More division and class warfare from Obama in 2002 MLK speech: The rich “got what they want”

Despite all the broken promises and inconsistencies, one thing seems clear about Obama. His socialist core beliefs have never really changed. Here he is in 2002, posted by Patterico and Morgen, giving a MLK speech at a church pitting people in classes against each other just as he does today.

Here’s one where he talks about the rich being for non-violence because they’ve got everything they want:

The philosophy of nonviolence only makes sense if the powerful can be made to recognize themselves in the powerless. It only makes sense if the powerless can be made to recognize themselves in the powerful. You know, the principle of empathy gives broader meaning, by the way, to Dr. King’s philosophy of nonviolence. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but rich people are all for nonviolence. Why wouldn’t they be? They’ve got what they want. They want to make sure people don’t take their stuff. But the principle of empathy recognizes that there are more subtle forms of violence to which we are answerable. The spirit of empathy condemns not only the use of firehoses and attack dogs to keep people down but also accountants and tax loopholes to keep people down. I’m not saying that what Enron executives did to their employees is the moral equivalent of what Bull Connor did to black folks, but I’ll tell you what, the employees at Enron feel violated. When a company town sees its plant closing because some distant executives made some decision despite the wage concessions, despite the tax breaks, and they see their entire economy collapsing, they feel violence…

When you think of Enron do you think of oppressors? My guess is no, that you you probably think of greedy criminals. But Obama sees a “more subtle form of violence” from people who seek to oppress others.

Also, here’s another clip from the speech::

It’s hard to imagine that the powerful in our society would tolerate the burgeoning prison industrial complex if they imagined that the black men and Latino men that are being imprisoned were something like their sons.

Ah the good old prison industrial complex, used to stoke racial and economic division.

Yep, Obama hasn’t changed in this respect one iota.

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74 thoughts on “More division and class warfare from Obama in 2002 MLK speech: The rich “got what they want”

  1. It is the same’ol same’ol Obummer! Divide, diversify, and conquer!! His jealousy, and disdain for success, and our country, shows through in everything decision he makes, everything he does, and everything he doesn’t do! Our country can not sustain another 4 years of this inept President, and the MUST BE VOTED OUT!

  2. Ah, the constant race-baiting is tiresome and easily dealt with. The emperor seems to specifically refer to colored, POOR AND IMPOVERISHED citizens as being oppressed.

    Emperor 0bama conveniently forgets that fact that there are plenty of successful African-Americans and Latinos who are very wealthy, like many Hollywood celebrities, government officials, and dynamic entrepeneurs in the corporate world.

    When the aspiring emperor rants about the rich “getting what they want”, logically these successful people (which he himself is a part of) are demonized as well.

  3. With that said, he and his ilk won’t mind when I discharge my clips in their direction. I was concerned about hurting their feelings when the armed conflict begins. Feeling much better NOW.

  4. A speech of division, anger and hatred and distrust. It’s no wonder the last four years have been as they have. Obama’s gotta go.

  5. Let’s see. . . .

    We’ve seen the Food Stamp Prez, the Vacation Prez, the PGA-in-Training Prez, the Crony Capitalism Prez, the Blame Congress Prez, the Apology Prez, the Teleprompter Prez, the Fundraiser Prez, the Double Downgrade Prez, the Beer Summit Prez, the “It’s Not My Fault” Prez, the Executive Privilege Prez, the “You Didn’t Build That” Prez, the Paperwork Prez, the No Protection for Embassies Prez along with Round 2 of the Apology Prez, the No on Netanyahu Prez, the Empty Promises Prez, the UN Apologist Prez, the NFL Advisor Prez and now we finally have the Racist-in-Chief Prez.

    One and DONE!

  6. None of this is news. Anyone with any common sense knows Obama is the most leftist and divisive President in American history. Thing is, most people do not care. We need to engage them on the ISSUES first. Political philosophy is in my wheelhouse, but it is not in the wheelhouse of the average voter. Sadly, the average voter is a blithering idiot.

