Mitt Romney decides he doesn’t like Trump’s national emergency either!

Well this is the biggest non-shocker in the history of non-shockers.

Mitt Romney, who at the very beginning of this year said he would oppose Trump when his policies are “divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions”, is now opposing Trump on his national emergency:

Romney put out a statement that is difficult to read:

In case you want to read it, here’s his full statement:

“I will vote today for the resolution of disapproval. This is a vote for the Constitution and for the balance of powers that is at its core. For the Executive Branch to override a law passed by Congress would make it the ultimate power rather than a balancing power.
“This is not a vote against border security. In fact, I agree that a physical barrier is urgently needed to help ease the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, and the administration already has $4.5 billion available within existing authority to fund a barrier – even without an emergency declaration.

“I am seriously concerned that overreach by the Executive Branch is an invitation to further expansion and abuse by future presidents. We experienced a similar erosion of congressional authority with President Obama’s unilateral immigration orders – which I strenuously opposed. In the case before us now, where Congress has enacted specific policy, to consent to an emergency declaration would be both inconsistent with my beliefs and contrary to my oath to defend the Constitution.”

As Mark Levin pointed out last night, this is hogwash. There is no threat to the balance of powers.

You know I tend to give Mike Lee a lot more leeway (pun intended) because I view him as a man of substance, even when I disagree with him. Not so with Romney. He’s shown time and time again that he’s more interested in being a RINO than doing the right thing for the country.

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62 thoughts on “Mitt Romney decides he doesn’t like Trump’s national emergency either!

  1. Romney is out to lunch on this. This is not a Constitutional issue, and Trump is not making any policy in conflict with the Constitution or which usurps Congress’ power. Congress can try to override Trump’s veto of its resolution not to allow him to use his Constitutional authority to build the wall, but if they fail to get a 2/3 majority, which they will fail to do, then it’s tough sh*t for them.

  2. Romney-step off! We don’t care what you think. Hope the people in Utah love you. Won’t ever have to vote for you again. Mike Lee-I’m very disappointed with you. Why would you not support the president? Have you gone to the dark side?
    Well, the lot of them can hang together while we the people hold the nation together by a thread.

  3. The Democrats showed that they are not against the powers of the President but only President Trump.

    Romney is using a lie to side with the Democrats just as Lee and the others are doing.

    If it is about balance of power, fix the law so it applies to all future Presidents too and not just Trump.

  4. Surprise surprise, makes me sick that I actually voted for Romney/Ryan but what choice did I have. That’s getting to be a regular thing when voting

        1. @michael-lee What does that even mean? He’s definitely not a strong conservative and that’s the way I read “severe”.

  5. I am very happy this dweeb never became president. You need a brain Romney to be President, (Obummer not withstanding although that can be said of all the donkeycrats), not just look presidential.

    1. Why? He supported socialized medicine before he was against it. The guy is just confused.

  6. Mark “Beto” Pantano

    The President is the ONLY one trying to secure our border.

    I am sick of these grandstanding, backstabbing, worthless RINOs!!!

    1. To me it’s appalling that they have been a complete failure concerning the border for decades, and yet they want to stop Trump from actually doing something about it. Leave it to them they say. Sorry ‘R’s….we gave up on you a long time ago.

  7. What’s with Utah! Flakey “Republicans”. Just be a Dem or Independent & don’t lie about it anymore.

    1. Utah is one of the most conservative states in the Union. I have no idea what is happening over there that they gave us Romney and Lee is getting wobbly.

      1. @Abe Lincoln – I was just making coffee & thinking the exact same thing! How can it be such a conservative state & produce these people for the Republican party. Eh

  8. Okay, Romney is a squish, but why is Trump waiting for the Senate to vote on this resolution before following through on his national emergency? There’s already been a month of inaction, and there doesn’t need to be a debate on this. Just build the dang wall already!

      1. Would you know the location where the military is building the border wall using national emergency military funds? There should be pictures or articles by now since he declared this last month.

