Michelle Malkin hammers Cuomo for wanting to confiscate guns and the Left’s hypocrisy on gun control

While thanking Cuomo for at least being honest, Malkin points out that what Cuomo wants to do in confiscating guns is exactly what many 2nd amendment-supporting Americans have feared and thus have been belittled for by the élite leftist press. She also points to the hypocrisy of what she calls the “concealed weapon for me but not for thee” crowd, like Diane Feinstein and Harry Reid who have both had concealed firearms for protection at some point in their lives.

But more than anything she blasts these cynical attempts at gun control as doing nothing to solve the problem they are purported to solve, pointing out that this is more an agenda of gun control than of protecting our children in schools.

She also slams Sam Donaldson for his condescending comments aimed at the Tea Party this past weekend, saying that he’s probably been ‘hitting the sauce too much’.


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