Michelle Obama to receive special award from the Mahdi-ist cretins in Tehran

Well it seems that Michelle Obama’s appearance at the Oscars has gotten the 12er crazies in Iran all giddy with excitement. Now who in their right minds would possibly come to the conclusion that leftists in Hollyweird are allied with leftists in the WH? Seriously, the intel apparatus in Tehran is just now getting up-to-speed? Must be that 7th century lifestyle of theirs poisoning their tiny little sadistic women-hating brains again. That Argo is an intel operation? Now that’s just plain nuts. Read both articles.

WND – Iran will give First Lady Michelle Obama a special award for allegedly exposing a direct link between Hollywood and the White House, the commander of Iran’s Basij paramilitary forces announced Wednesday.

According to MehrNews, an official media outlet of the Islamic regime, Brig. Gen Mohammad Reza Naghdi cited Michelle Obama’s announcement of the “anti-Iran” movie “Argo” Oscar for Best Picture in a live feed from the White House Feb. 24. The movie chronicles the Iranian takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 in which six American embassy workers fled to the protection of Canadian embassy staff and their eventual rescue.

“Mrs. Obama’s action was awesome,” Naghdi said with what what the report described as irony, “and if we had spent billions of dollars, we could not show a link and allegiance between Hollywood and the U.S. government and the White House, especially since they have always denied the allegations.”

MehrNews reported that at the end of a conference held for Basij youth, it was decided to cite Obama for what Naghdi called “her unwanted role in exposing Hollywood and the Oscar Academy’s allegiance to the U.S. administration.”

Since the release of “Argo,” several Iranian officials have criticized the movie. Regime media reported this week that Iran has hired a French lawyer, Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, to sue the movie’s producers in international court, although the media did not say on what basis.

The regime’s media, since the production of “Argo,” have attacked Hollywood for what they call the production of “anti-Iran” movies. Citing “unrealistic portrayal” of the Iranian people, they attacked actor George Clooney as one of the two writers of “Argo” and for his producing the “anti-Islam” movie “Syriana.” They also cite the “Zionist company” Warner Brothers for filming “Argo” and the “anti-Iran” movie “300.”


Another article on the Argo movie is here.

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56 thoughts on “Michelle Obama to receive special award from the Mahdi-ist cretins in Tehran

  1. Does she actually think she’s fooling people into thinking she’s a kinder gentler person with that wig?? Is she as proud of her wig as she is if this nation?  Wish she’d get a really long hair wig, then put it on backwards and we’d not have to look at her and think of Wookies anymore.

  2. It’s going to cost the taxpayer a ton of money for her to go over there and humiliate herself before her Arab masters and she calls this a “prize”?  WTF?!?!  If she had any class… which of course she does not, she might have sent a quick tweet: “Thanks, but no thanks, now what have you done for women’s rights lately?” or some such.

  3. Doesn’t say when Moochelle will be going there to  pick up her award in person.
    … and how much it will cost the US taxpayer for the trip

  4. Well, if she also gets the Soviet Medal of Honor from the Russian Communist Party, then her life will be complete! The difference is, she really deserves the medal from the Russians.

    1. tinlozzieowner Yeah, I wasn’t able to use my old name and avatar… however, I’m pretty sure my particular brand of sarcasm with show through.

  5. Okay, is this a Monty Python news alert!? Have this award and the Peace Prize ‘bubble wrapped’ as Palin said and get these two poseurs out of the White House with there trophies.

  6. Maybe she should get a Nobel Peace Prize too. Heck, they’re just giving them away to anybody these days.
    Moochelle deserves awards from crazy Iran. It really sort of sums it up for these unAmerican people in the WH doesn’t it?

    1. kimber1911 With luck the sequester (and chance for porn scandal / lack of prostitutes) will cause a minimum of Secret Service folks to go along.

  7. Do we have to pay 20 million to send her over there to pick up the award and bow to the powers that be? 
    How come it is that Iran can appreciate the Islamic side of the first couple and most Americans are oblivious even when they are awarded by their fellow comrades?

  8. Well, I can’t say I disagree with them. Of COURSE there’s a link between the liberal White House and hollywood!

  9. Just think, if that wig of hers was only about 4 inches longer in front………… 😉 😉

        1. tinlizzieowner 12grace  
          I know what you mean but it seems if we don’t laugh at these fools sometimes, we will cry. I liked what you said about the bangs being  4 inches longer in front…and think about if her entire wig was as long as her feet front and back, we wouldn’t have to see her at all! Smile.

        2. 12grace tinlizzieowner 
          Just think, if the front of that wig was as long as the back. She could autition for a real job as Han Solo’s side kick in the next Star Wars movie. 😉 😉

    1. tinlizzieowner Is it a coincidence she looks like this?: http://cleancutmutt.com/images/Black-Sheepdog.jpg

        1. WolfieUSA stage9 tinlizzieowner I think we have a bigger problem than we thought. 
          Catalan Sheep dogs are infiltrating the government.

  10. Honestly?  what next… a special award from communist china for child services?  a women rights award from Saudi Arabia?  maybe a human rights award from N.Korea.

  11. …….it was decided to cite Obama for what Naghdi called “her unwanted role
    in exposing Hollywood and the Oscar Academy’s allegiance to the U.S.
    ‘Unwanted role’? No, this isn’t a Peter Sellers movie, it’s a Monty Python skit.

  12. The emperor’s tailors and peons  have been busy but mrs. b.o. does nothing for the cute wig.  Sorry, I’m retracting the claws now.

  13. What? We’re hearing the TRUTH about this from IRAN? What’s their angle? Oh wait, Iran is p!$$ed at Hollyweird because of their link with the White House. Uh, no wait…Iran is p!$$ed because Hollyweird, with ties to the White House, made a truthful movie that put them in a bad light. OH WHO CARES!!! This is funny stuff.

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