Mistakes Were Made: Watch this IDIOT Antifa make bad life decision and pay for it. Bonus: Dumb Twitter libs!

This video is making the rounds all over Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and you name it. It’s not that it’s so dramatic, it’s the way people perceive the video that makes it such a hit.

Antifa and BLM believe they are entitled to do whatever they want to you. They can beat you, steal from you, invade your property, take over your city, and attack your car. And they get morally outraged if you object.

Here’s how to handle that:

To borrow a phrase from the zeitgeist, what that kid experienced just now wasn’t cancel culture but CONSEQUENCE culture. As in you jump on my car the consequence is your ass on the ground.

Look at this typical lefty reaction.

Ben Shapiro locked that down.

It’s time to quit calling these crime sprees “protests.” This was an attempted car jacking. Arrest the goons, lock them up, give the driver a medal.

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