Mocking Working Class: Is being an awful person the FIRST job requirement at Lincoln Project? Or the ONLY one?

I really want to know if ANYONE of any redeeming value, with any admirable qualities at ALL works at for or with the Lincoln Project. I’m seriously curious y’all, because if you go by the public faces the answer is a definite no.

From their racist stunts to their sex predator scandals, from the fact that they take in millions for doing nothing to their endless dumb interviews, remarks, and tweets, it’s a complete trainwreck over there all the time.

Fake news liars scamming the media and trashing real Americans is the theme, and it isn’t just your Steve Schmidts or Rick Wilsons. Check this class act out.

Just the worst, and she’s getting dragged for it, not that these types give a dang.

Seriously what the hell is wrong with them?

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