Minneapolis City Council Pres says calling cops for a home break-in “comes from a place of privilege” – [VIDEO]

The ridiculousness of the Minneapolis City Council was on full display today as their president went on CNN and declared that calling the cops for a break-in at your home ‘comes from a place of privilege’:

Here’s a quick transcript:

CAMEROTA: “What if in the middle of the night my home is broken into. Who do I call?”

BENDER: “Yes, I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors. And I know — and myself, too, and I know that that comes from a place of privilege. Because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to step back and imagine what it would feel like to already live in that reality where calling the police may mean more harm done.”

These socialist agitators hate the police and view them as the enemy, which is just absurd. Police officers put their lives on the line every day, and would rather things not escalate into violent confrontations because they want to go home too. But unfortunately it happens, especially when young people are taught to hate the police and to view them as the enemy.

With respect to the ‘privilege’ assertion by this moron leftist, what complete and utter garbage. I pay taxes just like the next guy and policing is a necessary ‘service’ provided by the city. It’s not about privilege at all. We the people demand law enforcement exist because we want policing, which is why we pay for it, just like we pay for other services for the city with our hard-earned tax dollars. This is not hard.

The people of Minneapolis need to reject these leftist losers and elect some competent officials before the city is ruined.

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