy!

    1. Andy cares not about the law abiding citizen. He cares about political expediency and control of the masses. I’m sure he has already teleconferenced with Zero, gleefully optimistic that he will be rewarded, if New York becomes a “gun free” zone.

    2. He isn’t able to exploit the status quo… legal, law-abiding citizens who weren’t breaking the law. They needed something horrible like this this tragedy to tug at the emotional strings of people’s hearts… then people are more pliable and open to stupid knee-jerk reaction legislation that “seems” to make sense instead seeming to be exactly what it is: another power grab and attempt to bypass the U.S. Constitution so liberals can create the world in the way their blind eyes sees it to be.

      If they just went after the guns without this tragedy, people would “fight for their rights”. But now, with the damned media, they are trying to shame gun owners into giving up their guns willingly – or to take them because they feel it’s the right thing to do now (instead of addressing the real problems or working on serious solutions. Foolish, stupid, sick leftist logic.

    1. Beautiful & Classic Truthful Closing Michelle!

      “It’s really the death throes of the Liebral Media Elite”

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