  7. obama is rich but since he didn’t make his money himself he must return it to “we the people”.

  8. As my mother once told me, it is never to late. Whether it came out in ’07 ’08 or now, it proves that all those who supported McCain/Palin are being proved right. This man is a radical. True colors always come through. God bless you tonight Mitt, go for broke! As my father told me, he punches, you punch harder!

  9. Sickening and utter HATRED….from a PRIVILEGED PHONY that has his DAUGHTERS in private schools, sets up MILLION DOLLAR trust funds for his girls, goes to parties with Beyonce with 800.00 bottles of Champagne, flies on a 747 paid by those TAXPAYERS he disdains, plays GOLF on courses designed by WHITE MEN, uses Hollywood to fund his hatred and division, flies to New York to get Big Investors to bank roll his campaign and then HAS THE FRICKING NERVE to chastise US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO F-YOURSELF MARXIST!!

    I have had it with this BIGOT IN CHIEF!! He hates white people to the core and you know what he envies what the WHITE MAN has built. He wants all the LUXURIES and BENEFITS for things this SCUM has never worked for or invested. Black people…you know what go look at WHO KEEPS YOU IN POVERTY…it is YOUR BLACK LEADERS LIKE OBAMA, SHARPTON, JACKSON, WATERS and more…JUST DISGUSTING!!! I cannot stand the sight of this RACE HATER!!

  10. Maybe it’s just me, but there is nothing in these speeches or the one’s broken by DaiyCaller are more revealing of his pathology than the speeches he made in the summer of 2009.

    He siad dont’ waste money giving that granny a new pacemaker, just throw her a few pain pills. He said family doctors would deliberately give their patients tonsilitis to make more money by removing the tonsils. He said that family doctors would deliberately maltreat diabetes so that they could make money cutting off gangrenous feet. This would be complete ignorance of the fact that family doctors don’t perform surgery, but these facts are as irrelevant as the nonense in the above speech about tax breaks and loopholes. He’s just a hate monger stirring up hate.

    It’s hard to believe that one more videotape is finnaly going to make “them” see the evil incarnate that has been standing in front of them mocking them and attacking their livelihoods and their futures for four years.

  11. The prison issue is partly due to the Kaiser Foundation and thanks to Valerie jarrett, the biggest person to advocate for prisoners,,,,,,Van Jones!!!

  12. I see that the videos are coming out of the woodwork now. I have a question-where were the courageous bloggers and reporters pushing this out in ’07 and 08, when it could have made a difference?

    Today, it’s a lot of stuff we all know and IMHO, won’t make a hill of beans of a difference in swaying a vote. It makes good fodder for the Conservative talk shows and the like, but it was relevant back in the day (say, 2007-08) when a certain few lone voices were laughed at and called conspiracy theorists for talking about this.

    1. I am with you there, Linky. I wonder if this may come from those who know that if Romney is actually going to win that they will have to pull him over the finish line. It would seem that the “I am not Obama” is the main theme and this just feeds this a bit more.

      Rush mentioned such things today in regard to the DC video that we already know all of this and there will be a very small if any chance that Romney would actually use the footage in the video as Obama has the 47% comment.

  13. I won’t watch tonight. I can’t be insulted by his lies anymore. I could get some of those darts with the suction cups on them, and shoot them at his face on the TV. That might be fun.

  14. Ya’ reckon the GM bondholders you shafted in favor of the union made anyone “feel violence”? How about the white collar Delphi workers who lost their retirement money in favor of blue collar union workers? How about taking over 5 trillion dollars from taxpayers and flushing it through your crony sewers? Should that make anyone “feel violence”?

    Yeah, you are an expert at making people “feel violence”. Mr. O’, You’re a thug and an asshole, as well as a one-term super tanker of country poison. Think of your upcoming defeat as the legitimate, nonviolent, expression of the American electorate’s disdain.

  15. This is what Community Organizers do – fuel hate and division to garner power.

    In the 2008 campaign Bo and Mo openly boasted of Bo’s career as a Community Organizer. What should have been a chilling admonition, went unchallenged.

