‘MORE OF THIS’: Blue check journo CHEERS attack on PRO-life group in Madison. And she’s NOT alone.

Caroline Reilly is a journalist. She is a verified twitter user who has written extensively for GQ. Variety, Vulture, New Statesman, and her permanent gig at Rewire News Group, whatever that is. And she also thinks bombing the offices of pro-life advocacy groups is a moral good and she wants more of it.

She said “more of this. may these people never know a moment of peace or safety until they rot in the ground.” She was retweeting the story about the Molotov cocktails.

She has since deleted the tweet and locked her account, but understand that’s not out of regret, it’s out of contempt.

And understand that is by no means an isolated sentiment in her circles. The blue check Democrat liberal MSM elitist left LOVE this. They are going to do two things. They are going to claim it is a hoax, that the pro-lifers did it to themselves, right up until it’s impossible to keep claiming that. During that time they will walk up to saying that pro-life groups deserve it anyway.

Once it is proven it was a real attack, they will switch from those two things and instead start saying “what about X abortion clinic that was bombed? Nobody was even hurt here.”

But what they MEAN is “more of this. may these people never know a moment of peace or safety until they rot in the ground.”

They all feel this way. If they didn’t they would have condemnation for this. They would have the same over the top reaction to the Madison incident that they have to every time someone uses the wrong pronoun or every time Trump has a rally. CNN’s Jake Tapper would be holding hour long sermons. Brian Stelter would be making speeches about it. If HALF this much had happened to an abortion clinic this week it would be THE BIGGEST STORY IN THE WORLD. If 5 MAGA signs were spotted outside Sotomayor’s house we’d have ACTUAL INVESTIGATIONS IN CONGRESS right now. They’d be calling Republicans nothing short of attempted murderers. But for Roberts and Kavanaugh? They have NO complaints.

That’s how you know they all feel exactly the same way that Caroline does. They’re for it. They like it. They approve. They want “more of this.”

Because they love aborting babies THAT much.


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