  9. Uh, excuse me Mitt, but what “Law passed by Congress” would Trumps’ declaration be “over-riding” exactly?

    Look, we can argue the funding issue, but Trump does have the legal authority to declare ANY National Emergency he desires! Don’t like it, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but take Mitch McCONnell’s advice and CHANGE THE LAW.

    1. but Trump does have the legal authority to declare ANY National Emergency he desires!

      “Due to a threat of…. something, I don’t know, terrorism I guess, I am declaring a National Emergency and ordering that all monies currently held by any banking institution be transferred to The Trump Organization for safe keeping.”

      Somehow I think we’d all realize a problem with that.

  10. 😯
    Someone remind me who this guy is again? Is he the one responsible for RomneyCare in Mass and then ran for president against ObamaCare (which was based on RomneyCare)? Is that the guy?

  11. I decided I don’t like Mitt Romney in 2012 when he let a lying treasonous thug walk all over him for President.

  12. This is not a vote against border security.

    First time I’ve agreed with the Mittastic Rombo in a long time.

    That’s what a lot of people fail to understand (including here at TRS), and why they’re so hysterically rage-blind frothing at “Oh I Guess He’s a Traitor Now” Lee. They’re interpreting this as being against border security when it’s not. It’s also not about the balance of power, because the NEA is not unconstitutional on its face. Or, maybe they just see it as a betrayal to their orange lord and master to whom all should obey without question or thought. (Let’s hope THAT’S still a minority here at TRS.)

    This is about if the government should be playing fast and loose with the notion of an “emergency.” While our positions on that vary, it’s a question that should be fleshed out. I’m not OK with backburning it for omgwallnow!!!!

    1. BUT – if we’re not going to do that, then it’s like I said yesterday: If Donald wants to go the emergency route, then fine. But once he’s secured his construction, he should step down as the President. Because OK, we “needed” to do it. But he couldn’t do it right, with Congress – so instead he did it wrong, with a fast and loose definition of “emergency.” I want accountability for that, and if he won’t resign his position then I say impeach him.

    2. ‘Or, maybe they just see it as a betrayal to their orange lord and master to whom all should obey without question or thought. ‘ Is that a convincing argument, AT.

      1. The quickness by which Lee was thrown to the wolves by people who have defended him (and rightfully so) for years, simply because he’s getting in the way of the loud man with tiny hands is what makes me wonder if there’s some of that going on here.

        Make no mistake, the TDS strain that his supporters have is a far worse one than the strain his haters have. Otherwise reasonable people seem to have lost their minds if they think Mike Lee is suddenly a RINO that’s conspiring against them.

        1. Lee was not thrown to the wolves and if some disagree with him regarding his stance, then so be it. He’s a politician after all.

    3. Before you have a temper tantrum over if this was an emergency, you should go back and look at all the “emergencies” that have been declared in the past. This is a heck more of an emergency than some assistance provided to some remote country in Africa.

      1. What you keep forgetting is, regardless of our subjective interpretation of what’s been going on at the border, the status quo down there hasn’t really significantly changed over the years. Yes, it’s a long-time problem – but it was never considered an NEA emergency. Not even Donald considered it one for the first two years of his presidency, otherwise we’d have had this conversation a long time ago.

        This is important because it brings into question why the term is being used now, when the status quo hasn’t really changed. This suggests that we’re using the term loosely to justify action the Executive can’t otherwise take. This, I suspect, is what Lee/Mitt (and I) have a problem with.

  13. There’s no way a guy named ‘Mitt” can be a conservative. Sounds like a guy you’d meet at the country club.

    1. I think he was a guy that we were super excited to vote for a few years back, along with his buddy Paul Ryan, because despite liking nothing about their politics, we assured ourselves that he was a great choice because he wasn’t the guy who was currently President.

      We do that a lot. It’s like playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic.

  14. Romney is voting right for the wrong reasons. Trump’s Declaration is not unconstitutional. It’s the moving of the money that violates the constitution.

    But it’s Romney, I guess actually understanding the constitution is as hard as blowing out birthday candles.

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