    1. Sarah Palin knew. She spelled it out and what it would be like to have this community organizer as a president. She was the only one that understood what was about to happen.

  16. Sorry – I will not watch this

    I hate this man so much

    I will not watch the debates this evening

    and will watch anything else

    I won’t ruin my evening

    I am angry enough about this lying POS

  17. When a company town sees its plant closing because some distant executives made some decision despite the wage concessions, despite the tax breaks, and they see their entire economy collapsing, they feel violence…

    So, unions never have anything to do with this, right? They are mainly responsible for making US labor so costly and uncompetitive with the rest of the world. See the US car industry as a current example, and the once vibrant, barely existent textile industry.

  18. All talk. Notice how everything is class warfare and racial division? So what did he do to help minorities and the poor? Not a whole lot. In fact, he was uninvolved in most of the socialist/Liberal changes that passed. For all his talk, you’d think he would have emptied the jails and ditched the food stamps for outright free money for the poor. In fact, listening to his speeches and talk, you’d think he would empty the jails of all the minorities and fill them with the rich whities and give all the pardoned their stuff. But in the end, it’s all just talk. Sure he’s let things spin out of control but I think what he’ll be most remembered for is doing absolutely NOTHING while in office but play golf and host rappers. Oh and occasionally step out and read a teleprompter but even then not put any heart in it. What a turd.

  19. Notice when people like Obama, Edwards and the Kennedys speak of “rich people” .. they never include themselves.

    Yeah, Obama is really slumming it.

    So, if you are a socialist/re-distributionist, its OK to have money? Is that what I am missing here?

    1. That’s so true. I heard Ben Afleck say yesterday that Romney can’t relate to the “common man.” Like he can? I think Ben Afleck makes far more than the common man, doesn’t he? And the common man doesn’t call terrorists friends, like Obama does. The common man doesn’t have someone funding his family to the tune of $1.4 billion last year like Obama. Since he’s one of those millionaires and billionaires, how would Ben Afleck know about being a common man?

      Geez, these people make me sick. Quit pretending that you are a common man. You and your ilk are destroying the common man’s livelihood with you phony global warming and fracking nonsense. Turn off your electricity, quit driving cars, and quit spreading your “carbon footprint,” with your movie making, and then you have a right to speak.

  20. We’re red states or blue states but the united states….. except the white man is holding down the black man and getting rich that’s why they don’t like violence because they got your stuff. – Barack Obama

    4 more years of this guy and we will have real class warfare.

  21. It sounds like he’s talking from inside a barrel…sound quality isn’t that good, but I didn’t like anything the Great Pretender had to say!!!!!!

  22. Shame none of this got out in 2008 like it should have.

    The LSM is responsible for putting a socialist tyrant on the throne in the White House. And America is exhibiting all the symptoms of the poison they ingested.

    If a dishonest media doesn’t properly vet our Presidents, then our country suffers.

  23. And Obama is not a socialist??? Naaaa. Just don’t be “rich” during his administration, or else you’ll really pay for it. What’s the definition of “rich” under the Obama administration? “Rich” is having a job. And when Obamacare fully kicks in, you’ll REALLY pay for it. THAT is what’s at stake in this election.

    1. And you will no longer be in entitlement programs…no, you’ll be working like everyone else and be receiving what everyone else does. If you can’t work, you’ll get nothing; why should the government support a non-contributor like the old and infirm? No medical, no food, no housing for them.

  24. Florida and Ohio, c’mon the one should not have 30% of the vote let alone 45%. This stuff is black liberation theology stuff, this is harboring past grievances close to the chest stuff. This guy unencumdered in the next 4 yrs is going to squeeze doctors, business owners, ceo’s, anyone at the top is going to get it with this guy even more than they are already shafted, they are already scared, another 4 yrs of this and you will see a lot of these decision makers leave this country, our economy will crash.

  25. Thats some scary sh*t right there.

    Thats the kind of words that can cause a civil war.

