‘Mostly Peaceful’ lie EXPOSED: 570 riots in 220 separate locations and that’s JUST the tip of the iceberg

The press has been working like crazy for months to pretend there are no riots and that there is no such thing as Antifa, despite mountains of video and photo evidence and a body count to go with. Billions in property damage, untold losses of lost wages, lost inventory, lost livelihoods. Communities burned to the ground. Blinded cops. DEAD PEOPLE.

In any other situation the press wouldn’t be able to ignore this. In the case of Charlottesville, with far less damage and fewer dead, they are STILL talking about it as America’s greatest tragedy every few minutes on CNN.

But blinded and murdered cops? When THAT comes out they try to hide it. When they can’t hide it entirely they try to less its impact and say it’s “mostly peaceful.” And now that Trump is talking about it as part of his campaign, the press is waging Jihad against the American people to prevent them from resisting the fanatic march of BLM and Antifa. Because CNN, like the organizations they support, are terrorists.

Yeah I said it.

And so is TIME magazine, with this latest bit of propaganda that would make Pravda blush. It’s so insane that they couldn’t even make it work. It proves the opposite of what they claim. Check it out.

Let’s get one thing straight…

And that’s just the data points they’ll accept as part of their concerted propaganda effort. Think of all the thousands of incidents that don’t count as “riots” where they are violent, hateful, destructive, cruel, abusive, threatening…

The mob is real, it’s out there attacking America, and if a FRACTION of what this mob does every week had happened at the hands of the Tea Party EVER it would never stop being on the news.

But the Tea Party, about which CNN and MSNBC quaked and fearmongered every night for years, never did a fraction of what BLM does in a week over the LIFETIME of its exsitence.

It’s actually really unbelievable how far gone the press is. I think people still really don’t get just how far gone they are.

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