Morning Joe team notices David Axelrod “seems very upset and very agitated”

Several on Morning Joe have noticed that David Axelrod isn’t quite himself lately:

I think he’s a little nervous because Obama can’t seem to draw a crowd anymore, and Romney is drawing huge crowds. Here are a few shots from Chillicothe, Ohio yesterday:

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
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112 thoughts on “Morning Joe team notices David Axelrod “seems very upset and very agitated”

  1. Come on folks, the Obama campaign is just running out of options…throw crap up against the wall, and run with what sticks?… that’s no leadership!

  2. Those aren’t real crowds…. card board cut outs and photo shopped pictures…. impossible that so many people could see that this election is the “last stand” …. could be camera angle also.. or they took a page out of OWS playbook and paid people to show up…

  3. Stop, hey, what’s that sound,
    everybody look what’s going down…..

    I’d love to see the LSM any day now in full retreat from the noise and excitement being generated by the Romney/Ryan Express. To see them kicking Obama to the curb would(Lord have mercy), be excruciatingly exquisite. U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

  4. Funny video… they really don’t get it at all, do they? They live in such a leftist bubble that they are completely out of touch with the American people.

  5. Face it Dhimratz your Messiah, the Osama slayer, is inspiring no one. The thrill is gone. Romney-Ryan are drawing huge crowds while Biden can’t even remember what state he’s in. Talk about Super Pacs, looks like the leftist Super Pacs are laying goose eggs wherever they appear.

    Pour yourself a little TEA Dhimiratz and enjoy the show; while we eviscorate your Messiah and his adle-brained VP all the way to the election.

  6. WOW…something on MSNBC that actually made sense. These commentators seemed to struggle with this segment…you can see it on their faces. They looked concerned that this election is not in the bag for their guy. I’m used to these guys shouting and foaming at the mouth. To hear them speak clearly and raise a valid observation is a miracle.

  7. Here’s praying that Romney draws huge crowds of voters on November 6th and takes a huge dump on Obama!

  8. If this were the Romney campaign, it would be said that it is “frazzled, unorganized, unhinged, desperate, incoherent, etc.”.

    They are lying and spinning so much that their own people can’t keep up with it. Everything they do blows up in their faces, DESPITE the lack of media scrutiny.

  9. Holy crap, yes! This is the first wide shots of yesterday’s crowds I’ve seen. Thank you! Looks awesome. And the Lefty panic makes it even better.

  10. He’s still “quite himself”, isn’t he???? I mean, he’s still a communist, so, well, he IS still quite himself.

  11. there are two types of WATER and AIR……
    First type: good, clean – for rich Republicans
    Second type: dirty, odious, killing people – for the rest of us.
    And some imbeciles believe in it. Ask any Democrap.
    Idiocy of the left is bottomless.

  12. Happened to flip over to Morning Joe and saw this live. Like to see what the enemy is thinking once in a while. Just before this came up I was thinking how totally depressed this bunch of loons were looking and acting. Made my heart feel good. And then this bit of typical liberal projection came on and I laughed out loud all by myself. Sounded like they are throwing in the towel.

    1. Nothing better than live TV.They can’t edit it out like they did on 60 minutes the other night when Schieffer was interviewing Romney and Ryan.

      I hope you had a good trip Gino. Missed your comments during your absence.

      1. Thanks GBW, had a great trip and ditto, missed you guys a lot also. Really appreciate your comment.

        Seems like you were AWOL for a while there also. Hope all’s well.

  13. ‘Is there something in their internal polling that we’re not seeing, that we’re not addressing?’

    How about his whole term of destruction that you haven’t addressed, you idiot! How about the Marxist direction that he has been pushing on America, you idiot! How about people are waking up and realizing what a bunch of aiders and abeters you people are and the fact that you’re all going to have to pay the price for your criminal negligence, you idiot.

    1. If I had to pick just one word in your post that I liked the best it would be: “idiot”.
      Priceless, nygino! Great post!

  14. Don’t forget, though, about the “get out the vote” drive with ACORN. As long as Obama leaves plenty of money for crack cocaine he will lure people to go vote for him.