    Note to Obama, most of us dont want to wait in line for chunk of cheese and loaf of bread and bring home the same “net” of income/healthcare.

    I’d rather be FREE to earn my living.

    1. Be on guard November 7th for the incivility to begin, should Obama lose, as I think he should and will.

      1. Yep, we will be seeing guys running thru the streets dragging shopping carts filled with big screen tv’s, and anything else they can get their hands on…… After they take the time to over turn a policecar or two, break a few windows, and set a fire.

        Ah, looters. Such a sight.

        1. If there is a good thing about that scenario, Obama will still be President on November 7th, and it is his mess to clean up.

          1. I doubt anyone will riot if Obama wins. Even though we will feel like it, I think, the right side of the political spectrum has a little more integrity than that.

            1. Absolutely there will be no rioting if Obama wins. It is the other side that exhibits those poor qualities.

  26. The worst part about his race baiting is that it is an identity given to him. He doesn’t come from slave blood. Was never raised in a predominately black neighborhood. Never lived in poverty. His identity is assumed not earned.

    1. If he had a case, which he does not, I would say he has close to/as much basis to bring up racism (which basis would be modern day racism) as anyone else.

      Because the fact of the matter is, no black American born in the United States today experienced slavery under bad slave owners for themselves and none of the caucasians alive today owned and mistreated any African American slaves.

      Any hate black Americans hold onto from wrongs done to ancestors in the past I believe generally has been passed down to them. And any hatred in the present is either learned or based on mistreatment from those of other nationalities who have had hate against blacks engrained in them.

      It doesn’t really matter what color you are whether or not you live in poverty. There are reportedly more whites on food stamps in this country than blacks.

      Obama not having a case- what happened was Bush and the government offered lots of assistance (though slower than desired) from rescue to financial assistance to trailers, etc., while the powers that be on the ground neither properly prepared the people to evacuate prior to the disaster nor did they handle things right, including but not limited to the person who talked in racial tones about a chocolate city or whatever. There was a huge outpouring of help from Christians to those who suffered from the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

      1. You are correct but regardless of it all at least blacks, whether raised to be aggrieved or not, at least have a toe hold on it. Slavery did set Americans back of all races but most especially blacks including in the arena of civil rights. Those grievances are not perceived but real hence the civil rights movement of the 60’s. Don’t get me started on segregation that was instituted and perpetuated by Democrats.

        Yes in sheer raw numbers there are more whites on food stamps because there are simply more whites in this country. As a percentage of population though blacks out strip whites. What does it matter? What matters is we have people of all colors on generational welfare being lost forever.

        As to your assessment of isn’t totally correct. I went and helped with relief efforts. My husband is an expert in disaster response. Yes there was help but people are still missing the broader point of why the help wasn’t received and why it was needed to begin with. Until those points are addressed things will never change.

        1. And of course the irony of it all is Obama was supposed to be the first ‘post racial’ president.

          Yeah right….

          1. I have never felt the nation more polarized along race lines that it is now. It is such a deeply saddening situation. We have so much more than would and could unite us but our Campaigner in Chief and Dems generally exist merely to foment resentment and hatred. The only way they keep their stranglehold is by creating victims and imbuing these “victims” with a hatred of whomever is the target of choice. That is usually middle America. You know Mr Resident who middle America is (P left intentionally off)? The ones that cling to their guns and religion.

        2. Remember the young man driving the bus? All those buses just sitting there that could have been used to evacuate at least some of the people who were supposed to evacuate? My understanding is that those in Biloxi, MS where the problem was the hurricaine more than secondary flooding, were given warning and most heeded the evacuation warning.

          The levy has been reportedly fixed where the flooding happened. New Orleans is below sea level and the levy problem that people were warned about but had not been fixed for many years prior to that disaster. And the person on the ground who should have known about the potential danger of flooding and ordered a timely evacuation I don’t think did that in New Orleans.

