More gendercide facilitation exposed at Planned Parenthood

Life Action is really doing a major service by exposing Planned Parenthood and their facilitation of gendercide. Like the first video it just crushes my soul to think that people believe it is their right to kill their child, and on top of that just based on gender.

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52 thoughts on “More gendercide facilitation exposed at Planned Parenthood

  1. Oh my god… I watched that with my 5 month old son sitting next to me and I remember when my wife and I went to the doctor to confirm she was pregnant, the nurse came in and the first thing she said to us was, “Do you want to keep it?”

    No congratulations… just a deadpan, routine question of “Would you like to kill your child?”

    I’m never going to forget that moment.

    I hope that one day, our nation looks back on this like we do with slavery and hang our heads in shame.

  2. This is a frightening and disgusting matter. I am appalled. Woe unto this country. God will not help us. We know what the Word of God says about these things, and we do little, and we are silent! Woe….

  3. I only have so many words… but organizations like this leave me almost speechless. I’m sickened and near tears. How can so much evil exist in this world? How can human beings allow this to go on? How much longer will God shed his grace on this diminishing country?

  4. It just blows my mind that no one is calling it like it really is – Murder! If a criminal kills a pregnant woman and the baby dies, in most cases that is also a muder – is it not?

    1. It can be done. Congress could have negated Roe vs Wade with a simple majority when republicans had a majority in the house and had the white house. They all have the same agendas. If we don’t rebel against the republican establishment, as well as the liberals, we may as well give it up. We need politicians to start going to prison for breaking promises. That would clear out the house, senate, and white house pretty quick.

  5. What a great service Life Action is providing. God Bless their efforts now and always.
    It takes very special people to bear such a burden as to enter the gates of hell and act calmly and do their job in such an excellent manner.

  6. Geesh, do they videotape the procedure for the scrapbook too? I’m not a religious man but I believe God has a place for these people.

  7. Planned Parenthood is a eugenics based organization. Its original goal was to kill off the “undesirables” in society. This is evil at it core. Satan is cheering it on. The US no longer has God’s blessings on it, as a nation. I believe that God will allow us to implode and endure much pain and suffering for our national sins.

    We have murdered our babies, gone to war unjustly many times, let our courts become corrupt, allowed our government to become a den of thieves, and have gone the way of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    No nation has ever turned this level of evil around, and bible prophesy suggests that the US will cease to exist before the end of days.

    1. Repentance, it is our only hope. If one can put a thousand to flight and 2 can put ten thousand to flight. We surely in one accord can get our country back form this evil. PP is not the only area that needs cleansing. As we turn back to the Lord it will become more and more apparent that we will win!

      1. We will win, in the end. That is the only hope I have left. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  8. Any parent that could kill their child just because it isn’t the gender they desire should burn in hell for all eternity! I can’t imagine how someone could be so selfish and self-serving. The leftists think this is perfectly fine too, what a bunch of spoiled, heartless murderers these people are. It’s no wonder why I hate the left as much as I do, more than ever today. I must add that my hate never decreases for people that follow the sick ideology of the left; they always give me more reasons to loathe them. My natural selection theory is correct; the human filth (liberals) is long overdue for a culling of the herd. I won’t shed a single tear either; those cold heartless bastards deserve everything they get!

    1. This is the logical conclusion to the idea of leaglizing abortion. It shouldn’t take us by surprise, but it never should leave us anything but outraged and disgusted.
      Point well taken, pffv.

  9. Lila Rose deserves to be praised. She’s one of the few that deals with this issue. We sure don’t in the so called Conservative GOP.

  10. The 7 RHINOS who assisted in helping this form of murder continue…and this includes you Ron Paul, you filthy hypocrite…are on my list of people to contribute AGAINST in their next campaign cycle! Paul…stating that he doesn’t feel that a doctor should be held accountable for not questioning a woman seeking a late-term abortion…has zero excuse..he’s an obstetrician and knows how fully formed these babies are! The “clump of cells” argument wasn’t acceptable, but this is just beyond the pale! Murdering a child because you don’t like what gender you conceived! What sickens me the most is people callously saying that this should be a woman’s “right”! A woman who would do this is a despicable disgrace to her gender! No matter what you believe, killing a fully formed baby is WRONG! It shouldn’t be legal and there should be no ambiguity about it! Any healthcare professional or paraprofessional participating in this should have their license revoked and be thrown in jail as accessories to murder!

    1. If Paul could call the shots, he would make abortion punishable as murder. I don’t know where you got this quote, or what context it may have been given in. He has said that he doesn’t know that the morning after pill could be banned constitutionally, because there is no scientific way to prove that there was a pregnancy. This is in response to people pushing him for an answer, not some agenda that he has.

      If you have a link, I would surely check it out.

      1. Yesterday, Ron Paul was one of the Republicans that voted against the bill that would have stopped selective abortion! Look up the vote for yourself…6 other Republicans voted with him. All of them need to be voted out of office when their election time comes!