    Sad thing is…..there’s nothing I lied about. It was actually being done.

    1. In 2008, I don’t think O would have needed the vast amount of voter fraud that was committed to get him elected. The reaction with all the new voter id laws and voter list verification will prevent a lot of it. Axe is worried that he will not be able to generate those extra few percent in swing states because of the new laws. Some states (2, I think) have even “wised up” with absentee voting by asking the voter to put the last 5 digits of their state id on the form. This prevents absentee ballot stealing or makes it a lot harder.

      ACORN has their job cut out for them this time. They will be driving more High schoolers to the polls with “suggested” ballots this round.

      1. That’s all good, except Holder is suing states to get judges to block the laws. Holder doesn’t have to win. All he has to do is keep filing lawsuits until the election is over and it’s the same as the laws being nullified. I think Pennsylvania is refusing to block the laws. Good for them.

        I’m not a law expert, but it is my understanding that the laws will be halted while the lawsuits are active.

        1. Correct. It makes it all more scary. O has some trick(s) up his sleeve to steal the election. He had to know a year ago or more what unemployment and the economy would be like and that he couldn’t win because of all the problems and increased energy costs. He started his ground game a while ago. In 2008 the Dems were having “camps” to teach organizers voter fraud. What are they doing this cycle??

          1. What are they doing this cycle? go on over to and checkout “Rob the Vote” issue…. and also look at the last few months issues. Rob the Vote is chilling. Everyone that cares about conservative issues better get out and vote…. there will be millions of “votes” to overcome with legitimate votes.

          2. Oh,gee….I’m afraid to find out.

            Someone told me tonight that government agencies are buying a lot of ammo. Something’s coming down the pike. Question is….what? My friend said they are expecting an economic collapse and they are preparing for riots. Put that together with the fact that Obama changed the law where he can declare Martial Law even in peace time where there are no riots or violence. Again, something is coming.

            1. I think the Social Security admin is buying bullets to shoot some of their beneficiaries to cut back on costs to save the program.

              But you are right, creating a excuse for Martial Law is an option as we are already under Emergency Military Rule — and have been for years (It is renewed every 2 years by congress and allows for the personal income tax to pay for the emergency–like WWII. But there are other nasty features like the EO powers.)

  15. He is agitated because he knows the doomsday plan if Barry is behind in October. It scares even the most hard core Chicago thug. Beware……

    1. It won’t happen but wouldn’t it be great if a staged faint-in was pulled off at a Romney/Ryan speech? I’m talking the first four or five rows falling down in one large swoon, fanning themselves as they go horizontal, all the while a calm R&R is advising people to not worry, this is not unusual. Then R&R would go out into the crowd of laid out supporters and hand them all a fifty. Think that will make a point?

  16. Kudos to Romney and Ryan!
    Did Obama stop busing in people to his rallies? Or did the bus companies stop because of unpaid bills by the Obama camp? He seems to leave a trail of unpaid bills everywhere he campaigns.

  17. So they think Axelfraud is worried about the polls? I think so too. This quote comes from Ulsterman’s WH Insider, from an interview called “How Mitt Romney Mentally Castrated the Obama Team” posted on July 31.

    “WHI: All that internal polling – the swing states. What I was just telling you about…there was one in particular that came out very strong for Romney. Huge numbers. Had to have shocked the Romney team a bit – maybe an outlier. A glitch. We are talking in the neighborhood of a ten point walk over Obama. Ten points in a so-called swing state? Independents were like 60-40 favoring Romney. Women came out just ahead for Romney. Hispanics split almost 50-50. And even the Blacks polled were just under 80 for Obama – which we have not seen in any poll since 2007. Ever.

    You should read the rest. It’ll make you smile really big:

    1. Thanks 3seven, you saved me posting that link. Yes, it’s the internals and Romney knows it too – he triple checked their own numbers IIRC. They’re true – and this is gonna be a landslide to boot out the commie.