          Also, if I recall correctly, wasn’t the person in Louisiana who was supposed to ask for the National Guard to come in slow to do so?
          Though I believe Bush took part of the blame in a slower than desired response.

          1. Blanco the governor held up the National Guard. Bush took a lot of the blame just to try and get stuff done. He still to this day gets lambasted for not landing when he was asked to not land because everything would come to a grinding halt…WHICH IS TRUE! No disaster commander wants that kind of distraction especially when the clock is ticking on rescuing people. Nagin was told two years ahead of time his plan was inadequate and he didn’t even follow that plan at all. Irony was I was listening to satellite radio at the time and baking cookies. Nagin and Blanco announcements never took the threat seriously and told people literally to pack a picnic basket and take a day trip vacation. It was astounding and goes to the reason why no one took it seriously. But also no one took anything seriously due to the overall poverty and lack of education in that area. Until that is addressed and the reasons for it nothing will change. New Orleans has gotten billions since the 1960’s, including the most under Clinton, to fix those levy’s and the corruption and graft took the money. Most of the parishes built were built with levy money.

            1. How does the fact some one is impoverished financially translate into not taking a warning seriously to evacuate due to impending disaster? The leadership evidently failed it’s job in the education that mattered most for this emergency- that disaster to their homes and to their persons was imminent and they needed to leave the danger zone before it hit.

              1. The leadership was begged by George Bush to accept the help and both the Gov. and the Mayor of N.O. dragged their feet until it was too late. I firmly believe they did it to blame Bush. Both were Democrats and both never forgave Bush for not bothering to go away like a good Republican in the Florida election fiasco. Democrats not only get mad, they also get even. When Romney gets in they are going to make his life a living hell and I hope he is ready for it. The ever accommodating media will be in there with both hands and both feet.

                1. To an extent you are correct Betsy. The Democrats, even to this day, are so ginned up against Bush that an automatic distrust and dislike is there and it translates in action/inaction. To this day they are still ticked over Gore losing.

              2. Remember your Charles Dickens my dear…with poverty goes ignorance and want. People are poor for a reason and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum or without broader consequences.

                1. I have a Charles Dickens book and we have a number of movies based on his stories. However, I think even those in ignorance and want have an God-given sense of self-preservation.

                2. No they don’t. Many don’t have enough sense to come out of the rain. furthermore you might have the sense to come out of the rain, or the hurricane as the case may be, but you may not have the means.

                3. Poverty and stupidity are not necessarily synonymous, though a brain may be somewhat dulled by malnutrition.

                  The means is where the local government fell down on the job as well as perhaps neighbors who did have cars with room for more people to get out of there with.

                4. I’m not going to continue a ridiculous back and forth with you since I worked the relief effort, read the studies and being married to an expert mired, marinated, and thoroughly saturated in disaster response of all types and at all levels. People are mired in poverty for a reason. Those reasons have more consequences than the poverty itself.

                  Yes the government fell down on the job…no doubt about that but there wasn’t exactly people clamoring to get in those buses. Who elected that government then re-elected it?!

                  Nuff said.

                5. Not sure why you feel it is ridiculous.

                  My understanding (if a person can believe anything on the news) is there weren’t drivers for the buses. That’s why the young man who wasn’t old enough to drive was driving one of a number that were sitting idle. It would seem to me when it came to the buses, again, there was failure on the part of the government to properly utilize and make available a transportation resource.

                  I don’t remember that the boy was alone in the bus- weren’t there others on it? If you would be surprised, had there been qualified bus drivers for each of those buses, that there would have been more people wanting transportation if the life-threatening danger had been explained to them, won’t you share with me why? I’d like to know.

                  As I think about it more, if there are some addicted to drugs, that obviously could cause both poverty and a wasting of the brain- is that the kind of thing you mean? Or if some are impoverished because they are alcoholics and spend all their money on booze, being inebriated too could dull the sentences if one was warned of danger. Are those considerable problems in New Orleans? I know here in Tennessee, there’s a lot of people using drugs- meth is a big problem. Children get taken away from parents who have meth labs in their homes.

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