Minnesota Supreme Court ALLOWS defund police amendment on ballot referendum

Minneapolis is a dumpster fire of anti-cop hatred and now they are asking city residents to vote for completely defunding police and replacing them with a new ‘Department of Public Safety’:

NY POST – The Minnesota Supreme Court on Thursday night ruled in favor of allowing an amendment to remain on the ballot that would replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a “Department of Public Safety.”

The decision by the state’s highest court, which overturned a lower-court ruling, came the night before early and absentee voting is set to begin in the Minneapolis municipal elections.

On Tuesday, a district judge rejected the language of the ballot question that would replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a new Department of Public Safety.

The measure would remove Minneapolis’ charter’s requirement for minimum police staffing levels in the city.

If passed, the police department would be replaced with a Department of Public Safety, which “could include” police officers — if they are deemed necessary.

I have to believe that despite how radical the city council has been, especially since the death of George Floyd, that the city residents are much smarter and will easily defeat this referendum to replace the police department with a bunch of psychiatrists and counselors armed only with pepper spray.

That’s where I’d put my money if I were a betting man, but I guess we’ll see when the final vote tally is counted. If they do vote for defunding the police, then you can be sure many residents will flee from Minneapolis and it will become something akin to a ghost town.

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