Mike Pence vows to SUPPORT all RINO governors AGAINST Trump-endorsed primary challenges!

People are acting like this piece of information is a Twitter rumor but it is not. Mike Pence is pitting himself directly against Trump in the support and endorsement game, and that news comes not from rando tweets but from Pence’s own lips.

“I want to be clear,” Pence told the Republican Governors Association last week. “I’m going to be supporting incumbent Republican governors.”

You know why he wanted to make that clear? Why it was of immediate interest? Because President Trump is promising to CLEAN HOUSE. So the RGA, long a supporter of establishment hacks, got worried. And Pence swooped in to give them his personal assurances.

Trump is backing primary challenges against HALF of the sitting GOP governors. And those are the ones Mike Pence is going to be supporting. It’s a direct, calculated, and deliberate move against Trump and Trump-backed candidates.

One of the Pence/RGA governors is RINO Larry Hogan, who said that Trump’s challenging them in primary races is “outrageous, unacceptable and bad for the party.”

That’s weird, because I thought that challenging incumbents is THE VERY REASON WE HAVE PRIMARY ELECTIONS FOR SEATS ALREADY OCCCUPIED BY THE PARTY.

But hey maybe I’m just crazy right?

Consider this an OPEN THREAD.

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