Mike Lee posts unbelievable photo of 2013 new rules and regulations

Mike Lee posted this photo the other day of the 2013 Federal Register when, he notes, contains over 80,000 pages of new rules, regulations, and notices all created by unelected bureaucrats:

(h/t: PJ Tatler)

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72 thoughts on “Mike Lee posts unbelievable photo of 2013 new rules and regulations

  1. I have to wonder how much of that stack is EPA… Probably right behind 0care in the oppression hit parade.

  2. A double helping of American Phariseeism, with malice on top and sour pickles on the side.

    D__n bureaucrats.

  3. I keep telling my congressman to stop funding these government agencies, if congress would do that, we wouldn’t be in this mess!

  4. Explain how anyone can know if they’re violating these regulations. With this comment, I’m sure I hit on a few.

  5. Only one way to stop it. Don’t obey those laws. Don’t obey those regulations. It has to be in large numbers. Large groups of people. This is the only way. All other avenues are futile. Remember….they can’t take all of us to jail!!! Time to grow a pair people!

  6. Does anyone think it’s a coincidence that you guys are having the exact same brown stuff handed to you as we in the UK are? 80% of our laws are now proposed, written and signed into law by unelected EU bureaucrats.

    It all just seems a little too familiar to me…

    1. It’s partly the nature of bureaucracies, which grow at ever faster rates, like the proverbial cartoon ball of snow that rolls down the hill, ever faster, ever bigger, until it crushes everyone.

      Specifically, bureaucrats want to increase their departments. They want to find new and more things to do so that they can hire more people. Bureaucrats have tunnel vision, seeing only their own little fiefdom as important. You want to build a refinery that will provide thousands of jobs and lower oil costs for all?! Ha! All the bureaucrat thinks about is his list of regulations; and to him, success means he shuts down the refinery, not allows it to be built. Oh, and then there’s also the thirst for power and the joy of ordering people around. 1950s monster movies ain’t got nuthin’ on overzealous bureaucrats!

      1. Yeah, you are right – you never hear of a government department announcing that it’s work is done!

    2. It’s worse for you. Out “regulations” aren’t exactly the same as laws, thank God. The enforcement can be the same, unfortunately.

      But it won’t take legislation to change it. Only a different head bureaucrat.

      But the ability of your laws to be changed by some Parliament that none of you elected is a scary thing.

      1. Yeah, I think you are right – and yep, it’s certainly a scary thing – even more scary for those on mainland Europe having their economies wrecked by an unworkable monetary union held together by the unelected bureacrats.

        But my point was, and I don’t normally buy into the whole NWO conspiracy theory stuff, this all seems a bit earilly coincidental. We have mass immigration against the will of the people, you have mass immigration against the will of the people. We have regulations developed and maintained by bureaucrats and qangos, you have regulations developed and overseen by bureacrats and qangos (do you call them ‘qangos’ over there? Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisations?) We have calls to dismantle the freedom of speech, you have calls to dismantle the freedom of speech – though obviously your freedom of speech is better protected.

    1. Just for being the most quotable of them, After Washington, Madison is my favourite founding father. Its like he was a prophet. Such a freaking sage! Pity many yanks would rather stay glued to their re-education screens watching men clad in tights with helmets chasing pig skin than reading his words.

      1. I think that small stack is what the government requires us to do between waking up and brushing our teeth.

  7. On Mike Lee’s FB page, someone posted this quote by James Madison. I posted the quote together with Mike Lee’s pic to my FB page.

    “It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will be tomorrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule which is little known, and less fixed?”
    James Madison: Federalist #46

    1. (chuckle) We don’t even know them. You’d have to be crazy to even try to know them. 80,000 pages. They don’t even have regulating us as their primary goal. They intend to make us all lawbreakers so they can justify hauling us off to prison if we’re not submissive serfs. Or dhimmis.

  8. When our elected officials & bureaucrats act these days, it costs our debt ridden US citizens money & freedoms @ every turn. We are supporting a machine which, in concert with big business & foreign enemys, continues ruin the sweetest homeland mankind has ever known.

    1. The problem is, many of those regulations come accompanied by agency SWAT teams. Really. The EPA has SWAT teams. They come accompanied by court orders that can deprive the owner of property and liberty. So I don’t think we can just refuse to comply.

      1. Here;s my take on your comment. If a business (person who owns it) doesn’t take a stand, hire a lawyer, contact their local media if swatted, contact their local and US reps, fight back big and loud, then they have lost their business already. The Feds will close it down anyway. We have lost our fight. What happened to GIVE ME LIBERTY OF GIVE ME DEATH., We ARE at that point where there is nothing to lose!! We’ve already lost and are now fighting to get it back!!!!!

          1. Gibson was the “example” they were trying to set. Gibson fought back. They got mad, went public, pulled support and ended up paying the fine but are still in biz and the Feds may think twice about swatting them again.

    2. Amen!! Do not comply with the crap anymore. They’re almost at a point where they’ve regulated us to a point where its impossible to comply. When that happens they can take your ass to jail or take your land or take your business or just take every ounce of freedom you would’ve ever had. These are dangerous times and I see no one willing to stand up, lock arms and make anything happen. The citizens of this country are mere cattle. Dumb and can’t see they are dinner for the Man. Pathetic.

  9. Maybe each Congress should be forced to read the entire Federal Registry before passing any new laws. Every new Session would require a fresh reading, complete with a test to make sure they know what’s in it.

    If it takes the first few Congresses two years to get through it, tough beans. They’ll figure out a way to cut it down.

    1. We need to shorten the time they are in DC, ban any overlap in Congress (including staffers) and lobbyists for specifice time periods before and after elective office and reduce salaries. These folks should have real jobs and subscribe to the adage “that government governs best which governs least”.

      1. You know, that leads me to think about something related…

        Freshment Congress-members ought to submit a “net worth” statement upon arrival. When they leave service, if they have somehow quadrupled their net worth, it ought to trigger an audit.

        A deep, rubber-glove kind of audit.

        1. GREAT IDEA, should be added to the term limit amendment when the states convention convenes for amendments.

          Might be beneficial to include bureaucrats too.

          1. We need to end bureaucracy somehow, or penalize them – each bureaucrat personally, not their agency – for every new page of regulations. We need to make bureaucrats vulnerable to us. They’re only b-rats because they can’t hold a useful job. How about no pensions or health insurance for b-rats until the unemployment rate (including those who’ve quit looking) goes to a GENUINE 3%? That’s just a start.

    1. Everything they do they change at will for their convenience. Which means that now we have to figure out what they’re thinking before they think it.
      This really exposes the genius of the Constitution. A state run by the rule of law rather than the rule of men.

  10. This has to stop. The people writing these don’t have the authority to do this, and this is why the establishment GOP needs to go. They’ve allowed this to happen. It must stop and the rogue agencies issuing these need to be shut down.

    The answer of these agencies will be to try to get the courts to stop it, but Congress has the authority to shut them down, and we need to put in place, people who understand their authority and use it.

    I also agree with Mark Levin. We need the Convention of the States, and we can attack from that end also. We’ll get these agencies in the middle, and crush them like garbage in a garbage truck. Smash them to pieces.

    1. Whoever woulda thunk that a Kenyan would have turned us into a banana republic?

      Edit: I know it ain’t just the Kenyan, The politicians in Washington have been breathing each others second hand BS for far too long.

      That cancer has got to go.

    1. That’s why we need a legitimate Congress, and to rid ourselves of the old guard GOP. They have the authority, but they’re either in on it, or their too timid to use the authority.

      They’re afraid of the boogey man with the camera in their stupid faces, the know nothings in the old, dinosaur media.

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