  18. “We all know David, we’re friends with David”. You mean like you were friends with Karl Rove?! Stinking Liberal biased media crap!

    BTW, that lady co-anchor, I forget her name, does she ever smile? Every time I see her she looks like she’s just been given coal in her Christmas stocking.

    It must be a hard life being a Lib, having to tell people all the time they’re worthless without the Government in their life. No wonder Libs exist in a world of misery and woe.

    1. That blond is Mika Brzinsky, daughter of Zbigniev Brzinsky.
      If born the child of Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor,
      would you be happy?

  19. You want to know why the tide is turning? It’s because Obama has nothing to run on and people like Axelrod know it. If all you’ve got is to say, “Elect me just because I’m not the other guy,” you’re going to lose. Obama has a terrible record to run on and it’s catching up to him (finally). If a person has failed in a job for four straight years, why on earth would you want to give him another four years? People are fed up, and that has Axelrod terrified. If that’s the case, it is a good day in America.

  20. The Obama campaign is losing because they have loser policies. Americans don’t like losers, they like winners. Why do you think Charlie Sheen is still so popular? 😉

  21. Ryan can communicate in a non-threatening way why something is is just so wrong that the proponent, after hearing it, is inclined to thank you for your advice.

    If you can articulate a position in simple terms, while still being a wonk, you appeal to many closed minds that otherwise would not “get it”.

    This is the Romney-Ryan ticket’s strongest antidote to the current administration.

  22. Waow!!! Look at these pictures!!!

    If the rest of America follows through, can we say landslide for the Romney/Ryan ticket?

  23. The media tries so hard to push their biased polls on the average American. However, we all know that both sides have these ‘internal polls’ which are far more accurate and honest than what we get to see in the so-called news. It’s this internal polling that has Axelrod and the entire Obama campaign up in arms and running scared.

    For example:

  24. Oh, just send out Biden and “cut throat” Cutter, now that is a winning team of gray matter.

  25. David Axelrod should be worried (glad to see it frankly)… dirt and lies only go so far and it isn’t enough to combat the reality that Nobama has been a horrendouly BAD pResident. Plus, the silent majority (The Tea Party included) are massive and are not taking the bait this time around. David Axelrod is a dirtbag and America is sick to death of dirtbags, liars, and criminals.

    1. Agreed!

      BTW, I was noticing the use of capital letters in your post and I must say it’s well done!

  26. great post TRS!

    may I summarize for these pseudo intellectual talking heads………

    “we just ain’t gonna take it no more!”


    The wave is coming Obama…I just want a custom made frame for a picture of the look on his face when he CONCEDES defeat the day after the election.

  28. Poor Davie. He has a “Rod” up his “Axel” and his gravy train is running out of gas.


      1. I can think of quite a few politicians I would like to put on a high-speed rail to nowhere or the third rail for that matter.

        1. Now, Don’t be sending them out here, we don’t want them either. We’ve got too many of that kind already! I don’t watch Morning Joe, so maybe it’s not news to any but me, that the morning joe folks do consider themselves mere campaign workers for the BO team. Not even pretending any longer that they are delivering news, but are friends and agents of Axelgrease’s messages. 😉

          1. Axelgrease,that’s great Free. I don’t watch Morning Joe either.I call it morning Joe Biden.They are certainly shills for O. State run TV.Where are you in Ca? Northern or Southern?

              1. Did they ever turn the water back on or are they still siding with the Delta Smelt/minnows that aren’t even native?

                1. The water wars are still an ongoing struggle, right now everybody is scrambling to get enough to do preharvest irrigation. Farmers are doing everything humanly possible to conserve and keep up with all the EPA rules that have to be abided by so as not to get big fat fines. We’re back in a drought situation again this year so had to downsize plantings to meet the 55% water deliveries the fed allowed us. It’s less than ideal, but is what we have to deal with until and unless we can vote in leaders that believe in hydro-electricity and water storage increases to meet the needs of so-cal and us here in the valley.

                2. The Feds and the EPA have no clue what it takes to put food on the table.They would rather import it from Mexico and cripple the breadbasket of America.Do you farm?

