Moment of Zen: Tiffany Smiley taking Patty Murray to school over Inflation Non-Reduction Act

You of course remember Tiffany Smiley as the Republican telling truths in a state that hasn’t heard truths from government for a long time, and who was rewarded for that with a concerted effort by Starbucks, the Seattle Times, and her Democrat opponent Patty Murray colluding to have her truth-telling ads pulled from the airwaves.

She of course did not back down and has been fighting ever since, and gaining national attention on her effort to lead the way back to sanity from the dark times that are upon the state of Washington.

And in a candidate debate she showed that same mettle, sense, and honesty in a clip that is lighting up social media. (There’s a second debate moment where Smiley point blank asked whether she and her family are a “threat to democracy” in Murray’s eyes, but I couldn’t find the clip in time for this post. Might updated if I do.)

She’s not just schooling Murray but every Democrat and the corrupt media, and showing Americans that the iron grip of the American Axis of Evil is not yet permanently clenched. There is still light.

Still, the forces at work in the state are marshaled against her.

The whole forum was designed to try and boost Murray. It didn’t help, but that shows the lengths the entrenched leftists will go to in that Marxist ideas laboratory that used to be a state.

It is a hard road to try and win as a Republican in the most communist part of the country, but man I hope she pulls it off.


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