Milwaukee County DA actually admitted his low bond program would let killers loose and then brushed it off

The New York Post revealed today that Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm actually admitted that his reforms to the cash-bail system would let criminals out who would kill people and then completely brushed it off:

The district attorney facing criticism after the alleged Waukesha Christmas parade crash killer was freed on bond two days before the carnage previously admitted his progressive reforms “guaranteed” killers could be put back on the street.

Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, who was elected to the position in 2007, has spent his career supporting cash-bail system reform because he argues it criminalizes poverty.

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the year he was elected, Chisholm said: “Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody?”

“You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.”

Chisholm has long pushed to divert nonviolent offenders away from the prison system with alternate programs, and has spoken previously about reducing the number of incarcerations in Milwaukee County.

He describes himself on his website as a “bold reformer with a track record of keeping our community safe” and has taken credit for inspiring a wave of “progressive prosecutors” across the US.

“Progressive prosecutors in Philadelphia, Boston, St. Louis, and San Francisco have followed in John’s footsteps and designed similar programs,” his website says.

Unbelievable. Chisholm blew off the idea that someone would get out due to his reforms and kill someone as acceptable because his reforms are more important or something. Tell that this 8-year-old boy’s family who lost his life in the Christmas parade attack:

Ted Cruz responded to this story, blasting these radical leftists for such policies:

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