Moronic MSNBC guest says Ted Cruz listens to country because he wants to KILL MUSLIMS

This is an example of how every little thing a Republican says, no matter how insignificant or authentic, will be attacked by the media and used as an example of how STUPID and ABSURD they are. In this case, MSNBC actually did a segment on Ted Cruz explaining how his music tastes changed after 9/11, where he switched from rock to country music because he didn’t like how rock music responded.

One of the MSNBC guests viciously attacked Cruz, suggesting that Ted Cruz listens to country music because he wants to kill Muslims. Joan Walsh chastised Cruz for switching genres, call him STUPID or something.

The only good thing about the clip was that Michael Steele didn’t dump on Cruz, but actually defended him and accused the other guests of being highbrow for ‘over thinking’ something so insignificant.


[wpvideo TSMAxFiY w=755]

Just in case you missed it, here’s the full clip from Cruz explaining how he switched to Country music after 9/11:

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