More on the ANTIFA affiliated NBC News9 KILLER now being held for First Degree MURDER of a Trump supporter in Denver

The Democrats and the media and the left and their pet NeverTrumps have been running around AHA!-ing over the fact that the man who shot and killed a pro-Trump mostly peaceful demonstrator in Denver yesterday was working as security for a local reporter. Their argument is that therefore it’s not an Antifa thing.

Wrong again, Fake News.

First, the good news.

Second, the good question:

That’s a great question actually, and the media and left will answer that they don’t have to cover it because it’s not ANTIFA or because it’s local news or whatever other excuse that wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans if the parties were reversed. I mean can you imagine if…

Anyway we now know a LOT more about this “reporter” Kyle Clark and his “security” guard who is being investigated for homicide after shooting a man in the face at point blank range.

Let’s start small, with this find from Ian Miles Chong.

Not definitive, but sure was interesting right after it happened. But a lot more has come out since. A LOT.

There’s plenty more on Clark. But how about Matt Dolloff, the shooter? Well…

LITERALLY an Occupy Wall Street guy. Not to mention BLM and Antifa DIRECTLY:

The coup de grace:

You gotta ask…

But even if you left all the mountains of evidence that this “security” person and his “journalist” ward are fully Antifa, there’s the tiny little inconvenient fact that what he did WOULDN’T BE JUSTIFIED ANYWAY.

You wouldn’t think you had to say this but apparently it’s necessary.

He’s being investigated for murder. Why would it be murder? Because he had intent. And he had that because he had hate. A LONG documented HATE for Trump, Trump supporters, capitalism, conservatives, patriotism, and the police. He came ready to kill and that’s what he did.

And he did with Antifa all over his Twitter, all over his Facebook and all over his arm.

The press can try to spin all they want, but we know what happened here. Dolloff is in custody for it. Fake reporter Kyle Clark should be there with him, or at least be answering questions.

I’ll leave y’all with this.

UPDATE: Security guard? Yeah not really.

Well what do ya know.

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