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43 thoughts on “Mitt Romney: The best of America

  1. I have to admit, Romney sucks me in at times into believing he has changed. This was a fantastic ad and is nowhere near Obama’s “America sucks and we have to punish her” attitude. This is a very pro-American ideals ad, and I sure hope he follows through with returning America to her true identity. Very, very Presidential.

    Reagan was a Democrat before he was a great American. Sometimes the best people arise from the worst postitions after experience and growth. Since we don’t have a choice, I’m going to give Romney a chance to prove that he can do a good job of restoring America. Stand by with pitch forks, lol.

  2. Romney gets it. Obama doesn’t have a clue what “it” is. That is why the mainstream media calls the 4th of July a Republican holiday and they mean it as an insult.

    1. OMG, the MSM actually said that? Yet they cry like little babies when we call them unpatriotic. What a bunch of stupid, socialist Europeans that are living in the wrong country !! They claim they support our troops, but a statement like that is solid proof that they do not. The enemy within.

  3. Nice ad.

    obama catered to the illegals today on our 4th of July. campaigning for immigration reform. what a sad pathetic excuse he is for a Pres

  4. Today should be about bringing us together and this video does it. For this day, think about hope and refrain from the bad.

  5. Contrast this to the Impostor’s Homeland security spokesperson, Janet Napolitano, who has warned that, among many many other ludicrous signs, declares that people who want freedom and who fly American flags are showing signs of being terrorists.

    1. I missed that one. It’s a sad day when we have elected (and appointed) officials that openly rule in a communist fashion and blatantly call flag waving Americans terrorists. That’s a party that must not only be removed from the majority in government, they must be destroyed and become completely irrelevant. Reagan would have fired her on the spot. Of course, Reagan would have never hired her to begin with.

      1. kong, Drudge Report today:

        ‘Homeland Security’ Report
        Lists ‘Liberty Lovers’ as Terrorists.

        Check it out, we’re all officially terrorists as per our government.

        1. By the way, I love Drudge’s website but I don’t go there often. I get sick of the page refreshing while I’m scrolling down through the links. You have to scroll down and relocate where you were at. It annoys the heck out of me because there’s no reason to auto-refresh the page every 30 seconds if at all. If he would stop doing that I would visit his site every day.

          1. I,m pretty much a computer illiterate so I can’t comment on your situation, but I’ve never had that problem. It rarely refreshes. Also remember when you could refresh his page when you wanted to, not auto refresh. I’m sure someone has the answer for you.

            1. Nah, it’s the way the page is designed. I really like his links to news stories so I think I’m just going to tolerate it and start going back.

  6. “Americas greatest days are yet ahead” Mitt Romney July 4 2012

    It was a great ad.

  7. Every-time that flag unfurls, or if its just dangling in the wind on poles throughout America. It brings chills up my spine, tears in my eyes, and a lump in my throat… knowing I’m an American. This Hispanic American who was born into freedom and liberty and has a reverence for the founding fathers and all that they stood for. Will forever be thankful for the stand they took on liberty and freedom against tyranny. And on this day of independence…” We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal endowed by their creator, with certain unalienable rights. That among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”–Thomas Jefferson.

    1. I feel the same way. I think as we get older, it becomes more and more precious!

      Old glory!

      1. I’m glad someone is paying attention


        I was going to – but I figured I would get the pitchfork for overposting Bob Hope

        1. Hi Joe. All of those are great.

          I remember Red Skeltons pledge on his televison show. ( it may have been a rerun). Isnt it awesome!

          Happy 4th of July Joe. I really appreciate all of your links.

  8. Romney is not what comes to mind, when I think of American exceptionalism and America. A guy that attacks religious freedoms, campaigns on socialist communist economics of taxing the rich, and politics as usual is not an inspiring figure. I’m glad I’m not a personality cultist, depending on someone else for my viewpoint of America. I’m also I’m glad I served my country, as opposed to just sitting back in a bureaucrat’s chair and demanding others serve me.

  9. And this is how we get there – Isaiah 30 – return to the Lord God and He will restore us.

  10. America is about providing the opportunity to prosper and allow those who love those commodities or services to purchase. When obstacles like tax increases get in the way that cost gets passed on to the consumer. We need more products that allow consumers to stretch the dollar. Liberals do not believe in this! Those companies then can hire more people as most would want to expand with added revenue. Instead of leaving the country because of higher costs they choose to expand in,,,,,,,,,THE USA! This is where the liberals just want to bury their heads in the sand. When more companies higher more people and those same people pay taxes, more municipalities possess more revenue to hire police officers, teachers, fire fighters, etc. Folks it isn’t rocket science of what makes America great. It is right versus wrong and I pray each day that the almighty GOD spreads his wisdom into these people that do not understand. Happy Fourth of July righ scoop bloggers!

  11. Thanks Mitt, know that our family, friends and acquaintances will be doing all within our means to bring about those greater days. As when a loved one is ill, sick, and in need of additional care, so as it is for our country when she has been beaten down.

  12. If i can give Romney and his team anything is that he makes pretty d*** good Ads! For the past 3 years i’ve been listening to pessimistic stuff day in and day out with Obumer in the White House. We need some optimism every once and awhile!

    Romney has my vote.

  13. Now, my friends, Barack Obama would never make a video that inspiring and one that speaks to the principles and values of America!

    1. Obaby’s version of America is…

      “We must all do our part to make sure lesser countries than ourselves must get a chance to grow and prosper and dominate us because we have too much power. Organize a community and inform your neighbors they must pay their fair share of the pie, because we all want that piece of the pie! Yes, times are tough but we are recovering and we have now 4 trillion jobs new jobs than ever before! Now let me be clear. This is what my fath–I mean our forefathers wanted for our country. To provide the American people a right to affordable healthcare. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got a golf game to attend to! “

  14. Now THAT my friend, is an AD.

    I think there is a place where a person falls in love with America. Patriots are in love with
    America and the American way. All politicians, though imperfect, should at least have that love for America and Her freedoms in his/her heart. Our current president is in love with another.

  15. Wow, and he didn’t bow once nor insult Americans during the entire 2:40 minutes! He gets my vote!

    1. And he forgot to apologize to all our enemies too! We MUST get rid of Duh Bumbler and Mitt WILL be the one to do it!

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