                3. Sometimes I do get that feeling. My Dad farmed and a lot of friends still do, I don’t, but do understand what they are faced with.

                4. I was outraged when I watched Hannity’s special report on the issue.I would like to see a follow-up report.If it can happen to the nations salt of the earth it can happen to any of us.

                  I thought about you the other day.I had a dream that was so vivid it woke me up at 4 in the morning.The first one in years and it scared the you know what out of me.It made me realize I am grateful I don’t dream.Scary stuff.

                5. The dreams are a way for us to process things, I think. Even the scary ones. Sometimes they help us make decisions we need to make. I had the better one again the other night, the one where the lefties are swept overboard and the ship is righted again, finally. May your next dream be more pleasant too !! The salt of the earth WILL do their best to feed the world if at all possible, they are very GOOD people and care about their fellows very much, they just have to be allowed the opportunity to do it and make a living doing so and not starved out of the marketplace.

                6. GreenBeretWay… control food production/control population. I have lived in farm and ranch country my whole life… there is a reason the family farm is evaporating… and it is not just because the Feds and the EPA have no clue. The people who control the Feds and EPA have a deep understanding of the importance of the means of production of food….and of private property… and of the use of “environmental” issues to further their agenda… The drought this year will have a deep impact on beef production… watch what happens.

  29. Wow….. look at the crowds they been getting. That’s very encouraging. The Chicago thugs are having a cow because they’ve got nothing! The only thing they do is create lies and smears that haven’t worked.

  30. Consider these two statements;

    1. I like me best when I’m with you.

    2. I don’t like anyone when I’m with you.

    Which one best fits Romney and which one best fits Obama?

    1. 1. Obama likes himself best when he is with himself.

      2. Obama doesn’t like anyone when he is with Michele Obama.
      A marriage of political convenience.

  31. Oh boy. Can’t you feel the winds changing and the pendulum swinging back? Do you detect that innate power of freedom stirring souls, motivating feet, prodding patriots and creating more? Adrenaline is pumping, righteous indignation rising. This thing is shaping up into something history will not soon forget.

    These crowds give me goose bumps and throat lumps. Also Romney is rapidly rising in popularity among our youth. I feel like dancin’ a jig, and am glad you fine folks don’t have to see it. It ain’t purty, but it is happy 🙂

  32. Axe is having a hard time accepting that Chicago Thuggery does not work!
    That is all that he and his cohorts know….cut their teeth on it and live by that code.

  33. Axlerod is just reacting to getting his butt kicked and nothing he can do about it. The lies and hate are not working as they always have. It really has to be very upsetting to fail at what you have always got away with in the past. This is going to be fun.

      1. And the best part is that all those rats will be telling tales once the ship goes under. All we have to do is sit back and wait for the blame-fest to start. I hope it’s more savage than anything that happened to Sarah after 2008.

        Karma. Man, she’s a b!tch. And she’s just about ready to open her big ol’ can of whoop @ss.

  34. All they do is “agitate”.
    This election will be a referendum on Obama, the corrupt, liberal media, Hollywood, and IMO, the majority of Americans have had enough. The best part: Because of their extreme narcissism, this bunch sees nothing wrong with what they’re doing, which is just fine.
    They’re reality comes Nov. 6, 2012.

    1. And I’m praying that we can all meet back here on 11-07-12 to give Thanks for the End of this Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. David will lose one of the two hairs he has left. I said this before they have never had a CHALLENGER fight back in any race they had before. They would take the man or woman out and then coast to victory!! It is not happening this time!! Romney is fighting back and he started with Ryan and Axelrod has NO POSITIVE MESSAGE to run on….they wanted to take Mitt out in May, June and July and they have failed!! Mitt has a massive war chest and one HECK OF A VP and that is now facing HELPESS AND CLUELESS!! I love it!! Obama is a Marxist and now he will exposed as such….SUCK IT UP AXELROD you first class clown!

    1. Thank you las1, I woke up in a rotten mood and your comment had me laughing this morning, perking up my spirits:)

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