Minneapolis Public Schools CLOSED for RIOTING next week, because that’s how we do it now in America

Last night in Portland, rioters from BLM and Antifa torched an Apple store, among many other fires in the downtown area. Last week in Oregon they tried to trap ICE agents in a building and burn it down with the people inside. In fact, riots are so routine and expected now that people plan AHEAD for them, including public schools.

But they DON’T condemn them. You know why? Yes woke teachers/administrators but also: fear.

Which is how we end up here: The tweet from Minneapolis Public Schools says the “Derek Chauvin trial will impact MPS operations next week. Distance learning for all Wed-Fri, April 21-23.”

The front page of the school system’s website explains.

Dear MPS Students and Families,

Our community is moving through an extraordinarily challenging time as we react to the killing of former MPS student Daunte Wright by a Brooklyn Center police officer, just as testimony in the trial of former officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd concludes and the case goes to the jury.

We anticipate that a verdict in the Chauvin case could impact in-person learning in Minneapolis Public Schools.

They go on to explain that:

From Wednesday through Friday next week (April 21-23), all in-person learning students in all grades will return home for distance learning. Students will not be required to leave their homes to attend school for the remainder of the week, though school buildings will be open. Over these three days, no athletic events or Minneapolis Kids before- and after-school childcare will be held. Meal box pick-ups will continue as currently available.

They state the reason the very FIRST week of return to in-person learning will be interrupted after two days:

Peaceful protests are one of the foundations of our democracy. Some students may feel called to participate in collective actions being organized around the city, but MPS also recognizes our primary need and your primary desire to keep students safe. We cannot deny the fact that people with ill intentions sometimes take advantage of communities in crisis.

That is some weak trash right there. Every parent should be infuriated that their children are at risk, that their healthy return to school is now interrupted by rioters. And that the schools are paying lip-service to that “mostly peaceful” lie the media tells every day.

But don’t worry, mom and dad, the school is going to EXPLAIN to your kids why YOU are wrong to be upset.

The racism and violence that has been highlighted in these tragic incidents may be widely discussed among some students in our schools. As appropriate and as they are comfortable, teachers will give students the opportunity to process their feelings, how this feels to them personally and how they are impacted by having the eyes of the world on Minneapolis. Understanding that every educator will approach this differently, MPS has provided all educators with resources that are appropriate both to the age of the students being taught and the background and experience of the educator.

Pathetic. But here’s the kicker:

These plans are made based on what we know today. Should trial activities change, we will reevaluate, adjust plans and let families and students know as soon as possible.

If it looks like they will get their way, then maybe the rioters holding the city hostage will permit your children to safely go outside.

That’s how we do things now. This is just what you have to get used to in a society ruled by a terrorist ideology. Children are being told to stay home because they aren’t safe from ANTICIPATED rioting that they KNOW will turn violent, and the media won’t say anything about BLM or antifa literally terrorizing children. Because they’re afraid too, and because like the school system, they agree with the marxists.

We are in a bad, bad, bad time in America.

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