UPDATED: Mother of dead Boston bomber: I don’t care if my other son is going to be killed…I will say Allahu Akbar!

Wow! Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of dead Boston jihadi bomber says that she doesn’t care if her other son will be killed, or if she will be killed. She will say Allahu Akbar! (h/t: GWP)

“If they are going to kill him. I don’t care. My oldest son is killed, so I don’t care. I don’t care if my youngest son is going to be killed today. I want the world to hear this. And, I don’t care if I am going to get killed too. And I will say Allahu Akbar!“

Based on the audio above and what Walid Shoebat wrote the other day about the burial, I’m betting they bury Tamerlan in the clothes he was wearing when he was killed.

UPDATE: Some of you may think that this woman sounds crazy and radical, but Walid Shoebat points out that this is the ‘clan mentality‘ that he has been trying to explain recently, that exists in the Middle East. He says we here in America have no clue about it, because if one of our family members does something horrible like a terrorist act, we all disavow them or at least their action. But in the Middle East, terror is supported by the whole family. They even have clan websites dedicated to it. And this mother is exhibiting what he calls the clan mentality.

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48 thoughts on “UPDATED: Mother of dead Boston bomber: I don’t care if my other son is going to be killed…I will say Allahu Akbar!

  1. My, my what a sweet, sweet mother! And I thought my Mom was mean to me as a child! (she wasn’t)
    Just more proof that these people are not worthy to live in this country or almost any other country, for that matter.
    The only good jihadist is…

  2. Where’s the outrage from moderate Muslims?  Silence…all of the devout (whether they are radical or not) believe in eventual geopolitical dominion of the earth.

  3. The argument can be made,based upon this video that his radicalization could have started at home. I would like to hear the whole thing too, but she’s already admitted plenty which is consistent with the sort of language constantly coming out of the middle east.
    Mother explains her joy over son’s Shahada death

    For the TV camera, Palestinian Mother Sends Son to be Killed

  4. Ahh, the mating call of the self-deluded terror monger.
    Normal humans who happen to be Muslims had better get control over these jihadist morons, because the blowback is coming.
    All one need do is look at your typical leftist to see how easily millions of unthinking, scared fools will decide that certain groups need to be singled out for hatred.  Look how the left has been attacking the supposedly safe targets of Jews and Christians. When they react out of fear (which is all leftists know, really) they become totalitarians.  It’s their nature.  And they will turn on you good, decent Muslims, and treat you like you belong in a camp.  See one http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/41773/. And the right will certainly go along, up to a point.
    The question is, are you Muslims going to embrace liberty and survive, or continue this nonsense, and return to the status of 1918 (or worse)?  Because if you think, as do the jihadists, that you can win this stupid “war,” you are forgetting one glaring fact: we haven’t been fighting back.

    (And I don’t want to hear anyone claim to be conservative and then tell me there are no decent, regular human Muslims. Conservatives believe in Individual Liberty, not class, race, or religion-based warfare. Besides, we’re talking about over a billion people here, and I don’t care what a man believes, most men want to be free from oppression, and to find some sort of prosperity. If that isn’t true, then there’s absolutely no chance Liberty will succeed; none whatsoever.)

  5. She was caught for shoplifting and when caught, trashed the store..   I’m sorry for her loss, but she’s not an honest or nice person…and neither were her sons.

  6. I wonder if there are any drones flying over this woman’s house? Could use one, especially one armed with a Hellfire missile. Let her see how her terrorist friends in Chechnya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are treated and make her wish come true.

  7. OK – I’ll bite  – I would love to help!
    ——————————-SAY it LOUD 
    ——————————SAY it Proud there sweetie!

  8. Wow.  There’s a future recipient for Mother-of-the-Year in Hillary’s ‘It Takes a Village’ Village.

  9. the God of Christianity gave His life for his people, the god of islam wants his followers to die for him….there is no reasoning with this mind set…their belief system is anathema to compassion and true love

  10. Okay CNN let’s see you spin that one you bunch of useless aholes or as Boehner would say, “a distraught mother defending her sons”.

  11. This woman is absolutely nuts and I am betting her ex-husband is only marginally better…explains how and why the sons never fit in and fell for the cult mentality.

    1. Laurel A I’m getting the same impression of the mother.  She does not sound stable.  Apples and trees, I know …

    2. Laurel A Hard to expect anything else, really, considering the massive abuse women endure under sharia.

      1. K-Bob Laurel A We don’t know that she ever lived under strict Sharia. She is divorced and has been here a long time. I have actually seen more pics of her dressed in western clothing than ME style clothing. I hate to say it K-Bob but they fit into the stereotypical Russian image we always get.