        1. I’m certainly going to do some research on this to find out why. In the past, I have found that there is usually a good reason for his voting the way he does. It is generally due to a constitutional issue with the bill.

          Personally, the whole issue of sex selective abortion banning is a joke. If you want to put up a bill that will do some good, then introduce something that will stop abortions. This bill will do nothing to save a life. This is the epitome of the ridiculousness of American politics. (to fight over irrelevant secondary issues, and change nothing for the better) Why don’t they just put up a vote to ban abortions? Even if it doesn’t stick, we could find out where people really stand. At least that would have a useful purpose.

          1. Ron Paul is no more a constitutionalist than Obama. He has all kinds of excuses for supporting abortion (that’s what he is doing when he doesn’t work toward ending the practice). If he really believed in the constitution he would stop at “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” instead he goes to article ten screaming states rights. Thank God he will never be president and is leaving congress.

            1. Federalism and the loss of states rights is the reason we have nationwide abortion. The states should never have lost their right to prosecute abortion as murder. If the constitution was honored in this country, we wouldn’t have an immoral, socialist, liberal, tyrannical, government moving us toward a eugenics based totalitarian state.

              People can downplay the importance of states rights all they want, but they miss the boat, and fail to realize that they are actually supporting the destruction of our ability to choose a moral path. Federalization of a society only serves one purpose: to put more power in the hands of fewer people. If you believe the bible, you understand that this will always lead to the downfall of any society. The founders understood this, and set up a “constitutional” system of government based on inalienable rights for individuals and states rights over the federal government.

              No matter. Our days are numbered, because even our conservatives don’t seem to care about this federal takeover. That is, unless a democrat is in office, and then it is bad.

    2. I agree with you on the rest of it, but our country, and the world, is rotten to its core. Man’s conscience, throughout society, has been all but completely quenched. We know that we are near the end when this is not a big problem any longer.

  11. This kills me to see these, but I’m grateful to groups like Life Action for doing these, and thank you Scoop for putting the truth out there. God knows no one else is talking about it and it needs to be known.

    1. I get so ticked off about this subject that it keeps me awake. That does it. I’m going to have a sign made for the back of my car that says “abortion is baby murder”, “plain and simple”.

  12. It is time that we call liberalism what it is — it is pure evil. These people are motivated by something so sinister that it could only come straight out of the pits of hell.

    1. Amen! That’s exactly where it originated, the pit of hell and those who support it are headed in that same direction.

  13. Ah yes, the real war against women. Gender apartheid on a scale that would make Mengele blush. Margaret Sanger’s negro project is alive and well. But don’t tell that to eugenics profs like Holdren and Ezekiel Emmanuel. Just keep sacrificing your children to Molech, America, and watch and see how ticked off you make God.

  14. 1/2 way in, but are you freakin’ kidding me? “The sex of the pregnancy?!?!” These PP people are pure evil.

    1. So there’s more steps involved after 16 weeks. Is this because they have to go find a hammer to kill the infant? I am physically sick. To think this happens in MY country…

  15. I am pro life, but why is Washington wasting time with stupid bills. Oh, you wanted to pass a law that made it a crime to abort a baby based on race or gender? Oh, gee, how ever will planned parenthood get around that if it becomes a law?

    Simple, they will instruct the women that it is a crime to abort a baby based on race or gender, the only reason you can about a baby is because of a health issue or the child will simply be an inconvenience.

    Yes, you may abort a child based on inconvenience, but not on the grounds of race or gender. So, which will it be, health or inconvenience?

    LIke PP would never think that have that work around.


    1. That’s like when liberals try to argue that federal funds are never used on abortions at Planned Parenthood.

      What kind of idiot does someone have to be that they don’t understand this concept:

      Planned Parenthood has to pay the rent on the building.

      They have money set aside for the rent.

      The government gives them our money.

      Planned Parenthood pays the rent with tax dollars just given to them.

      Now the money that was set aside for the rent, can be used on abortions.

      But HEY! We didn’t use it on abortions! We used it on the rent!

      And idiots like Bob Beckel actually think this doesn’t happen?

      Get real people. Try for one second to imagine what it would be like to live in reality.

  16. Talk about a war on women, liberals are killing them before they are even born.

    This is just beyond my capacity to understand, I have two daughters and two granddaughters and will have a third granddaughter in the fall.

    1. Congrats on granddaughter #3 Toongoon!

      But yes, I completely agree. This is quite possibly one of the most evil and foul things that I have ever learned about. The chipper enthusiasm in this PP employee’s voice makes me want to abort her! (no, that’s not a personal threat against anyone…)

    2. You wonder how fast they push it on Blacks and Latinos since race purification is their real goal. I found it ironic that they visited the Margaret Sanger Center.

        1. Watch the video again, the Planned Parenthood building is called the Margaret Sanger Center.

        2. Watch the video again, the Planned Parenthood building is called the Margaret Sanger Center.

          1. I feel like throwing up…what’s the difference between a MS center and a Hitler center??? How stupid people can be….Good gawd almighty!!

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