Morning Joe crew disgusted by Bachmann-migraine story

There’s no doubt that when the Morning Joe crew is actually right about something, you know you’re wrong. They took up for Bachmann this morning over the story about her having incapacitating migraines. Mika thought it was sexist and Heilemann said there’s no doubt that the story was the result of opposition research from another GOP candidate that is very worried about her growing popularity.

I wouldn’t necessarily call this sexism although I think one could make a fair argument for that. I think it’s far more likely that Heilemann is correct as I’ve seen that idea in more than one place.

I was pleased to see Mika’s disdain for the Bachmann hit piece and since we always say ‘where are the liberal women defending a conservative”, I thought I would post it. Via Newsbusters:


Also here’s how I feel about the Daily Caller running the Bachmann hit piece:

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