  12. I’ve read and reread this woman’s statement. I can’t imagine saying or thinking “I don’t care if my sons are dead. God is great.’ When my oldest son died, for awhile I had to keep reminding myself that God is great. And of course, my son hadn’t killed and maimed innocent people.

  13. Liberals will applaud this brave Muslim and her firm convictions. Conservatives see yet another unrepentent terrorist (in this case the mother of the terrorist) elevated to undeserved, grotesque statuses.
    I appreciate her love for her son(s)… and her sadness. But to not condemn their actions makes me think she’s proud of them. And these fools give her a plaform to spread her filth.

  14. Just another indication that we no longer have a government representing the American people but lining their own pockets.  Our founders warned us that this day would come. The government should be charged with aiding and abetting this crime. This woman should be deported.

    1. Orangeone I know and I feel really bad for those people who were killed and maimed. But Boston is getting what it deserves. 
      How many more swine is Boston now promoting and grooming and apologizing to? 
      Will Boston change the Patriots Day celebration to a day where patriots stay indoors all day and pray that the bad muzzie teenagers kill someone the neighbor and not them?  Will the brave Bostinians leave milk and cookies on the porch so that the angel of muslim murder and mutilation will pass them by? 
      Boston is Baghdad. The last patriots died more than a hundred years ago.

      1. WordsFailMe. I don’t believe that Boston or anyone else deserves to suffer a terrorist attack, but agree that burying one’s head in the sand will not prevent it from happening again.

      2. The use of Boston is to much of a generality to make your point. It’s not the city it’s some, not all, of the people who reside there and in the state who have chosen the leftist doctrine.

        1. cabensg Why would the muslim select Boston if it weren’t filled with sympathizers and weaklings? Why do you think the Saudi Arabian child rapists and murderers selected New York city? 
          The Islamic “Angel of Death  is flying over the City of the Dishonored Patriots,to excrete pestilence, pain, slavery and humiliation on the homes of any who defy racist  tyranny, conformity and cowardice.Tthe Bostinian cave dweller  spreads wide his front doors to combat-geared, union members.. Is this how Boston teaches it’s children? No wonder the muz chose Boston to bomb. Nothing will happen to them. There will be no consequences to murdering a child in a Progressive city. Boston will apologize to the murderer’s muz-muther and make a donation to the local Muzo-leum.
          Has there been any Boston city official or Massa- 2shitts politician standing up to condemn any and all Islamic bastards who kill Americans and Jews in the name of a foul religion of lies and racism?

    2. Orangeone 
      We’re going way out of our way to protect terrorists and try to get them to “like” us. Sickening and shameful.

  15. A dung worshiping, breed sow with a birthday wish for it’s swinish spawn. Sc*** you mama muz.

  16. And she will declare this as she goes through the gates of Hell! This is about as perverse as you can get. Motherhood is a sacred privilege given to women by God and between abortion and this evil many have stuck their finger in God’s eye.

    1. njmom Well said mom. I was thinking of writing something similar, but, you summed it up perfectly.

  17. She sounds like all other good muslim mums of suicide bombers and jihadis. 
    I don’t think her boys needed much ‘radicalisation’ by radical imams, she laid the ground well.

    1. colliemum Bingo mum!  They weren’t outcasts because they couldn’t assimilate to our culture, their mom and dad raised them to be radicals!

      1. Orangeone colliemum From what I read the dead son radicalized his mother who also became very religious.

        1. Remember Shoebat’s article yesterday? All moslems can turn on a dime. ‘Moderate’ vs. ‘Radical’ is a myth. I believe him, and that’s what I think we are seeing here.

        2. Neither could have been radicalized if they weren’t Muslims. This is why I refuse to believe there is any such thing as a moderate Muslim. When there are large enough numbers, if you are a Muslim you will go along with whatever the so-called radicals do. You must…or you are not a Muslim.

        3. famouswolf He’s got a point, but it needs to be said that such a situation applies to humans, generally.  It’s a primitive survival trait to cower in front of the big dog.  The rise of Individual Liberty is the first, and apparently only, time in recorded history when men chose another way.
          Of course, the Second Amendment is all that holds it together.
          Bud decent people exist in all populations.  Otherwise Liberty would never have existed at all.

    1. This is why Islam must be defeated. Muslims are conditioned from birth to believe this ideology. I find it amazing that any of them ever turn away from this conditioning.
      This shows very clearly why we must stop the indoctrination of our own children into the evils of liberal socialism.

    2. terimwal Yep.  Same as if a guy breaks into my house.  Down he goes, and I return to my coffee and toast while the LEO’s process the paperwork. That’s the entire attention these  people deserve.

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