MORE INSANE allegations against Parkland cop who refused to confront school shooter…

The craziness from Parkland Florida just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Now a new investigation says that Scott Peterson, the guy who refused to confront the school shooter that killed 17 kids ALSO didn’t do his job when a teenage sexual assault happened under his watch.


…a report that recently surfaced has some victims’ families calling for a renewed investigation of Peterson for a case he handled four years to the day prior to the massacre. The case involved two 17-year-old students bullying a 14-year-old freshman, with one holding down the younger boy by his ankles while the other kicked the victim, grabbed his genitals and then took the victim’s own baseball bat and began shoving it against his buttocks, simulating rape, through the boy’s clothes.

One of those assailants, the boy who allegedly held down the victim, was Israel’s son, Brett. Defense attorney Alex Arreaza, who represents shooting victim Anthony Borges, who was shot five times in the Valentine’s Day massacre but survived, said the case could have led to felony charges.

What the hell?!?!

“He could be charged with a lewd and lascivious, and I’m being conservative,” Arreaza said.

Peterson claims in the report that it was a “simple battery” under the board’s discipline matrix, and he decided to give both of the boy’s attackers a three-day suspension.

“What is that? Is that like an alternative universe law?” Arreaza said. “What happens? Because you’re in the school you don’t have to obey regular laws?”

In fact, the disciplinary matrix includes “sexual misconduct” and “serious” battery, both of which, arguably, apply in this case.

“You will never see somebody grabbing somebody’s crotch and poking some kid in the butt with a bat and getting a simple battery for it,” Arreaza said when asked if he believed the sheriff’s son received preferential treatment.

When Local 10 relayed the facts of the incident to him for the first time, Guttenberg said it “infuriated” him.

“Scot Peterson failed to do his job again,” he said. “It’s just another example of a bad crime and somebody not being held accountable. It’s kind of interesting the intersection of the same people.”

This is simply unbelievable. Like, I cannot believe what is going on down there. And Peterson is living a cushy lifestyle after a long life of being quite possibly the most incompetent cop in history.

Phew, that’s depressing.

Anyway have an open thread. 

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